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Need to Prep Water

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Hi Friends,


We have no water prepped. :ashamed0002: We are a family of 5: me, dh, 4yo boy, 2yo girl and almost 9mo baby. It makes me sick to think we might have some disaster and I wouldn't have clean water for my babies.


I've searched Mrs. Survival, but can't really find where to start in the quest for water.


Should I focus on how to purify water?

How to store water?

Where to obtain a large amount of water?

All of the above?


As you can see, I need someone to point me in the right direction! Please help me think this through, as I do not want to learn this lesson the hard way.


I'm very willing to read through old threads, but I couldn't find one that starts at the beginning of thinking through the water scenario.


Much thanks for any advice you can offer!



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...because I failed.....   Got a case of water bottles - 16.9 oz, from Sparkletts, two years ago, put them in the kitchen (on the floor - cement with tiles).  Haven't used them and decided t

We have our own well with relatively clean safe water. We use electricity to run the current pump.  However it is only 25 feet down to water and we have a small hand pump complete with pvc pipe alread

The grass died?! Yikes! I have always worried about long term water storage and plastic anything...

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first do you have a well?????? if so then you need to rig it up so you can run it off a generator ........also get water purifier...i have a big berkey and bought daughter one as she gets her water from a spring , then we have some water that is stored in another area in water bottles and in a secure wooden box so the mice and rats do not chew it up and drink the water and i will tell you right now when we stored water in bottles in the barn they did just that chewed the bottoms out and ruined about 6 cases of 48 bottles each......then we have 55 gallon barrels with spigots on them for water for the animals and we have a tank that is 200 gallons and another one that is 125 gallons thaty we keep filled.....we have alot of storms in the winter and spring in the PNW(pacific northwest), we also fill 5 gallon buckets during the winter when it is raining have had 12 inbches in 3 days......we have also 5 gallon and 4 gallon water jugs that are hard so if they tip over they will be ok......hope this gives you some ideas.......if you are on city water then fill pop jugs and 5 gallon jugs and store some place...but never put all your eggs in basket,,,same with food and water...take care and keep the faith

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All of the above. You should have some water stored in your home, a means to filter and purify water for when the stored water gives out, and know where sources of water are in your area for the longer term. I myself have drinking water frozen in the fridge in cleaned, sterilized 2 liter pop/soda bottles, large water containers (to be filled on a moment's notice when a hurricane or t.s. threatens), and a Big Berkey. If you decide to get a Berkey or Aqua Rain, I suggest you get the next size up from what you think you need. Oh, I also have several ways to boil water in case we need to. Small portable water water filtration/purification devices like a Katadyn are next on my list to get and then a rain water filtration.


Here are some good links on basic water storage and filtration to get you started:





This information in the following link is geared towards backpacking, but there is some good stuff here. Do a search on the main page for water, there are several hotlinks to click on.


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Start saving 2 liter pop bottles (if you buy it that way) to put water into. Ask people to save them for you (you can find some good recycling excuse ;) ) and remember to try and keep your preps quietly secure so you aren't the *first* place people head for in a disaster.


You will want them from a reliable source... don't pull them from the trash unless you're absolutely sure only soda pop was in it... and be prepared to wash them out with bleach water.


Don't try to use milk bottles. They're made of a type of plastic that breaks down fairly quickly, and your storage will break down and leak.


Here's a place to find good info in a fairly condensed form... we sometimes don't "see" the manual that has been compiled.


MrsSurvival's Survival and Preparation Manual





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Even with tap water, you should add a couple of drops of (unscented) chorine for long-term storage. It's supposed to last for a couple of years, but it's a good idea to use them after a year and then refill them, again using the chlorine.


Leave the lid off for a bit if you want any chlorine smell to dissipate.


The pop bottles are a better quality plastic, so they should hold up longer, unless they are crushed or poked with something. With water in bottles, you should store them in something waterproof if they are in a place where a leak might ruin, say, a floor. While you should check them regularly, the reality is that most people don't.



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Oh this is fabulous! I knew y'all could get me started! Thank you oh so much...


One of the many questions I have is about basic water storage:


Once I fill a clean 2-Liter soda bottle with water and add 2-3 drops of bleach...where can I store it?


My options are an attic and a closed in garage. Both get extremely hot in the summertime here in NC. Heat and plastic definitely don't seem to be a good combo. I've stored plastic water bottles in my garage during the summer and the water tastes *awful* and I ended up using it to water plants.


