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Romans 12:19


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Heavenly Father,


This morning a song has been laying on my heart, playing over and over in my mind so this is my prayer today because of the need in my heart to worship You.




In Jesus Name I pray,



19. Avenge not yourselves, beloved, but give place unto the wrath [of God]: for ti is written, Vengeance belongeth unto Me; I will recompense, saith the Lord.


Watchman Nee comments on the word "avenge" and writes, "God is sovereign. We should not avenge ourselves in any way but should leave the whole situation in the sovereign hand of the Lord, giving Him the ground to do whatever He likes."


The rvbv writes, "Avenge not yourselves, beloved; but give place unto the [coming] wrath [of God] - Believers are here seen sorely tempted to seek to bring about by their own hand that righting of matters which belongs to God only. The motto of Scotland, "Nemo me impune lacessit" - "No one trads on me unpunished!" - applies to man in the flesh throughout the world. Note Paul's word, "Give place unto the wrath," - to the coming wrath of God in the day of wrath, of Chapter 2:5. As for "the wrath of man", we know it "worketh not the righteousness of God" (James 1:20). Oh, how hard, yea, how impossible, for those who have not yielded their bodies a living sacrifice to God, to leave the visitation of wrath wholly in God's hand!


For it is written, Vengeance belongeth unto Me; I will recompense, saith the Lord - Let us not dare seek to steal from God what He so distinctly asserts to be His province alone, - vengeance, - the dealing out just desert to evil action. (Quaint old John Trapp says: "In reason, revenge is but justice; Aristotle commends it. The world calls it manhood; it is doghood, rather!").


God's "vengeance" must require that infinite knowledge of conditions, of motives, of results upon others, which God, the just Judge, alone possesses. And He has faithfully promised to "recompense." The Greek of this word is startling: it means to pay back, personally and accurately. Both Romans 12:19 and Hebrews 10:30 quote the passage in Deuteronomy 32:35 which prophesies the coming vengeance of God. The word is also used in II Thessalonians 1:6. In these shallow, sinful days, men have forgotten that there is a day of reckoning; but the saints must not forget. "Forestall not God's wrath," says Meyer, "by personal revenge, but let it have its course and its sway. The morality of this precept is based on the holiness of God. Hence, so far as wrath and love are the two poles of holiness, it does not exclude the blessing of our adversaries and intercession for them."



Heavenly Father,


It is a short study today, but another study done. Bless this day Father please...there is much that lies ahead that needs to be done, but I ask that You walk each step with me, guiding, directing, helping, sustaining because only You know what this day will hold. I pray that my life, my actions and my words will glorify You today because I love You and that is the desire of my heart.


In Jesus Name,

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Hmmm....that vengeance is mine thang! :whistling:


God and I have been having an extraordinarily peaceful time together for these past weeks. I am feeling more stable and more trusting of Him than usual. Needless to say, it is wonderful to be content to sit back and tho I work hard each day, the accomplishments of the day are really up to Him. There have been minor frustrations and anxieties but, whoooooeeee, not much. It's been very neat.


Welllllll, today began with a shelf that um, ....the things kept falling out of the shelf and onto the floor. :shrug: [ we think the house has begun to lean badly....it happens all over the house..... :blink: ] No matter how I arranged them, stuff would fall right back out. :motz_6: <-------my reaction was not "content". I gave up and went back to bed.


Moments later I heard DH mutter something [which was also VERY NOT "content"] and then CRASH, BANG, SLOSH, SLAM!




WHAT IN THE WORLD? I ran out to find him staring at an overflowing toilet....water running very quickly towards the wall and from there to the bedroom.


