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Could there be another wave?


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I'm just wondering, because everyone I know is getting sick, all of the sudden. My cousin, whom I haven't been around in a couple months, has strep. I've had such a sore throat, I think it could be strep. DD's teacher was out most of the week with the flu. A parent of a student in my youngest ds's class said her daughter has strep for the 2nd time in 2 months.


Anyway, I started out thinking I may have a seasonal flu, because I'm achy all over, horrible cough, sore throat, headache, etc. Only, I haven't had any tummy trouble. (knock on wood).


This all got me wondering if there could possibly be another wave of h1n1 this spring.


Btw, I am not saying I think that any of the above sicknesses are in any way related to h1n1, just that it got me thinking and wondering.

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I picked up DD yesterday with 102....today she seems fine but kept her home. Come to find out 3 babies at the daycare are in hospital with pneumonia and several of the workers out sick with flu and viruses. DD was just sick with fever two weeks ago. A couple of kids in her class are having the same problem sick....fine....then sick again. My cousin works in labor and delivery and she said they have 2 on her shift that are in hospital with pneumonia. One of the teachers at school teaches college classes at night. She had 6 students out of 18 out sick last night.

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The past two months, my kids and I have been nothing but sick. One of us will get a "cold," it'll hit one, then the other, then the other. The last one was in the past three weeks. I got the cold, had it for a week, coughed myself silly, gave it to both my kids (I felt so bad!), they had it for a couple of days, seemed to recover, then relapsed. With the relapse they both got ear infections -- my DS's was a double. Poor babies!


Since the beginning of January I've had pneumonia, bronchitis, and a respiratory infection. This is ridiculous. And it's all over around here -- the kids in my son's kindergarten class are all sick with this stuff. I don't know what it is -- even the doctors say they aren't sure -- but it's nasty and I want it to DIE. :ph34r:

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Well, it's official. I have strep. And a cough that I can't stop, which is making my head, chest and stomach all hurts so bad. I am also having a tough time getting any sleep, because of it. :( I'm trying everything I can, but it's not working. Ugh! I can't wait for the cold weather to be gone, so I can be outside more and keep the windows open to blow the sickness all away!!

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We've seen our fair shair of "ick" around here too - I think the last thing we had was at least a strain of the flu. We had the achies, the wicked throat, my husband had the low grade fever and chills. I had chills but no fever and the wicked throat. That throat thing lasted for over a week!


It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was a strain of the flu. I know in many people it's gone into bronchitis or pneumonia quite fast.


I also want spring to be here so I can open up the windows, clean the furnace, and get outside! :)

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Both of the kids have coughs again. DS's is so bad, he ended up sleeping with me with my arm propping him up. I opened up the house today and we have spent more time outside but it's not good that it's starting this early and it came out of nowhere.

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Sorry to hear you are all under the weather lately.

Saturday I walked the dogs for a friend who is very ill with flu. Now I'm feeling not too chipper either.

Sat outside in the garden or a bit today. Not warm but a bit sunny. I crave outside and fresh air.

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My entire family has been ill with something since the beg'g of March so I"m just reading this now. We started off with what I consider to be illness no.1...just a stomach bug that lasted a day or two but we lost our appetites for a week. Before that was up, we were hit with what sounds like what is described above.illness no.2 ..cough, ear ache, low grade fever for us--chills/sweats. Sinus infection; some of us also got laringitis. Sore throat that comes and goes. My 2nd oldest daughter --married in town--was on antibiotics twice and she still didn't feel back to normal at the end of the 2nd round.

We thought we were getting over 'it after 3 full weeks' and then came down with 'it' or 'its relative' again this past week. Now we're all hacking away again and noses going like taps or congested. It has helped on the food bill for the month of March though--we hardly ate!

Is "it" the h1n1 virus? Its strange bcz some of us are getting it and while we rub shoulders with them, others are not getting it in the same house. See my post in the other health section (forget the name) under HELP HELP HELP for things I"m trying to get rid of it==I didn't realize this posting was here. I"m also trying to drink a glass of apple cider vinegar, honey and water. I read on another forum that it stops your nose from running like a tap as soon as you drink it. I did find I was less congested and my nose is drier but maybe its just coincidence?

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My entire family has been ill with something since the beg'g of March so I"m just reading this now.


I feel for you. I am just recovering here in Texas.....My youngest daughter started us off.....sniffles, bad cough, congestion, fever....we tried to work through it but she required antibiotics. Then of course lo and behold I started with what I thought was allergies. But, then quickly turned in to sinus infection, bronchitis, went and got antibiotics..but after a week had difficulty breathing.....went back to med clinic and by then had pneumonia. They had to give me two breathing treatments, albuterol, stronger antibiotics and cough syrup with decongestant. It has been over 3 weeks and I still am wheezing and just starting to feel human again. I felt so bad if someone would have put me out of my misery I would have welcomed it! This was the worst case of whatever I have ever had......Hoping it doesn't come back any time soon! :wacko:

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Well Chinajade97, I feel fortunate now after reading your experience. I have had double pneumonia very bad 23 yrs.ago. I did think I was going to die and I've been very ill with resp.problems twice again, years ago. I have got bronchitis from this particular virus--I'd say---and using my puffers but don't feel that they are doing the job well enough. I take Ventolin and Advair. We were on a/b for the full 10 days and my other daughter was on two rounds. I speak of our experience in Nature's Prescriptions. I am/was desperate to get better. Though I do feel better today--or at times anyway, I do realize that we could take a turn for the worse. Today rain and colder weather is coming in for the weekend. Hope you are feeling better soon too!

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Gosh, everyone, I am so sorry y'all are feeling so bad! G&V, I hope your strep kicks the bucket soon. My friend's little girl got it and it took her a while to feel better. Had another friend whose 3 yr old DD got a sinus infection...quite rare at that age. Motherhen, I feel TERRIBLE that you and your family have just kept getting sick...I did that with bronchitis all winter and it finally wound up as pneumonia. :P Ick! All I can say is SANITIZE EVERYTHING once you are feeling up to doing it! Hopefully that'll stop it in its tracks! Poor ladies...I hope you're all better soon!

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Community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is hitting the hospitals pretty hard around here. I would not be surprised when the numbers come out that there had been more admissions and deaths from CAP then H1N1. It’s too bad that the government focused all their attention on H1N1 instead of this wave of the flu, maybe thats where they spent the money.

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My daughter had the flu all last week. My son had a 24 hour illness. I had some kind of respiratory crud and ended up on an inhaler. My husband was sick with sinus issues. We're just now crawling out from under our rock...

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