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Romans 11:11-14


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Heavenly Father,


This morning, You've caught me by surprise. You've laid, very heavy on my heart, the need to fast for 3 men who are in horrible pain from back issues and other issues. I've asked other people to join me, and don't know if any will, but Father, I just feel the need to season this upcoming fast with prayer, starting now.


I feel the power of Your presence over this, and that doesn't surprise me, but what does surprise me is that this burden to fast for them came suddenly and out of the blue. I've been so caught up in all the things I have going on in my life, so as humiliating as it is to admit, the last thing that was on my mind is to fast for some other people. That feels really terrible as I write that out so please forgive me Lord.


I pray Father God that You would bring exactly who You want to this fast, and none other. I pray that it will be a very holy time that honors You, glorifies You. I pray that You would pour out Your favor on this fast, I pray that You would open the heavens over these 3 men, and reach down and touch their lives dramatically, for eternity.


Because You love them with a depth and intensity and passion and with a jealous eye, I believe Father God that this will be the moment that You choose to display Your power, Your glory, over their lives.


Your perfect, holy will be done Father.


Bless today's study too Father. I love You so very much.


In Jesus Name I pray,



11. I say then, Did they stumble that they might fall? God forbid: but by their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, to provoke them to jealousy.


12. Now if their fall is the riches of the world, and their loss the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fulness?


13. But I speak to you that are Gentiles. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle of Gentiles, I glorify my ministry:


14. If by any means I may provoke to jealousy them that are my flesh, and may save some of them.


In verse 11, Watchman Nee comments on the word "stumble" and writes, "Israel stumbled on the stone of stumbling, Christ (9:32), but did not fall. Rather, they only misstepped in order that God's salvation might come to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46). This is God's economy in His selection."


The rvbv writes, "Did they stumble that they might fall? Some individuals, alas, do, - both of Jews and Gentiles. Some are offended and turn away forever. But not finally the Israelitish nation! Banish the thought! We shall soon in this chapter see God's future salvation for that nation. But here the apostle notes that their fall was made the occasion of salvation to the Gentiles: and this again is to provoke them to jealousy - that they might be saved. God's manifest blessing to Gentiles causes the carless, self satisfied Jew to awake, - first to ridicule Gentile testimony; then, - seeing the reality of Divien visitation to the despised Gentile, to arouse to a deep jealousy: They have what we ought to have; but we have lost God's favor!" (How amazingly different Paul's method of "provoking the Jews to jealousy," from that pursued by many Jewish mission workers today! The Jew must have a "special" place as a Jew! In some quarters they are even organising "Jewish assemblies," and in other quarters advocating "the literary method of approaching Israel"! All this, we cannot but feel, is abominable kow-towing to Jewish flesh, and hinders their salvation. Jews now are common sinners, who have for the present been set aside nationally, and must come to rely, as individual sinners, hopelessly guilty and helpless, upon the shed blood of Christ, and upon Him risen from the dead.


It is an awful thing to make present day "Jewish" claims, when God says Jews are, for the present, no different from Gentiles, before God: but are just - sinners!).


Verse 12: Their fall is the riches of the world; their loss the riches of the Gentiles. Before they fell, if a Gentile wanted to know the true God, he must become a "proselyte." He must journey up to Jerusalem three times a year; and even then he could not worship directly. He must have Levitical priests and forms. Contrast with this the day of Pentecost. Every man heard in his own tongue in which he was born, the wonderful works of God! And by and by Paul goes freely forth, apart from the Law, and "religion," to all the Gentiles:


"Christ the Son of God hath sent me

Through the midnight lands:

Mine the mighty ordination

Of the pierced hands!"


See Ephesus, and Corinth, and then Rome, and the whole world, "rich," by Israel's fall! Wherever you are, you can call on the Lord, and walk by the blessed Holy Spirit, and witness of a free salvation to all and any who will listen! No "going up to Jerusalem" to keep feasts, and worship Jehovah afar off, but drawing nigh to God in Heaven through the blood of Christ, at any time, any place, under all circumstances! In everything, invited to "let your requests be known unto God!" That is riches, indeed! If you do not now hold it so, you shortly will: for you will need the Lord, ere long! And He is so nigh!


