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Change One Letter game


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You can change one and *only one* letter.


You can't post two words in a row… wait until someone else posts.


You can drop the first letter and add to the end, or visa versa. (like "steam" to "teams" )


You can’t use a word twice.


You can change letters around, but only remove/add one.


Click on “reply” at the bottom of the previous post to keep a running list of the previous words *in* the thread. Type your new word AFTER the quote.


Word must be in dictionary.com but no proper names (starts with caps), acronyms (all caps), abbreviations (ends with a ".") or "Chaucer/Olde English" words.




Have fun!!




word to use: GAMES




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:bouquet: Thanks! I was afraid I'd have to wait for Michael to come in before anyone tried it. (And yes, Cat2 is my regular-member duplicate I use to trouble-shoot problems.)













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OH, are we on a new word now?


went from hoark to roach ?



Well, I allowed it and added a "rule" that lets you move the letters around and *then* add/delete one. Like she reworked "hoark" to "roakh", then changed K to C.


:shrug: Hey, I'm just trying to have some fun here. Times are tough. I've been depressed. I don't wanna be serious *all* the time. ;)



Next -







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