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Are we ready for this hurricane season?

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NOAA hurricane forecast alarming USA TODAYWASHINGTON — The hurricane forecast this year is the most ominous the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has ever issued — "an active to extremely active" season: • 14 to 23 storms big enough to be named.


• Eight to 14 hurricanes — storms with winds of 74 mph or greater.


• Three to seven major hurricanes — those with winds exceeding 111 mph.


That is the most named storms NOAA has forecast since it began issuing the outlook in 1998. Only 2005 had more actual named storms: 28, including 15 hurricanes. One of them was Katrina.




NOAA predicted more storms than actually occurred only once, in 2006.


"We could be facing one of the more active seasons on record," NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenko said at a news conference.


Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, urged people living on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, especially in hurricane evacuation zones, to "get ready now" by planning how they'll evacuate families and pets.


The hurricane season is June 1 to Nov. 30, but most storms occur in August through October.


State and federal emergency planners are worried about a storm surge that could carry oil from the Gulf spill far inland.


In urban areas, Fugate says, emergency workers are already prepared to deal with oil spills because they often happen when a storm overturns cars and boats.


"The bigger problem will be in areas where we have no other contamination — in the estuaries and bays," he said. There's no plan or experience with that, he said.


In Louisiana, where fishermen idled by the oil spill are having financial problems, emergency managers expect demand for transportation and shelter from as many as 60,000 evacuees if a hurricane strikes the coast this year. That's 70% more than they helped in Hurricane Gustav in 2008, says Mark Cooper, emergency preparedness director.


Rupert Lacy, emergency management director of Harrison County, Miss., expects 1,500 BP employees and contractors to require emergency shelter in case of a hurricane.


He said the company is offering financial help to residents who might have oil slicks in their homes.


"On any storm, you talk to your insurance agent and to FEMA. (Now) you might at the same time be talking to the BP claims person," Lacy said.


Contributing: Doyle Rice

Couldn't get my computer to copy .....um, neatly. But.....yikes, if they're right, its ominous. :o



MtRider [...you coastal people get ready, y'hear! :grouphug: ]

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As ready as I can be for now, I guess. Wish I had a storm shelter, but at least we are tied down good and out of the flood zone.


I do need to get a better spot for the feed, but as bad as I feel right now, it just isn't going to happen any time soon.

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We're about as ready as we can be, we're a little ways from the flood zone, at least up to a Cat 3. In '04 we had 3 storms cross this area, lost part of our roof during one of those, and went without power for a couple weeks. I'm really worried this hurricane season because of the oil spill. Everyone take care and batten down the hatches if need be.

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CGA, I don't know if you've thought of this, but sometimes I put a couple of frozen bottles of water in thin backpack and wear it. Cools you off some. (And gives you something to drink when it melts!) If you don't want to do that, a couple of those little freezy things in your pockets are a help.


NMChick [heading out to the garden with freezie things in her pocket]

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A/C spacesuit .....hey, even I could live in TX if I had one of those! :lol:



I pour realllllly cold well water into a small [so it's no too heavy] Camelbak kind of water carrier. The kind you sip from a tube but the carrier is a strong plastic bag. I wear mine on my back like a backpack and it's just one more thing in my arsenal against the heat.




MtRider [....last Monday nite we dipped down to 20 degrees....and two days later we shot up into the 80's. Is it winter, spring, summer???? ]

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NOAA predicted more storms than actually occurred only once, in 2006.


Now I thought *LAST* year they predicted a bunch of storms that never happened, too. :blink: Had a bunch of people all shook up then, too.


Something doesn't smell right about that story.







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Thank you for the suggestions. I'm thinking of making a vest with pockets for ice packs, just haven't felt up to following thru on it.


I thought they had made predictions several yrs that didn't pan out, but maybe their thinking is different than ours. Prob good idea if someone could look up all the predictions and compare to actual weather facts.

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On our subtopic of heat avoidance.... [bit of thread drift... :lol: ]


......oh, yeah CGA......when all else fails and you are REEEAAALLLLLY TOOOOOO HOT......dunk your head in the creek.



For the first time in the decade I've lived here, I was forced to to that today. Was having to do some donkey rodeo and found myself screaming at her, "You know you're killing me, don't you!" :motz_6:


:o Then thankfully, I realized it was true. I was seriously overheated and had to act FAST. Thank God I was next to the creek [which is still pretty doggone cold yet]. As soon as I'd pulled the stupid donkey close enough to something anchored enough to hold her dratted self, I secured her [chasing her was a big part of why I was too hot... ]. Then I removed my new glasses and dunked my head enough to soak my hair.....and managed not to fall in headfirst. That would have certainly been cooling but icky. Mud and slime. I then sat with my legs danging into the water and got my brains back into my head! Whew! that was a close one!




MtRider [practicing heat avoidance....even up at 9,000' ]

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I had what they think was a heat stroke after I had to go back to carrying mail (foot route) 2 months after my first child was born. I was supposed to have one more month off, but... :shrug:


It happened to be one of the hottest Augusts here on record, and I knew something was wrong when I stopped sweating. A kind customer sat me down and gave me some water, then called the office. I guess I was pretty wiped out and after I was taken home, I thought I had to go back and work, etc. I was talking nonsense, I understand. :blush:


Ever since then, I've had to be aware and take care that I don't overheat, and stay out of direct sun for long periods.


Last week during the DC trip, I hit a danger point, recognized it, and had to get water in me and dampen my head & neck. Thank God it didn't get any further than just that little "warning".


God is great, yanno?? ;)




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I do grab the hose and douse my head when needed. Unfortunately, by then I'm usually pretty done in. Trying to do chores in early am, but sometimes I don't get up early enough. (Usually because the dogs found something dangerously threatening to bark at half the night.) Then there is goat chase that usually happens at the worst possible time for me. They insist on finding holes in the fence to get into the poultry yard. They know they aren't supposed to be in there and the moment they see me coming, instead of coming up to me as usual (when they are outside the poultry yard), they scatter in all different directions and act like they haven't a clue as to where the gate is. It is about 400ftx300ft and too big to run back and forth in when it is so hot.

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They happen every year.


Sometimes they come where you is, sometimes they come where you is not.


Some years is bad, other years is good.


If you're in a safe place and well prepared, use your own judgment on whether to ride it out. Sometimes you're right, maybe sometimes you're wrong.


If it looks bad, then get out.


If you don't want to deal with them, don't live on the coast.


Not much else to say, really.


NOAA guesses wrong as much as they guess right. Force 5 hurricane isn't too bad if it doesn't make landfall.


Some years is bad, others is not bad. Been that way for a llllooooooonnnngngggggg time.



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