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Sourdough cookies and cake?

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I came across this page about sourdough. I always thought of sourdough as only bread.

This page has different breads plus pancakes, biscuits, English muffins, pizza, corn bread, date loaf, cake, and cookies.



Heavens, found some more - am I the only one who didn't know about this?

Hm... they seem to still use baking soda, maybe less of it?




In a scenario like Wagons Ho with little resupply options, I'd be trying to conserve everything I could.


Does anyone know about using sourdough for things other than bread?

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Oh, heavens, sweetie... the sourdough threads we have here will tell you more than you'll ever want to know about sourdough! :D


That said, I may have some broken links to fix, or stuff that got dumped and needs to be replaced. I'll try to check that out in the next day or two.


The baking soda adds a little more "guarantee" of a nicely rising product.


Are you playing with sourdough?? That's fun!! :thumbs:





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I did a search and found bread threads, but couldn't find anything on sourdough cookies. That doesn't mean there isn't anything here though...


It just seems to me that as sourdough bread is sour, the cake and cookies would be sour... So how could they taste good?

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Ooh - been snooping around the internet, and came across this thread. It's not sourdough, but about expanding your yeast.



:sad-smiley-012: Why is my MrsS search-fu failing me? :sad-smiley-012: I'm certain there was a conversation about this a couple of years ago.

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Sorry, Leah, I've been busy with my Mom's hospitalization. I went today to bring her home around 10 AM and didn't get out of there until after 2. :( And during that whole time, the quirky roomate kept asking me to do nurse duties, like take her to the bathroom every 20 minutes. gaah.gif



I was SO GLAD to get out of there!!!!! yes.gif




I'll have to go help her tomorrow, but I may have time in the afternoon to look around for ya.






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Leah, if you check out Amish Friendship Bread you'll see it's a type of sweet sour dough that can be used to make a desert type bread.


There are several different recipes out there. Here's a couple to get you started.






My Mom gave me a start and the recipe years ago and since then I have used it dozens and dozens of times.


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I recently found the book Adventures in Sourdough at a used bookstore. It's got a great variety of things you can make with your starter :) Pancakes, waffles, crackers, pretzels, scones, breads, rolls, biscuits, muffins, dumplings, a few main dishes, noodles, cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, doughnuts, and puddings.

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