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We work hard on our gardens, and really don't mind sharing a bit of it....But.... we seem to be plagued with rabbits this year. It was good news last year that the coy-dog population had gone down a bit... with that decrease...the rabbits increased. Now that we are seriously planting... i don't want to lose it all to the furry predators ! <_<


Does anyone here have a good way to deter rabbits ?? Short of a shotgun.(don't have) , an underground bunker to grow in ( also don't have). Our dog will give chase..but they are so much faster than she is.! And she is not out at night...


I've thought of one of those owls that shift a bit in the breeze, has anyone tried those ? Would a live trap catch them ? with what bait ?


Suggestions most welcome !

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You might try chicken wire fencing. Get the 48" wide kind and bury 12"to18" so they can't burrow under.


Our problem is deer. Lots of deer. Recently counted 16 of them comming up the creek bed onto the neighbors place and eating their way across his yard, then across the road and up the mountain. He has no fencing, so it is a regular deer crossing.


Our 3 acres are surrounded by hog wire fence. Keeps the dogs in is about all. We ended up putting 8' tall deer fence around the main garden area, it's 50'x50'. And the vine/berry section is not fenced right now, but there is enough left of the deer fence and t-posts if we need to fence it. The 'orchard' 9 fruit trees is also open. But we put 48" chicken wire cages around the trees. That won't stop serious munchers tho, maybe discourage them.


good luck with the bunnies...................pigzzilla







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I never did find an answer for rabbits besides live trapping them (easy, they are dumb) and donating to the local beagle trainer for his dogs to train with. They did not hurt the bunnies, but put them in a fenced area with new pups and one experienced hunter. The older dogs would show the younger ones how to follow the trail. It was funny to watch. First the rabbit would hop past, then the hunter, yelping like crazy, then a jumble of pups more interested in playing with each other than the scent trail. Before that, I made lots of hasenpfeffer in the crock pot. My spouse cant bear the thought of eating rabbit, so I canned some and told him it was chicken.


As for the deer, I saw a novel idea that looked interesting and was based on deer psychology. The writer said that deer won't jump a fence they cant see through. They think it is a wall and just leave it alone. The writer said he just put up a flimsy stockade style fence of poles stuck into the ground around his garden, so close together that it looked solid. The deer left it alone, where they had jumped over his deer-proof fence of wire. He used the poles the next year to teepee up his pole beans, and cut new ones for his 'stockade'. By that reqasoning, even a tarp and pole 'fence' should work, so long as it looks like a wall and obstructs view.


For woodchucks - used kitty litter down the hole works where nothing else will.


For vine borers, put a newspaper mulch under your vines so they don't tough the ground. Borers lay their eggs in the ground, and the larva crawl up onto the vines and bore in. The mulch keeps larva from finding the vines, and the adults from finding the ground to lay their eggs. Lots easier than digging them out once you have them...


Thats what I do for my pests. Good luck!

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Whoa....I'm always interested in deer repelling ideas. As of last season...I thot I'd opened a resort for them. sheeeeeesh! I even had elk toes in my carrot bed. Didn't munch any but if you know the size of elk toes..... {sigh}



Anyone else heard of this "can't see thru it" deer deterrent? So how tall do you think it would have to be? The four foot field fencing doesn't make them blink. Can I just wrap it with something?



MtRider [ who's been forced to take extreme measures. I'm gardening with a friend who has monsterously tall deer fencing on an acre of land! :P ]

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Ok here's my tip: Be One with Nature. If you can't beat them BRIBE THEM!!!


I have a real terrible problem with deer, rabbits, turkeys, fox, and wood chucks. So we put up a chicken wire fence around our garden plots and then we tilled a small area out near the woods and threw a packet of lettuce, clover, and cheap wheat seeds in there and let them go to town. They don't try so hard to get into my garden if they have their own and if they want it weeded they can do it. Plus since I am saving seeds and just hate to throw any extras away I can just toss them into that bed and the animals can enjoy.


As for getting rid of them. I am less likely to do that since if they stay and TSHTF then I will get the meat and know what they are eating instead of someone else. Free turkey for Thanksgiving would be nice.



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I was told the next time I give haircuts, to save the hair and put it around my garden. The rabbits are detered by the smell of human on the hair and it "scares" them away.

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I've heard of the hair thing, too, as well as dried blood around the perimeter, and human pee. All three will eventually break down naturally, but repel the rabbits. (Not all three together, necessarily, unless you do it in bands.)


Dried blood is available at garden centers, or used to be.



Now can anyone tell me how to repel muskrats? They come out of our pond to destroy my garden at night. :(






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Rabbits ~ Our garden is on a hill so we had to backfill and but the decorative wooden fence around it (2 ft high or so). That goes around the sides as well and then the front of the garden is "blocked" off by raised beds and chicken wire (I guess) as the door. We tried marigolds one year but didn't have enough. We thought they killed the blueberry bushes but they seem to have come back.


Any types for beatles eating basil?

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I was going to post... complete with Happy Face and Merry Feet... about how we beat the Wabbits. How we put up "Rabbit Guard" fencing and our problems were over. I really was going to post that !






If what i think i saw... actually Happened... we are doomed !



I was walking thru the fenced garden, checking the progress of the plants. Out of the corner of my eye i saw my dog ( outside the fence) go racing past ... in hot pursuit ... of a rabbit... Inside the fence ! "Super Bunny" clears the fence in a single bound and flees into the woods. Dog still trying to catch it.


If those pesky rabbits can Clear the fence that easily... i figure the garden will be a bunny dining delight all summer. :faint3::angry:

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