Alas, how much Israel lost in refusing Christ's "day of visitation" to them. How He wept over that! (Luke 19:41-44). We cannot blame God for Israel's rejection of their Messiah, and their "fall". He foretold it, indeed: but Christ said, "Ye will not come to Me, that ye may have life!"


But rather, let us see in the blessing that has resulted to us, "the heart of mercy" of God! He will show "kindness" somewhere. And, if the invited guests have had themselves "excused," let us who belong in "the highways and hedges" run quickly to the feast where we are bidden!


If their fall is the riches of the world, and their loss has been "riches to the world" and to the Gentiles, how much more their fulenss?


In the days of David and Solomon, there were prodigal riches, - both of God's glorious presence (II Chron. 5:11-14) and of worldly wealth and honor ( I Kings 10, entire). But this presence, and this blessing, was for Israel. Now, as our Lord told the Samaritan woman, the hour has come, when "neither in this mountain nor at Jerusalem" do men go to worship the Father: but salvation has come out as "riches" to the whole world and to Gentiles, who had the place of "dogs" before (as compared with Israel).


Now if this blessing be so great for the world, with Israel "fallen," how much more, when the time of restoration, and of fulness for Israel, be come!


Verses 13, 14: I speak to you that are Gentiles (The moment Paul says this, we know he is not addressing either Jewish believers or Gentile Christians as such - those "in Christ," for in Christ is neither Jew nor Greek. So he must be speaking to us Gentiles as having at present (not as the Church, but the Gentiles as over against the Jews) come into God's general favor - which the Jews had, but of which they are at present deprived. Gentiles, not Jews, at present are the field of God's operations on earth. They are favored, as Israel once was. And they have, therefore, like responsibilites. If Israel was "cut off" through unbelief, Gentiledom must beware lest not abiding in that "goodness" in which God has set the Gentiles (that is, in that direct Divine favor, - without law, or religion, in which God has put Gentiledom), it also shall be cut off! For God did not give Gentiledom a Law, with its "10,000 things," as He gave Israel. He gave Gentiledom the gospel only. He gave them Paul; and the message of GRACE.


Now, if they go back to "religion," or if they forget or neglect God's great salvation, it is to desert God's "goodness"; and thus to be shortly "cut off."


And they have done just that, - as we know too well! If Gentiledom has "continued" in God's uncaused grace and goodness, what meaneth then this bleating in our ears - of liturgies, masses, holy days, even prayers for the dead? What meaneth all this buzz of "administering sacraments," of "vestments," of "holy orders," of priestcraft? Why these vast cathedrals? This lavish outpouring for great "religious" establishments? The apostles had none of this! God commanded none of it. Nay, He forbade it! "The Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands"! The Jews stoned Stephen, who dared to say so! And see the Popes burning like witnesses! And "Modern" Denominations turning faithful preachers out of churches!


No; Gentiledom has deserted the "goodness" of God, for a Judao-pagan system with "Christian" names. And Gentiledom will be cut off.)


There were many Jewish saints at Rome. But these three chapters of Romans (9, 10 and 11), are peculiarly fitted to our Gentile instruction. And particularly so is this word: Inasmuch as I am an apostle of Gentiles, I glorify my ministry: if by any means I may provoke to jealousy them that are my flesh, and may save some of them. I boast, before the Jews, of how God works among the Gentiles, of His saving them, filling them with His Spirit, and with peace; using them in saving others, establishing them in heavenly joy. And why do I thus magnify my Gentile ministry? To provoke my fellow-Jews to jealousy - of an inward peace they have not, that they may desire it: and, perhaps, choose it!"



Heavenly Father,


There are some strong words in this study this morning. Necessary strong words that cut through layers of veils that need to be totally cut down.


Plant the truth of Your goodness, Your grace, deep within my heart Father. Don't ever let anything take its place.


"bless the Lord, o my soul, and all that is within me...bless His holy Name..."


In Jesus Name I pray,

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