"DON'T JUST STAND THERE! THROW DOWN SOME TOWELS BEFORE IT REACHES THE WALL! " <------that was also me in a not content mode. Somehow, in all the MANY episodes of toilet overflowing in the past year, it had never happened to DH. So he was rather just dumbfounded. The thought of this ...um, 'unsanitary condition' flowing into the bedroom carpet got him into action tho. In the process of trying to yank the plunger out of the tight corner it fits in, he knocked the shelving unit a bit and the top shelf of stuff crashed down.... :wacko: ....or should I say "splashed" down. :(


I took over, having done this countless times before. It is truly one of my LEAST favorite activities. An hour or more later, I had cleaned, sanitized and sanitized what I used to sanitized with..... Aforementioned towels now in the second time through the washer cycle.... :faint3: BEFORE BREAKFAST! And I was NOT a happy camper! Y'see, I've not trusted that blasted toilet for months. I often pour with a bucket to flush just to control the situation. [i LIKE to be able to control the situation, y'see. lol ]


SO......I got my "I'VE HAD IT" on. You all know what I mean. "That's IT! I'm not taking this anymore! This is going to change. BlahBlahBlah."



You see we rent. Have rented here for more than a decade. It's a cute log cabin BUT it is old and not well maintained. We do a LOT of the small stuff. We've appreciated that the rent hasn't gone up since we moved in. We don't ask for much.


The rent went up last month by $100. I want a toilet that works. I want a garage door that meets the cement [not the dirt] and keeps the blasted mice out of the house! They want to raise the rent.....I want to live decent. Hmph!






Wellllll, now it certainly isn't unreasonable to want improvement in these two areas. But it's all about attitude! I was so hopping indignant about having put up with the situation for so long that I wanted revenge. It's not a good time to raise the rent since DH can no longer work full time at chiro [his hands are shot] and hasn't been able to get a supplementary income this past year. And rents are dropping around here....not going up. They gambled that it wouldn't be worth it to us to up and move. So that extra $1200 this year is rubbing raw too. Slopping and sanitizing .....and plotting revenge.


Paints a pathetic picture tho, doesn't it?



I'm not at all sure that the owners of this house have actually been told half of what has happened here. They have left it all up to a fairly incompetent rental property manager. She doesn't do things like empty the septic at regular intervals. Every five years would be fine. No, she waits until I call with a backup of sewage in my basement. [Now if I could just remember to call her every five years and insist that it be done BEFORE I'm done there throwing out contaminated possessions and sanitizing....that could solve her incompetence problem.... but I'm incompetent too. :shrug: ]


So while I do have a call in to the property manager, I know that my mouth will be sweeter than it would have been this morning, had I gotten more than her answering machine. :busted:

If there has been neglect of good mangagement of this place, God knows and will deal with it. He's got our back.



MtRider [....that doesn't even describe what ELSE happened within the first four hours of my day..... :rolleyes: ]

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SO......I got my "I'VE HAD IT" on. You all know what I mean. "That's IT! I'm not taking this anymore! This is going to change. BlahBlahBlah."




Uh oh.




Those are MY famous last words lol. I've told Him that several times over the years, and I've meant it.


Of course, He's meant it too when He's allowed those specific circumstances into my life to bring me to the end of myself.


For people like you and me and others, who are strong willed and will hang on long past the time the edge has eroded beneath our finger tips, He sometimes sees fit to break that strong will and bring us to the end of ourselves, where we've "had it" and finally give up.


I have this visual in my mind that when I say "I'VE HAD IT!!!", He rolls His holy eyes and says "FINALLY!...she's finally given up, and now I'll teach her how to turn to Me".





Wellllll, now it certainly isn't unreasonable to want improvement in these two areas. But it's all about attitude! I was so hopping indignant about having put up with the situation for so long that I wanted revenge.




This reminds me of a story my mom shares from time to time...


Many years ago, when we were still young and living at home, my dad went into business with a very close friend they had. Long story short, the 'friend' ended up stealing the business, lying to my dad, forcing him to sign papers giving up his half, putting my parents in bankruptcy to the point where they were losing our home. It was all about the money for my dad's 'friend'.


It was all about learning how to trust God for my dad.


