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Romans 11:28-29


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Heavenly Father,


Just yesterday I was thinking about how I'm not the best candidate to share a study such as this. I mean, it's fine that I'm just sharing a personal study that I'm doing for myself, publically, but I have been feeling bad that this study is still ongoing...1 year 3 months later. On one hand, it's been helpful to me to share this study because the commitment to do it, keeps me going when I would have probably abandoned it otherwise. On the other hand though, I feel bad that the delivery of each study has been interrupted at times, and that there are times when I'm just not able to do it.


Sometimes life just really gets too overwhelming, and finding a couple of hours to do one of these studies just isn't possible. And sometimes, I just don't wanna do one. That always makes me feel guilty so forgive me for those times Father.


Thankfully, there are times when I look forward to continuing to move forward. I'm in awe of the things I'm learning, of the work I see You doing in my life, etc.


Right now though, I'm just feeling guilty. I'm having a hard time gearing up, feeling the pressure of needing to finish this study, coming off of 2 incredibly busy weeks with my sons in town and helping me with work that requires more muscle than I have, around the farm. Add to that, that I've been feeling unusually quiet to the point where I just feel like I have nothing to say.


Here I am Father, a part of me knowing that once I get into today's study, any resistance I may be feeling will slip away. I personally need to do these studies, inspite of all I just said because they are critical in my ongrowing relationship with You. I never know what they will hold when I write these opening prayers...I don't do any preparation or peeking beforehand, but they always, always, always, fill my soul with what only You can give.


Bless this study today Father, so that all who read it might learn more about You, our Savior Jesus Christ, and Your precious Holy Spirit. So many times I think I have a good grasp on Who You are, until I get back into Your Word, and am once again stunned at the things I didn't know.


I need You today...I feel like I've been kinda disconnected a little bit the past couple of weeks, and I'm missing that closeness I normally thrive in.


In Jesus Name I pray,



28. As touching the gospel, they are enemies for your sake: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers' sake.


29. For the gifts and the calling of God are not repented of.


Watchman Nee comments in the 28th verse on "for your sake/for the fathers' sake": "This shows clearly God's economy in His selection. Israel's unbelief affects their relationship with God. Nevertheless, since the calling that issues out of God's selection is irrevocable (v. 29), they are still the beloved people of God positionally."


The rvbv writes, "We should remember two things, always, when we see an Israelite: first, As touching the gospel, they are enemies for your sake; and second: As touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers' sake (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). Gentile believers are so prone to forget both these things, especially if they behold a poor wretched son of Israel, or a proud and self-vaunting one, or even a wealthy one! Anti-Semitism, or Jew-hatred, arises, first, from Gentile rebellion against the Divine national election of Israel; and second, from envy toward them because of their wealth and power. Let no Christian give way to anti-Semitism. Of course, we must "judge righteous judgment," form unbiased opinions, of their beliefs; for many of them, like Spinoza in rationalism, and Marx and Engels in Communism, have been peculiarly used of the devil. Nevertheless, we dare not yield to Gentile hatred of Israelites. For our Lord is, after the flesh, of Israel; and God has vast gracious blessing for them shortly!


Verse 29: For the gifts and the calling of God are not repented of (by Him). These words are a source of endless joy. We may trust a God who refuses to allow the utter failure of Israel - nay, the idolatrous wickedness and apostasy of Israel - to alter His determination of blessing. The "gifts" are such as were recited in Chapter 9:4,5; and the "calling" is, that Israel is a holy nation unto God Himself. And He will see that it is so, not only in the coming kingdom, the Millennium; but in the new cration: "For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before Me, saith Jehovah, so shall your seed and your name Israel remain: (Isa. 66:22).



Heavenly Father,


Well today's study was shorter than I had thought. I was surprised to see that it ended just now, but I'm grateful that I got it done.


I do love You and need You, like I aways say. I am however, asking that You would heal this laryngitis that I've had for the past week or so. I haven't been sick so it surprised me when I started to lose my voice, but it's concerning me now because it's been holding on for so many days. I can laugh and make a joke that You've allowed this to happen to me because it's a creative way of illustrating to me how to hush, but that's just my own wild imaginations. And Father, I also lift up my daughter Kaitlyn...she has something going on physically that I don't understand so I'll be taking her to the doctor, but it worries me. Keep Your hand of protection over her please Father...she's my daughter and I love her.


I also want to give You all the praise and thankfulness for the breakthroughs I'm starting to see in my life in various areas. They say it's darkest right before dawn, and I have felt like I've been in such darkness and it's been wearing me down. I had several things happen last week that caused me to gasp for breath and made me wonder how low I'd have to go. These things ironically, hurt my feelings, which doesn't happen often, but I guess I've been feeling vulnerable in these areas, so when the hits came, they somehow made it through the walls. But Father, I have to acknowledge the fact that even as I was going through these things, that often I would feel the power of Your presence. Many times all I could say was "yes Lord"...meaning, I know it's You, but it was very comforting to be reminded that I do not walk this path alone...that even though I may distance myself a little bit, You never do...that when I don't have the strength to even pray or talk to You, You still love me and stay by my side. I haven't had time to really ponder that fully and absorb it, but it touches my heart and humbles me to think that even when *I* am not being/doing my best, You still love me and are with me in all ways.


I'm glad I did today's study Father.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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