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Will I ever get done...

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I just spent about 5 hours going through the food I have canned, checking dates, seals, etc. To be where I want to be I need to put up another 445 jars, 313 quarts and 132 pints. :0327:


Using the National Center for Home Food Preservation web site I figure I need 842 pounds of fruit and veggies, and 100 pounds of meat. This equals out to almost 40 canner loads, water bath and pressure canned. I think I need to be cloned.


Anyone else tried to figure out how much they need to put up?






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Yes, one year's worth of what you normally consume, food, water and supplies. My understanding is that many of us will cease their mortal life before that period (once the SHTF truly starts), but only God knows who will go the length and the purpose is to survive that period.



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At least you have a start. That is more than many people have done. Just take it one canner load at a time. You can do this ! Don't allow the amount to overcome you or discourage you. Each batch you do gets you closer to your goal.


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40 canner loads is less than one a week. Might help to think of it that way.

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