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Dehydrating Potato's

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I finally decided to give this a try today. I peeled one potato so if it turned out wrong I didn't waste a lot. I peeled it, sliced it on an old slicer, and blanced it for about one minute. Everything I found on-line says to blanch them for 6-10 minutes. Since I had only one in the pot I cut it short. I mixed 1/4 cup lemon juice with a quart of cold water. After blanching I put the sllices in the jar.


After 15 minutes I drained them and placed them in the dehydrator. I set the temperature at 145 degrees and the timer for 6 hours. After 3 hours I checked them and they were dry and crispy.


I was worried that they would turn dark or black but they look like fresh potato's! They taste fine and I will do more next week when I have more time.






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I boil my potatoes whole with the skins on til heated thru well. In other words not all the way done, but sort of "al dente" , then refrigerate overnight.


Next day peel & slice,shred or cube and put in dehydrator. I don't use lemon juice because once the potatoe is cooked it diesn't turn.


You may enjoy this site


www.dehydrate2store.com has tons of videos.

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I've dehydrated lots of potatoes! Russets, Reds and Sweet. Reds and Sweet worked the best for me, I'm thinking because of the starch content (they aren't as "crumbly" and not so quick to break during the steaming process) but all have turned out great. They are a little labor intensive but the end result is fabulous. I slice mine thin, steam or blanch, then dump in to a sterilized sink full of cold water (depending on how many potatoes I'm doing I may have to drain and refill the sink to keep the water cold.) We are very impressed with our home-dehydrated potatoes and have used them in several meals.


Like CoM...I don't use lemon juice either. Once they're steamed you have locked the enzymes so they shouldn't turn.


Good luck and enjoy!

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