We don't really have room inside (where the temperature is stable) to store a large quantity of water.


Again, much thanks for the advice so far! :)

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I forgot to say: Cat, thanks for reminding me to keep it quiet. I needed the reminder!



Unfortunately your children are most likely to "spill the beans". They go somewhere else and compare - out loud. :(


Some of our gals get pretty creative with their storage. I think there's some threads in "Urban Homesteading" about finding creative places to store things. You're right, extreme heat or cold will mess things up quickly.



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Yes, just regular bleach from the store. Unscented!





This has lots of good information.


I have a suggestion: the store has cardboard boxes with dividers sized specifically for 2-liter and 3-liter soda bottles--this would let you stack your water.


Don't fill the bottles absolutely full. The water will taste a whole lot better if you shake it very hard for a moment before you pour it.


Do get plenty of flavoring for the water, like Kool-Aid or Tang or apple juice powder.


Also, be ready to make up your own Pedialyte. To do this, get some potassium chloride sold as a salt substitute for people on a low-sodium diet. Ask a doctor or nurse you trust for recipes to make up rehydration fluid for each of your children. Here's an article to read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oral_rehydration_therapy


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When I finally got up the courage to can something a few weeks ago, Darlene and WormGuy both encouraged me to fill all the jars my canner could hold; the broth didn't fill up all 8 pints, so I had 2 left over that I filled with water. So I got 2 pint jars of sterilized water. I've gone through some more recipes and generally need one more jar to fill up the canner - and now I have several more jars of sterilized water in glass pint jars. We have a few acres and our main renewable sources of water are our 2 1600 gallon tanks. We purify with our Berkey and I have extra filters and stuff like Polar Pure, silver and bleach as back ups. We've been using our rainwater for several months now for drinking and cooking and it's been great.

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Bear in mind that in NC, water just falls right out of the sky. In that climate, you should look hard into putting gutters on your house, if you don't already have them, and setting a water barrel under the downspout. You can control mosquitoes by cutting a lid (like, from thin plywood) to cover the opening of the barrel all but where the downspout fits. Even if this turns out to be less than fully drinkable without more filtration than you have on hand, it will still work to water the garden, flush the toilet, mop up mudslides the babies have left, and do that all-important initial rinse of the used diapers. This leaves your bottles of water for drinking, cooking, and face/hand washing.

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We are looking at Berkley water filtration system and trying to save to get enough money for one. What web site is the best deal? Which size do you recommend? How many extra filters are needed? There is not a lot of difference in the prices. We don't know how many people to prepare for. There are 19 immediate family members but most live two to three hours away. We did buy water bottles for everyone that are suppose to filter out everything up to 99.999999%, but don't know where to get extra filters for the bottles. :shrug:

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We have the Berkey Light, and oh, how I wish I had gotten the stainless steel one. The Light is so very light, and I had trouble with splits in the plastic when it was delivered. They did replace quickly, but I think the Light is just too flimsy. Water taste fine. I am also thinking about an earthquake, the Light will tip over easily and probably break. The stainless steel might tip over, but it should only dent, not break.

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Do you use just regular bleach from the store? And how many drops per 2 liter?


I use four drops UNSCENTED bleach per 2 liter bottle of water. I found a handy resource from the City of Seattle on water storage... here's the link:




Good info on storing water in 2-liter bottles. :) I also have blue water drums...you can get all kinds of sizes. The one in my guest room is 30 gallons and I covered it with a 70-inch round tablecloth, then put an 8x10 picture and candle on top. Wal-lah, instant side table! ;) You can get as creative with your water storage as you can with your food storage. :ph34r: We live in the desert, so I'm always worrying about water in the event of SHTF. It's definitely a good thing to store! Also, google "Water Bobs" -- they're giant plastic bladders that you put in your bathtub and fill up in the event of an emergency. I think they hold 200 gallons of water. Spiffy!



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Remember not to store water in direct contact with a concrete floor.







Yes, and don't store it on a shelf ABOVE your food storage shelves... DUH!!!!!!!!! You'd think that would be obvious, but not for me...ditzy turtle... LOL One of my containers LEAKED!!! :o Now my water all lives on the (carpeted) floor!


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the hydroller is a water storage on WHEELS!!! It holds 8 gallons of water..70lbs.!!! it's manufacturer is RELIANCE. find them at www.rei.com but they also allow walmart and www.amazon.com to sell.




