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Had a doctor just call me


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One of the doctors where my wife works just called me and asked for a favor. I have met this doctor but don't remember her. Anyway, she said that she works with the Make a Wish Foundation and that she was going north of here to visit a young boy and his favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake. She told me that none of the bakeries here make them. My wife has apperantly told her I can bake a few things so I knew where this was going. I agreed to bake one so could take it to him. So, I'm off to the store to get some cherries! For some reason my heart is happy.








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The end result.





I hope he likes it. Now if I could figure out how to nake it bigger on photobucket. :(








I tried it and it works like this...use edit right above the picture. When you go to edit there are lots of buttons, but there is one on the right hand side in the box with the picture. It is a slide that goes from a little hill to a big mountain. Just slide it over to 100% or anywhere you want it! If you can't get yours to work, let me know and I will pm you the pw to mine and you can do it there. I already uploaded your pic lol.


And what you did for the little guy is just great!



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That is also my favorate cake!


and your's looks great!


ain't it nice when you can do one small thing and know it will make someone else happy!


I used to help out with the 'make-a-wish' around here before I retired from my 'other life' (he,he). ;)


Glad your wife spoke up and that you were able to do it.



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:bouquet: I think I can smell the love from here!!! :wub:



Blessings on you both for allowing God to work through you. :bighug2:






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We always knew you were a special Worm... ;)


The cake is beautiful, but the ultimate beauty is how wonderful such a simple gift will make that little man feel.


The total innocence of childhood...can you imagine being so sick, yet finding joy in something as simple as a wonderful, yummy pinapple upside down cake?? Amazing.


You rock, Wormie. :bighug2:

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I think that was a wonderful thing to do. By you blessing this child you will be blessed also. That's why you felt so good about it. Thank you for your kindness and sharing it with us. The cake looks awesome. It will really make his day. :cakeslice:



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My grandpa would love this cake. Grandma would make it by the sheet pan full. He would be the envy of all the workers when he would unwrap a piece of that for his lunch. "Nothin' quite like a good piece of cake with coffee at lunchtime."


Blessings to you for making this little guy's day. :)

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I found out last night that this young man is about 18-19 years old. He has liver cancer and a brain tumor that may be cancer. Make a wish bought him a boat and he was to spend all day yesterday fishing which he loves to do. Today he is having surgery. The cancer has spread and they have hope that they can get all of the lymph nodes in the surrounding areas out. He is looking at between 6-20 hours of surgery. Prayers for him would be appreciated, his name I believe is Paul. The doctor said that there were 4 cakes there and mine was the first one gone. A local bakery in the town that he lives made one and only one piece of it was taken. I don't know this young man but I am praying for him.






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I hope that young man had successful surgery and that he is recovering well. Your gift of the cake was a very nice thing to do. It looked great in the pic too! Sometimes we get lucky, and can be of some special help to someone like this and I am glad you got the opportunity. I will pray he recovers and is cancer free soon.

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