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A New Freezer!!!

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This day has been long in coming, but yesterday I got a new freezer delivered.


I must say, it was quite the decision making process. I would have thought that the appliance store we bought our range, fridge, and dishwasher from would have welcomed our business back. I was treated quite snottily (is that a word?) and when I called to complain to the manager, he begrudgingly met my price break but oddly enough wouldn't meet competitor's prices for delivery or warranty. It didn't seem to matter that 4 generations of my family had shopped at this store, that we were return customers, or that they had done so in the past.


I wonder how much of it is the recession and how much is just 'new management'?


I chatted with another local store (recommended by Violet) and was impressed, but for whatever reason, they couldn't meet my price either. It's not like I was asking for a lot, but I had a definite budget.


My husband and I actually found an on-line store that was *under* the price point and we were able to get a 5 year warranty cheaper with the manufacturer than locally. After speaking with the manager of our local store and asking his opinion, he recommended these people.


The freezer was drop-shipped to the driveway, my dad and husband wrestled it into the basement, and it's so quiet! If it's possible to adore an appliance, I'm adoring this one.


I did get a manual defrost and today I'm going to get my side of beef.


I feel so blessed to finally have a freezer again!



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:cheer: Excited for you!!!! I know it is possible to love appliances--cause I love mine!!! :24: Happy for you!!1
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I love my relatively new freezer too and I'm always upset its full because I'm constantly trying to fill it with more specials.


I think many of us have had similar experiences and I think the recession/depression and the ever increasing takeover of the government in our everyday lives is effecting our mental and emotional states of mind.


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The freezer is our bank vault ! Just think of the money we have in food in there. A real treasure chest.

Glad you got the new manual defrost, Crazy.

Did you know there are only 2 place that make freezers ? They are all the same, just different names put on them. My Kenmore is the exact freezer my friend has that says Fridigaire on it. Exact other than my handles are textured, hers are slick.


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BisMkr - I had the beef cut into portions for 2, and when I do a roast, I usually crock it, the exception being the prime rib, which gets a scale and thermometer. :)


In my old freezer (frost free) I filled it with beef and with some bread and assorted cooking, it was chock full.


Now, there's plenty of wiggle-room. It's quite cavernous. I asked my husband and he did assure me that do to the new design and "manual defrost", the shelves have more space between them. I am tickled to death.


Tonight will be a steak dinner in the middle of the week, "just because" :)


Violet - yes, the man a the appliance store did tell me that there are only 2 fridge & freezer manufacturers. I got the Frigidaire because it happened to be on sale.


FYI - the butcher I used vacuum packed the beef. The steaks and roasts are on little trays. I think I like the butcher paper better. It doesn't slip when you stack it.

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Oh a huge freezer. That is a dream come true.

Like Violet said, it´s a bank vault.

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So happy for you, C4C!


We are in need of a new freezer. Right now we have a chest freezer (NOT made for the short girls to reach in the bottom!) and it is not frost-free. It's quite the high-maintenance appliance and I hope to replace it soon!


I totally understand loving an appliance - I feel the same way about my washer and dryer!


Violet - I love the perspective that our freezers are our bank vaults! Fabulous.

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