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Up your nose with a rubber hose L.A.!!!

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If this gets out of hand there could be major problems!


The Los Angeles City Council voted to boycott the state of Arizona over its new immigration-enforcement law, and now the Arizona Corporation Commission has responded. Gary Pierce, one of the commissioners chosen in state-wide elections to the utility regulation panel, notes that Los Angeles gets about 25% of its power from Arizona producers. If the City of Angels really wants a boycott, Pierce offers his services to help, as he explains in a letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and copied here: http://thegreatfallarizona.blogspot.com/20...er-hose-la.html
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While I might find some of this gratifying for a moment [because I personally think AZ has the right to decide as the majority of it's residents wish] .......



.....this is beginning to sound like a war within our allegedly UNITED states. :o And THAT would have ramifications that none of us want to see. Wasn't there some flap with Minnesota and this AZ thing too?


What will happen if the states begin to lob financial hooey at one another every time one state gets their knickers in a knot over something.





MtRider [....or are we just hearing about something that has already been going on [financial retaliation] for a long time now???? ]

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I think the point is that for one state to "declare a boycott" towards another is ludicrous.


Especially because of a state's attempt to *follow federal law* regarding something that is fast becoming a danger to THAT STATE'S citizens (let alone the entire country's safety, regarding OTHER sneak-ins).


Should we, as Hoosiers, decide to boycott California because of their laws on homosexualiy? Abortion rights? Environmental laws? What if they decide to boycott us because they don't like the way we grow corn? Or because they don't like the term "Hoosier"?


The idiot who grandly stood up and called a boycott was too short-sighted to see what a fool he was to suggest such a thing. We are the "United" states... mutually dependent upon one another, and when you draw lines in the sand, you generally are drawing yourself *out*.



As a sidenote... do a search in Google "images" for "illegal alien trash". You'll see pictures of miles of trashed land, left by the illegal aliens who come through the desert trails and leave their trash. Where is the EPA on this? If you or I did this, they'd be lying in wait along the trail, guns drawn, waiting to catch us. What about the impact on the environment? Wildlife? Human safety? <_<







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Made my day, fantastic letter. LA City Council members appear to be a bunch of idiots. The city's shortage of electrons extend well beyond the utility grid if they think threatening their neighbor is the way to go.


“While we recognize that as neighbors, we share resources and ties with the State of Arizona that may be difficult to sever, our goal is not to hurt the local economy of Los Angeles, but to impact the economy of Arizona. Our intent is to use our dollars — or the withholding of our dollars — to send a message.”


Frankly I think Arizona is the one taking the high road here!!


People of goodwill can disagree over the merits of SB 1070. A state-wide economic boycott of Arizona is not a message sent in goodwill.
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The illegal alien trash isn't just trash...it's also feces, soiled diapers, and drug paraphanalia. There's a huge highway of it leading into Tucson, and there are other trails as well. It's hazardous and disgusting.


Violet, that is something I have thought about long and hard. Would the terrorists who flew the airplanes into the WTC on 9/11 have been able to train if it weren't for the lax immigration laws in AZ and FL? (that is a real question, I don't know the answer) But I do feel that now that Arizona (my state!) is enforcing the FEDERAL (supposedly) immigration laws, maybe terrorists won't come here to train. Maybe they won't cross the border into our state...it'll take one option away from them, at least. Maybe it will make them think twice before they see Arizona as being a "safe" place to come and make their plans. Just maybe.


I, for one, am 110% supportive of what my state is doing, and if California wants to mess with us, they'll find out that when the citizens of Arizona are backed into a corner, we'll fight back! :americanflag:

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I just want to point out something most don't mention. Though we are fighting a battle on the southern borders of our country they are NOT the easiest area of the US to get past. Though we know of the hundreds and maybe thousands who come accross those same southern borders it's the hundreds and thousands we don't know in the northern areas that people should be worried about. There are areas between Canada and the US where you can drive thru because the check point is a toll booth with a sign that says sign in when you pass. Yes we need to stop the illegal immigration and protect our borders, but that should means ALL our borders. I live in Michigan and I know of what I speak. Around here Canadian quarters spend exactly like US quarters, there are people from every culture and no one would ever be able to keep track of all the people passing thru all the border roads and check points not to mention who rides thru the locks, or even just walks thru the woods! It wouldn't be hard at all to sail accross Lake Michigan or Superior if someone really wanted to. Like I said protecting our borders should mean ALL the borders. And No offense to the Canadians because they work as hard as us to protect their country it's just easy to get in and out of anywhere it's a big place you can't watch it all. And isn't that one of the things we all want to avoid? I got nothing to hide until someone tells me everything I own is bad then what?

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I tell you what.....all this makes me want to move to Arizona!!! Go AZ!!!! When all TPTB stood up and started threatening lawsuits and slamming AZ citizens and policemen.....with our President leading the pack....they didn't back down. Now it has come out that these clowns haven't even read the 12 page bill!!!


They should pack all of those Washington and Chicagoan NO NOTHINGS and send THEM down on the boarders and let them bunk in with the ranchers and citizens who live in fear or watch what's going on daily. Bet they'd change their mind real quick like.


I think Mt. Rider said something about this getting out of hand....I agree...I could see it happening very easily. With inflammatory rhetoric being spewed by those who have no knowledge of the law that has been passed...it will only flame the fires of division.