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Hmmmm, Reliance is a good brand. BUT I wouldn't want to try to get that anywhere but across a level, smooth surface. Would work well for some situations. But it's only 8 gallons. You'd go thru that in a hurry. Most folks need to just store water NOW...in anything durable/food-safe that they can get their hands on. Juice bottles [Ocean Spray type] are good but you should cover them to keep out light. {discourage the algae growth} "Milk CRATES" will hold several of these....in case you are carrying them. Or if you can't carry much, two in a plastic grocery bag works. Once...after that the bag will break. :lol:


Made me curious....wonder how brittle those juice bottles get in the cold? Might try one tomorrow ...if I remember.




MtRider [...been thinking of water storage in terms of earthquake .....oh boy.... :shrug: ]

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typo-"milk CRATES" not milk cartons...
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MtRider [...been thinking of water storage in terms of earthquake .....oh boy.... :shrug: ]



I've heard that you're pretty safe from earthquakes where you are. I'd think your cold would be the bigger danger. :shrug:




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We have a small house and storage is a problem. I put my daughters bed up on risers that I found at the thrift store. I can stand up MANY bottles of water stored in soda bottles under there. I fill them right from the tap, no need to add any chlorine as we have city water and its already chlorinated. I have a few 5 gallon water containers stored in my bedroom closet. In our basement I have three 55 gallon water barrels and two more outside on a covered patio. I put plywood over the top of those two and now have a nice tall work table in the summer. If water is properly stored in a dark area you shouldnt need to worry about it going "bad", although it will taste flat. You can filter the water through a water filter and then pour it back and forth from one glass to another to add oxygen to it.


I bought a Big Berkey on Ebay for $180 brand new, in the box with 4 filters. I kept watching auctions and after about 3 months I was able to snag this one. As someone else said, do NOT use milk jugs. They decompose quickly and spring a leak. They are also hard to wash out, the milk protein clings to the plastic. Soda or heavy plastic juice bottles are your best bet. If you dont drink soda or juice you can go around the neighborhood on recycle day and find a ton of soda bottles. Rip the labels off, wash them and fill them.


I keep a large pitcher filled with water in the fridge at all times. I also have a big jug of water filled and kept by the dogs water bowl. Its only a few gallons total, but its kind of like water storage in plain sight. No one thinks twice about it. I also have a 27ft round swimming pool that holds 25,000 gallons of water that we can use for washing up or flushing toilets. That water would be a last resort for drinking water.


Last years summer project was to set up a rain catchment system but we never got around to it, planning on that for summer 2010.


I also want to add that having water can protect you from many different situations, not just earthquakes. I do not live in an earthquake zone but a few months ago the water main on the corner burst and we had no water for 2 days. Only 2 days but boy was it a pain for a lot of people. I pulled out the 5 gallon containers and put one next to the kitchen sink and one in the bathroom in the tub. I also had a portable camping toilet and while my neighbors were running to Burger King to eat and use the bathroom we didnt have to go anywhere. I had enough water stored for cooking and cleaning up.


Summer storms, winter snow and ice storms, a car accident taking out a hydrant... there are many different scenerios that can leave you without water.

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We do stress not using milk jugs for long-term storage, but note that, in a pinch, you *can* fill some up for non-drinking/food short-term storage. For example, if you have a big electrical storm coming and you have cleaned-out, bleached milk jugs handy... fill 'em up! They can be used for short-term stuff.





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We are looking at Berkley water filtration system and trying to save to get enough money for one. What web site is the best deal? Which size do you recommend? How many extra filters are needed? There is not a lot of difference in the prices. We don't know how many people to prepare for. There are 19 immediate family members but most live two to three hours away. We did buy water bottles for everyone that are suppose to filter out everything up to 99.999999%, but don't know where to get extra filters for the bottles. :shrug:


I just got more filters for my Berkey in December. I've had a Berkey light for a little more than 3 years. I love it but if I had the money I'd purchase a Big Berkey. I got mine at http://www.morethanalive.com/ . I ordered the filters and a sport bottle on Dec 21 and they arrived on Dec 28. I'm impressed that they arrived so fast during the holiday season.

The only issue I have now is that on another forum I've heard that you can't order the Berkey filters to be sent to California as of Jan 1. I'm not sure why, but if I had known that I'd have ordered a second set of filters.

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