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Plesae pray for my brother and dad

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I've had two phones calls this week with bad news.


First, my dad went into the doctor for a physical and was told that he has high potassium levels, so he has to go back tomorrow to get retested. They told him that it could be his kidneys failing.


Second, my brother has had two severe headaches that literally blind him when he is having them, plus his face went numb. He went to the doctor today and they told him that it could be a stroke, an aneurysm or Bell's Palsy. They scheduled a MRI for next Tuesday (I think). Years ago, he was attacked for a gang initiation in CA. They hit him over his head with a pipe and put him in the hospital. He almost died, and he lost all sense of smell permanently. The doctors think that whatever happening now, is most likely caused by what happened then. The thing is, I've had both an aunt and an uncle (both my dad's siblings) that have had aneurysms, one died from it. Plus, my grandmother died of a stroke that was caused by diabetes...so there is history of both of those things in my family. I'm really worried about him. He is the brother that I lean on the most.

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**Standing by your side, praying for your loved ones, and for you...**


May the doctors and technicians be graced with insight, knowledge, and wisdom as they seek the answers for the best treatment.




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The family and you are in my thoughts and warmest well wishes are send.

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Thank you for all of the prayers.


I have an update on my brother. He got the results of his MRI back and there is no sign of an aneurysm, nor any sign of a past or future stroke. I am so happy about this, but it still doesn't answer what is going on. The strange thing is, there is also no sign of his head injury from the attack. They said they would have never even known about it, without him saying something. He is scheduling an appointment with a neuro-specialist, next, and hopefully he'll have more answers.


Still no update on my dad. His results have not yet come in.

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What GOOD NEWS about your brother, I am very happy for you! My fahter several years ago had very bad headacjes and he said that he felt like a voice kept telling him that it was encephalytis (SP). Well, we right then (happened to be in town) found some oil, annointed him and prayed over him for healing and bound the sickness and the thoughts. Anyway, several days later, he complained of another pain and went the the ER. THe doctors told him he had bleeding on the brain, but that somehow, it just stopped.. which wasnt normally possible. We all beleive it was an answer to prayer...


I told this story to highlight what you said.. that there isnt even any evidence of his incident as a teen, keep praying and believing... My prayers are with you and your brother



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