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Mt Rider prayer request.

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Mt Rider doesn't have internet right now so she called me and asked me to post a very serious and critical prayer request.


Her daughter, who lives in Hawaii, was rushed to the hospital yesterday and is now in ICU. They ran various tests and have discovered that she has 5 blood clots throughout her body. One is in her leg ,at least one is in the right lung, one is in the artery to the lungs. Her breathing is being blocked and she's on massive blood thinners and oxygen in ICU.


Mt. Rider will more than likely be flying out to Hawaii to be with her daughter. She's asking for prayers for herself for physical strength to be able to make this trip and obviously prayer for her daughter who is in the hospital. The doctors are trying to figure out what is causing this so keep that in prayer also.

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Lord, as we move through this week of the Passion, let us be filled with a passion for your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! One of our friends, Lord, Mt_Rider, is scared and hurting Lord, for her daughter is ill. We humbly ask you for your mercies and grace for MTR and her family, wisdom for the doctors in Hawaii, and healing for MTR's daughter. Grant MTR the strength in body to make this long trip. We know all things happen according to Your Will, according to Your Plan, and we ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

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Dear Lord, please keep MtR safe and give her the strength she needs now to be there for her family.



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I have Mt Rider on the phone and she's making me be a secretary without pay and is dictating the following:


Wow! Thank you for all your prayers because this was dangerous.


While my daughter will be doing some pulmonary/respiratory therapy, and there is some damage that needs to heal in the lungs where the clots were...


What happened was the illness she had caused her body to have a decreased amount of oxygen throughout her body which can damage any organ in the body, but God is faithful because other than the damage done directly from the blood clots themselves, the doctors are no longer worried about the period of time there was a lack of oxygen flowing throughout her body. Thank the Lord she got to the hospital as quickly as she did.


The doctors are also less worried about a piece of one of the clots heading to the heart or brain and as soon as a bed opens, she'll be out of ICU, but will still be on a closely monitored bed. She is still being kept immobile, and that's starting to make the old injuries she had years ago from a severe leg accident, increasingly painful. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and that the Lord will continue to pour out His mercy and grace over her life, and reduce the level of pain.


She's in pretty good spirits and is able to talk now without forcing her breath and is now talking more normal, which is a great improvement and is evidence that her lungs are much better.


They're actually not expecting her recovery to take as long as we originally thought so for the moment, it looks like I won't have to make the trip to Hawaii.

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:pray: Dear Lord, Sweet Jesus our Saviour...please comfort all concerned; please guide the physicians and care personnel involved; Lord protect them in their travels as well; provide for them in all their needs...dear Lord, we pray these things in Your precious, Powerful, and Holy Name!
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