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Romans 10:6-8


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Heavenly Father,


As I come into Your presence this morning, I'm not quite sure what to say. My heart feels a fullness with You, and I notice that my eyes keep darting to the ongoing issues I have going on. I'm not quite sure what that's supposed to mean...


Finish this Romans study Father. It's just time to wrap up the last few chapters. May Your annointing continue to flow over these words because we desperately need to know and comprehend all that You desire us to learn.


Father, I'm freezing right now. I'm so tired of being cold in the winters up here. This is the 3rd winter I've spent up here, and the 3rd winter I've not had a reliable source of heat. The first year I learned after the fact that the duct work to the house wasn't hooked up so any heating I had tried to do, just heated the crawl space beneath. The wood stove I had was broken, so it didn't really work that well. The second year, I bought a new wood stove, but soon discovered that I was 'fire challenged' and would literally spend 3-4 hours, just trying to get a fire going. I was propane poor that year, and couldn't afford propane all the time, so consequently being cold was normal. This year, being bound and determined to not undergo what I had the previous 2 years, I thought I was ready to brace the winter. The heat pump has had ongoing electrical communication problems and every time I have it fixed, I find it not working once again. I'm still fire challenged, but incredibly dependent on the wood stove at times (like right now), and I continue to struggle getting a fire that will heat up the house, going strong enough to do that. I have had people explain to me, show me, the finer points of fire building, but Father, You know how I still struggle.


So, this morning, my eyes want to well up with tears because I'm tired of being cold. I'm a Miami girl yanno. I like the heat and warmth. I'm concerned about sounding like I'm complaining, and maybe part of me is, but my heart Father, it's just feeling hurt right now because I just want to be warm. So please, bless this fire I'm trying to get started...let the oven in the kitchen take the cold snap out of the air in the home. And please bring the monies in so I can pay the heating guy to look once again at the problem, and fix it. He's a good heating and air guy, so it's not him (although I've caught myself wanting to gear up with hurt and resentment that it's still not fixed), but I guess I'm feeling like I've done all I can possibly do (outside of replacing the whole system and relying on new), so here I am, at times in tears, asking for something that seems like such a simple, bare bones request, to be warm.


I never dreamed my life would change so drastically that I would be asking for something that is a genuine need. But so it is, and here I am, asking my Holy, Heavenly Father to intervene in these circumstances and somehow provide for this need. I can't dwell on it too much right now because it makes my heart hurt, so I'll just lay it at Your feet and trust that You will provide.


Please Father, please don't let people feel sorry for me if they read this...that is not why I'm writing this prayer. I'm writing it out because it's real and honest and truly something I'm dealing with, and I've just got to the point where I've done all I can and I'm tired of trying and hoping, so I'm just letting go, and letting You.


Bless the study this day...I have no idea what it holds but I look forward to spending this time with You in Your Word.


In Jesus Name I pray,



6. But the righteousness which of faith saith thus, Say not in thy heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down:)


7. Or, Who shall descend into the abyss? (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead.)


8. But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach:


The rvbv writes in regard to verse 6: "Now Paul knows the human heart to be the same today as in the days of Moses, so he lifts out of Deuteronomy Moses' words about the Law and applies them to faith in Christ: The righteousness which is of faith [instead of asking a sign] saith thus, Say not in thy heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down:). This would be the natural working of the heart of a Jew. The Messiah, Christ, was to be sent to him from God; in fact, the nation had kept looking for Him. But the perpetual rising of unbelief, apart from "a sign from heaven," was there.


It is very striking, as has been observed by others, that the Spirit of God should select the verses quoted above from Deuteronomy. For this chapter plainly prophesies that the Jews will be scattered among the nations because of their despising of God's Law. So that all hope from the Law will have perished, and they will be cast wholly upon the mercy of God:


"among all the nations, whither Jehovah thy God hath driven thee, and shalt return unto Jehovah thy God, and shalt obey his voice...with all thy heart, and with all they soul; that then Jehovah thy God will turn thy captivity,...and will bring thee into the land which thy fathers prossessed,...and He will do thee good."


Into this dead, hollow shell, then, of legal hope, Paul here in Romans Ten, takes verses 11 to 14 of Deuteronomy Thirty, and puts 'faith in Christ' in place of the Law! Israel will at last, at the end of the age, be cast upon the mercy of God! And then they will understand these great chapters, Romans Nine, Ten and Eleven, were written concerning them!"


In verse 7, Watchman Nee comments on the word "abyss", and writes, "The Greek word is used in Luke 8:31 in reference to the dwelling place of the demons; in Rev. 9:1, 2, 11 to denote the place out of which the locusts, whose king is Apollyon (Antichrist), will come; in Rev. 11:7 and 17:8 to signify the place out of which the beast, the Antichrist, will ascend; and in Rev. 20:1, 3 to specify the place into which Satan will be cast and imprisoned during the millennium. The Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament, uses this word for deep in Gen. 1:2. Here, in this verse, it points to the place Christ visited after His death and before His resurrection, which place, according to Acts 2:24, 27, is Hades; for Acts 2:24, 27 reveals that Christ went into Hades after He died, and rose from that place in His resurrection. Hence, according to biblical usage, the word abyss always refers to the region of death and of Satan's power of darkness, which is the lower parts of the earth (Eph. 4:9), into which Christ descended after His death, which He conquered, and from which He ascended in His resurrection."


The rvbv writes in regard to verse 7: "So that the Jew said in his heart, Who can ascend to heaven to bring Him down unto me? Then further, Christ being proclaimed that He had been sent already, and had borne their iniquities according to prophecy, - that He had died - there would come the question in the Jewish heart: Who shall go down into the abyss and bring Him up from the regions of the dead that I may see Him and thus believe on Him? (Our Lord plainly said He would be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth (Matt. 12:40). This was not Joseph's tomb (which was on the surface of the earth), but the Hebrew Sheol (Gree, Hades), which is always in Scripture located below the earth's surface - even "the lower parts of the earth" (Eph. 4:9). To another compartment of these "lower parts" the wicked also went; as see Ps. 63:9. That this was in the general region called Hades, the rich man of Luke 16:22,23 proves. (Always read the Revised Version about the words Sheol-Hades: for it transliterates them. The King James simply obscures them by various renderings.) While Christ's body lay in Joseph's tomb "not seeing corruption," His soul (or quickened spirit, I Peter 3:18) - as Peter and Paul, quoting Ps. 16:10, plainly show (Acts 2:31; 13:34,37) was duly brought up again "from the depths of the earth" (Ps. 71:20)."


In verse 8, Watchman Nee comments on the words "The word" and writes, "Here the word is used interchangeably with Christ (vv. 6-7), indicating that this word is Christ. Christ was incarnated by coming down from heaven and was resurrected by coming up from Hades. Thus, He has become the living Word, the Spirit (Eph. 6:17), to be in our mouth and in our heart, just like the air, the breath, that can be taken into our being. He is near and He is available."


The rvbv writes in regard to verse 8: "Now, answering all these inquiries, these sign-askings, came the simple word of faith preached by Paul. This expression, "the word of faith," involves the whole story of the gospel: that Jesus was the Christ, that He had come, died for sin, been buried, been raised, and been seen by many witnesses after His resurrection (I Cor. 15:3-8)."



Heavenly Father,


Although it is a fairly short study today, my heart is at peace.


My heart feels no sadness at the moment, it feels no pain, just Your perfect, perfect peace. How powerful is Your Word to accomplish that?


I love You and need You, like I always say, because it's true.


In Jesus Name I pray,


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