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When the yeast runs out, there will be sourdough

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Many here probably have yeast frozen in their freezers as part of thinking ahead to hard times. But the day may come when the yeast runs out. What then? Well, sourdough is the answer.


I'm learning how to make sourdough bread. The book I have (The Complete Sourdough Cookbook) calls for yeast for the starter, but I'm looking for bread recipes that don't require it.


If someone has a good recipe they'd like to share, that would be very appreciated.


For others here who may want to try making their own sourdough starter, it's very easy.


Find a suitable container like a crock or plastic bowl (not metal). The bowl should be scalded before using to inhibit growth of unwanted bacteria. You'll want a loose fitting lid for your bowl so that yeast spores from the surrounding air can get in.


I used 2 cups flour with a package of dry yeast stirred in, and enough lukewarm water to make a thick batter. I stirred it only enough to break up the lumps, then I let it stand in a warm place for at least 24 hours. It's been going a few days now and it looks great.


Pull from your starter at least once a week, preferably more often - to make your breads. When you pull some out, be sure to replenish it by adding enough flour and lukewarm water to restore the mixture to its original amount and consistency.


This looks like good information:



My book didn't mention anything about adding more flour every 24 hours, but the starter looks frothy with bubbles now.





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Furbabymom, that's funny! :) I'm glad I'm not alone then!


GirlNextDoor, thanks for that link - good stuff there. I like the idea of sourdough tortillas.


Well, the starter I shared in my post worked out great. I made bread using the recipe in the link I shared and it has that characteristic sourdough taste that is so good. I made my loaf round and it didn't rise a lot, but it rose enough to taste good. :P


The only problem I ran into is that my recipe called for 2 cups of starter, so I used up all the starter I had in my crock! I'm going back to the drawing board on that.


What I'd really like to do is find a starter made from 100% whole wheat flour that works well with whole wheat sourdough recipes. We don't eat a lot of white bread normally.





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You can mix the water potatoes were cooked with some flour and let it set till it is bubbly. I've also made starter by mixing whey from cheese making with flour or meal.


If your starter sits too long in the fridge so it separates and starts looking grayish, pour the liquid off before adding water and flour and it will usually start back up without being way too sour.

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