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Its the law and it was overdue. Unfortunately, there is alot of strife being caused by this senseless attitude of boycotting because of people , just enforcing laws of the land. We need to watch this and those who would be vulnerable to less or absolutely no power and less water need to prep for this if they haven't already. It looks like it can get bitter and tough pretty fast.

There are many things being said on both sides of the issue. There have been serious encouragements by certain ones that want to incite violence against AZ citizens, Americans over this.

There are several more states working on drafting the same laws and enforcing it now. It is simply true that it is a terrible drain to support them with welfare, medical care, HUD housing , by many states. Heck, its part of California budget problems. It is part of the crime problems. It is going to get nastier, I do believe that. Billions are spent in many states supporting illegals living in the US.

It is causing a worse division between Americans too... on top of all else that is doing that in this nation. It is being used politically of course and stupidly so, instead of being respected at such levels as it should be. Illegal is illegal period. But it is causing larger rifts, and certainly more resolve I think as well to get things straightened out , as individuals and states take this on.

It is an issue, a situation that bears watching. If you are living in the Los Angeles area, take care and be ready. At least you got a warning with all this going on. The hardheads are willing to harm innocent citizens over this......... so it begins.

I worry that this can also bring on martial law, because it will surely spread . People are so on edge. The lines are truly beginning to be drawn. Its a problem, of some magnitude, and its varied.

Yes, there is a major problem and its been admitted to, documented that terrorists are using the southern border as a highway.

The people coming through leave incredible and nasty, disgusting trash and commit crimes often enough once on US soil. Thats fact. Some have killed now.... this mentality and the constant illegal movement needs to stop as far as I am concerned, period. It is not an easy thing to do. I am sick of the drug stuff too, ever increasing. I will stand with AZ and any other state that enforces these laws.

But its a painful thing now, and I think things will get worse because of the situation, from all sides involved.

With the economy the way it is, boycotting is just STUPID. This is a very divisive situation.

I can support legal immigration but they better behave as proper citizens if they get to be citizens, just as the rest of us have to be. ( that issue is a whole other can of worms however.)


With certain ones pushing violence against American citizens now in all this and a determination to pay back the insults .... its a bad situation and we need to be ready for it the best we can be. We need to try and not get caught in it and we need to be safe if we can be. Because it won't help the whole situation, and it will hurt us individually and none of us need that.

But I will be darned if I will accept some jerk coming at me with a shovel or axe and not fight back if I need to. Living in another border state, albeit to Canada, yes, its real easy to cross the border, whether you do it legally or hike over the border a few miles into the woods, or cross the border in a boat on Lake Champlain. It happens. Its vulnerable too, just like all border states are.


I am just watching this develop. It shows me a need to be prepared to hunker down, or to defend myself in a moment ..... it is a time where serious discernment is necessary and I don't see that going on with the hotheads who are speaking out about the issue. But it comes down to what we do, locally, about it.... unfortunately, I don't see enough of them acting wisely to trust it will necessarily blow over. So, if you are in those areas affected directly by the actions of those who think they can throw their weight around and use it politically..... do take care and be ready, thats all I can say. if you are inclined to pray, then add that too!


This is just what certain ones want, as far as I am concerned, and then they can do their martial law.

The ramifications of that are far reaching and I hope it doesn't go that far, but it would be an excuse. <_<


All I can say is I think its time we figured out which battles we will choose, if we haven't figured that out yet. I see so much garbage going on at the top, and continued evading of doing whats right, theres so much to be concerned about, and all of it requires preparation if one is wise and that is why we are here on this site. It is most unfortunate that this garbage is also going on over the subject discussed here. But it is simply one more liability to states and citizens who do things the right way. One more stressor. The danger level seems to be increasing all the time and this is just one example.


I hope none of you are harmed in this matter. That would be no good. But I do see the possibility of it now. Proceed with caution!

Take care all.


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Louis mentioned "Balkanization". I've been thinking of the other direction. Would this 'disunity' be a reason to enforce more federalization???? :o



MtRider [Furthermore, I propose an automatic forfeiture of position for every "lawmaker" who can't be bothered to read a bill they vote on.... :wacko: Mebbe even before they complain about one they haven't voted on.... :happy0203:

At least with only 12 pages, it should make it easier...you'd think. ]

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MtRider [Furthermore, I propose an automatic forfeiture of position for every "lawmaker" who can't be bothered to read a bill they vote on.... :wacko: Mebbe even before they complain about one they haven't voted on.... :happy0203:

At least with only 12 pages, it should make it easier...you'd think. ]


I agree with one addition, they should be able to quote article and section of the United States Constitution that authorize any bills, laws, resolutions etc. or the bill, law, resolution, etc. will not be accepted for discussion, referral to committe, debate, vote and so forth.


I listened to Glenn Beck reading the AZ bill on the air today. It mentioned by number, article and section the federal laws that the AZ bill sets out to enforce.

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Sheeeeeesh, Scrubbie. Are you expecting our representatives to actually be educated in things like the constitution? :) [....apologies to those who run for office who are exactly that....knowledgable enough to be good representatives! Make sure we know who you are!]


But it does look like the folks putting together the AZ did some homework first. Good for them.




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I would hope that a Revolution to get our country back under the control of the people will ultimately bring the states together again as a Republic and avoid a civil war. It all kind of depends on getting rid of the Powers That Be and the arrogant politicians.


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