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To whom should we pray? Since the infamous 1947 Everson vs. SchoolboardSupreme Court Case in which a liberal court ignored all previous court decisions and our clear history to entrench their view of the First Amendment, secular unbelievers have been making every effort - using the courts and threats of lawsuits - to remove the One True God from our schools, our minds, our hearts, our public statements, and the laws of the land, an effort our Founders would have vehemently and vigorously opposed.

Should judges restrict to Whom we should pray, where we should pray, and when?


If Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, the ACLU, and liberal judges are allowed to continue their assault on our freedoms, we will only be allowed to pray in public places and venues according to the rules they impose, violating our First Amendment "free speech" rights and "the free exercise" of our religious rights.


Allowing unelected government officials to deny our right to invoke the good hand of God upon the deliberations of our elected officials, and in our public events, is wrong. It is a reversal of all that our Founders held dear, and a denial of God's involvement in the affairs of men.

What can we do and what should we do?


In a government of, by, and for the people, it is imperative that we-the-people disallow the continuation of this malfeasance of office in violation of the Constitution and their oath to uphold it. We do so by electing only those to office who believe in the Constitution, their responsibility to uphold it, and who refuse to confirm those to the bench whose record reveals they do not respect the Constitution or the rights of the people.


In the upcoming elections, both Primaries, Caucuses, and General Election, millions of Christians do not VOTE. That can be changed - as well as the direction of the nation - if our pastors and church leaders across America call the people of God to their citizenship responsibility. Please urge yours to do so.


LORD God of heaven and earth whose providential hand was upon our Founders and those pastors who courageously spoke out against the evils of their day, move amongst your people once again that they might resolve to stand for righteousness in the nation and in their communities; to oppose evil, especially in our courts, and halls of government. Open our eyes to see the wisdom of generations gone by Who knew You, and knew the necessity of invoking Your presence as they gathered to make wise decisions. How is it possible to secure Your presence, wisdom, and blessing when we fail to recognize our dependence upon You, the only true God? How is it possible for our elected officials to hear Your voice and discern Your will when they call upon spokesman of other religions to invoke the blessing of false gods who don't exist? Open our eyes to the deception of the evil one who deceives in order to destroy; whose subtleties and craftiness elude perception in order to poison the well of our blessings. We ask this in the Name above all Names, Jesus the Christ, Who was and is, and ever shall be, the only God to whom we should pray at all times and in every place, Amen.


"Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law strive with them."


Proverbs 28:4



(From "Restore America" Newsletter, April 2010)

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Sometimes I don't feel very welcome on this site. Obviously according to your prayer, my religion, even though older than yours is not important.


Which particular group of Christians will be in charge of your government? Roman Catholics? Presbyterians? Baptists?


Should all the Buddhists and Jews be impeached as not being fit to hold office?

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I am sorry you feel this way.

To me, this is in the Streams in the Desert forum, and from what I could tell, it is a Christian based forum by the titles I have seen. I may be wrong, but that was what I thought.

Perhaps you should contact Darlene with your thoughts.


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The courts can "decide" all they want to. No one can keep me from praying to God whenever and wherever I choose. For that matter the courts can't keep anyone from praying to whoever they want, whether its Muhammed, Allah, God,etc. Freedom means just that - for everyone.

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The title was about the courts, so I took a look.


It's interesting to see what posters say about me and mine when they think I'm not reading. This is the reason I lurked for two years before making my first post. I thought perhaps only Christians are welcome here.


It appears I'm not even welcome in the country part of my family was living in before the Europeans came.


BTW: The founding fathers left England because they were being forced to belong to the Church Of England.

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The Founding Fathers believed that the government had no business in religion. That is why the First Amendment restricts Congress from establishing a religion or preventing us from practicing any religion or requiring us to follow any religion.

Whatever is right for one belief is right for all under our Constitution.


Even as Christians (which I am), we may not agree with someone else's beliefs. as Americans, we must respect their beliefs. That is the foundation of freedom and if one doesn't have that freedom, none of us really do.


Hitler started out by convincing people that others of different beliefs or abilities or disabilities were somehow less. Look where that led.

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It's not often that I have to make a statement like this, and off the top of my head, I can barely remember another time when it's been necessary...


We will NOT argue about spritiual beliefs. And MrsS will NOT be set up as if she's some horrible place where people are not welcome because nothing could be farther from the truth.


We have been online for a long, long time, with a variety of backgrounds calling this place home. Streams in the Desert is our Christian forum and there will be no conflict in this forum, ever. I'm leaving the posts made thus far so that my post will be understood and I'd appreciate it if people would respect these boundries because from hereon out, I will just delete.


Everyone has always been welcome at MrsSurvival, and always will be. We never claimed perfection, and sometimes we make mistakes, but I'd dare anyone to deny the fact that the foundational intent of our heart is sincere.

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Don't you people know the Konstitution gave us freedom from religion??




Hope I'm not putting my foot in it here but it always kind of bothers me when I see that quote from the first amendment quoted incorrectly. My reference is to the first amendment . It is freedom "of" religion an it prohibits the government from establishing an official religion, or or preferring one religion over another. That's the "Establishment Clause."

The "Free Exercise" clause prohibits the government from interfering with a person's practice of their reliigion.

Religious freedom is an absolute right, and includes the right to practice any religion of one's choice, or no religion at all, and to do so without government control. The government must remain neutral. I feel that there is a difference between using "from" and "of".




Aside from that I think that substituting a "K" for the "C" in reference to the Constitution is disrespectful and an insult. Apologies again for all the ruffled feathers that are sure to follow. Sorry Darlene, if I have overstepped your rules. I understand your position.. Katmom

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