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help needed with a cat.

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I have a cat that the vet said is sensitive to flea bites.

He gave her a steroid shot last year,she needs another one.

She has scratched herself raw.

I don't have the money now. I don't even have the money for the only flea stuff that works.

Dd's medical bills are coming in every extra cent will have to go to that.


Any ideas.

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Feed her brewers yeast, flea comb her every day (I like the plastic ones best), put vitamin e oil on the raw spots. It's just fine if she licks it.

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What Leah said. We have the same problem with O'Henry, one of our cats. Each steroid shot lasted right at half as long as the one before, so put that off as long as you can.

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I just put the brewer's yeast on their food, mine love it.

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someone here posted this site and we use it all the time:


if you look to the list on the left - all the way at the bottom is one for pets.

Lots of good herbs to use - we use the bee balm for Maggie she likes to lick her fur off in the back area every fall and this has stopped it.

Might be something there for you (aloe for flea bites?_or just something else for your pets?


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We have several cats with skin problems because of fleas, even tho no fleas are found with a flea comb. House cat Rootie Poot was so bad with loss of fur, raw spots, and going crazy scratching, he ended up with a shot and Advantage, next month the same thing went on, another shot and Advantage. With over 20 cats, several needed Advantage every month, of course we couldn't afford this and keep it up. I ended up rubbing 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the fur at the back of the neck, once or twice a day. Do not rub onto broken skin or raw area. Problem was cleared up in a couple weeks, beautiful coats of fur came back in. I do this at first sign of problems now on any kitty here. Also, from a vet tech....equal amounts of white vinegar, peroxide, and rubbing alcohol is great for ear mites. Hope this helps!

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Oh crap!...... :frying pan:


Lori says to me-" Did you TELL them how to do the bee balm?"



you pick a bunch of leaves (we do 10) you put in a pint jar and fill with water (we do warm) and make a 'tea'. Then after it cools you just rub it all over the area that the cat needs it (it is OK if they lick it). Save the rest and reaply as needed.

We do it 2 or 3 times a day and she stopped right away and fur was back in a week or two.

Hope this helps. PS Oh, we also saved some of the fresh herb, dried it, in case she started again in the winter time? so far no problem.


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With all of my brood,-cats and dogs--fleas are a problem. I have used Advantage but finds it only works for 2, maybe 3 weeks. I have a few dogs that are sensitive to the bites as well--I find Rescue Cream from the Health food store clears them up quickly or use Diaper Rash Cream that has zinc in it. Zince heals quickly. I used Walmart brand--cheaper and get more than a name brand and smells nice.

Just the other day we bought Diatmaceous Earth---FOOD Grade only---(I recently asked about it on MrsS) and started using it on our animals in their food for natural deworming and some got it sprinkled on their backs to kill fleas. I have not kept up with the regimen bcz I have a nasty cold and not up to it...but I have found a reduction already though we do not have many. However it only takes one flea bite to cause an intense reaction.

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Motherhen sorry you have a bad cold.

DD2 said the other cat has a juicy neck .Samra is very shy and I haven't seen it yet.

Ginger looks bad. Her fur is very thin all over.

I used brewers yeast when I was trying to get pregnent. My dd1 always said when she was little and did not like something.

It's tasty.

I am going to try your ideas.




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OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH that cat hates me now. she is sticky. Got my hands on the other cat,she is not to bad.

Dog just looks at me like what did I do. I am trying the vitamin e and vinegar 1st.

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