Going through this, for my mom, broke her. Her security (her home) was threatened, she had 4 young children, she was a stay at home mom and had never worked. My dad tried to shield her from it while it was going down and when she finally found out, she was devestated. I can only imagine the anger, betrayal and revenge she must felt, but when she finally broke and crumbled before the Lord she said that while she didn't hear an audible voice, she knows that she knows that she knows that God spoke clearly to her heart and said,...


"It's not the circumstances that I'm concerned with. It's your attitude towards them that I'm watching".


That may sound a little blunt or harsh but it brought comfort to her soul because she knew that God's eye was upon her and her family and that He was still in control. She was mature enough in the Lord to know how God wanted her to handle this betrayal and I think it's safe to say that she did not have the strength herself to accomplish it but she was head over heals, passionately in love with Christ and when He spoke to her heart that way, she had no alternative but to believe Him and trust.


Over 30 years have passed since that time, and my parents have been unusually and incredibly blessed with things that matter. Back then, when they were losing the house and my dad went to the bank to talk to the loan manager and told him what had happened, the man said to him, "I cannot believe I'm going to do this because there is nothing here on paper to substiate me doing it, but I will rewrite your loan".


Well hello? That was God moving powerfully in that man's heart and mind, willing him to do His will.


Both my parents have grown deeper and deeper in their relationship with the Lord. These days they are very blessed. My dad is retired and helps one of my brothers run his business...passing down to him the skills and knowledge he learned over his 50something years in the business world. He gets paid handsomely for this, and for helping my brother and his wife with the children from time to time, and my dad can hardly talk about his grandchildren without tearing up because he stands on the Scriptures that say, "they are the jewels in your crown". My mom is safe and secure in a home that is paid for and has all that she needs and more. The pages of her bible are like a rainbow from all the years of study and closeting herself in with the Lord.


The ex-'friends'?


Well they went through divorces, sickness, tragedies, losses, fights and these days don't have much to show for the years they've been on this earth and they've done it all on their own without the Lord because they rejected Him.


It's been a powerful example to watch my parents walk through the firey trials. We (I) so often want to, in the heat of the moment, take control and handle things myself, but the reality is it only ends up being words. Only God can work through circumstances and situations and orchestrate each person's "dues".


One is quite foolish to throw caution to the wind in regard to the Lord's vengeance. I believe it is good to have a healthy fear of God's vengeance. He sees every thought we have, every action we take and we'll someday be held accountable for them.


It's NOT about me...it's all about Him. I'm so grateful He's worked through the circumstances in my life to humble me...to get me to the point where I fall on my knees and give up, and lay the broken pieces of all I've attempted at His feet.


It makes me feel safe that I belong to Him...that I'm accountable to Him...that I'm not all alone.

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:) Update: When property management lady called......I was nice....cheerful even. But earnest about living with an outhouse. :laughkick: She laughed at my joke too. She did her usual "ah well I don't know....I'll talk to the owners....I don't know who I can send and see what the problem is....."


While I described the garage door problems...door does not meet cement cuz cement has crumbled away so it's back inside about 10"....highway to heaven for the mice.... I happened to mention that I board the whole door up with a brown tarp for winter to keep the pipes from freezing. Cuz the top of the door does not meet with the wall but hangs open about a foot. She stopped me and wanted clarification of that. "Well, that's been like that since we moved in....it's always been hard to keep the basement/garage warm enough."


She said, "Well, it sounds like you need a new garage door"

I said, "I'm not asking for that. I just need the mice stopped."


"Well, I'll talk to the owners and see what they say and....."






Ya'all suppose God is going to do the "talking to the owners" and possible making sure they have the money to actually complete these projects on THEIR house? On our behalf....of course He is!



We'll see how this progresses now that I got my big fat "attitude" outta the way....... :lol: It's all in WHOSE perspective we view situations. Through the renewing of our minds....we get to see it [a glimpse] from HIS HOLY perspective and....it's fun!



MtRider [....PRAISING GOD FOR DAYS OF RAIN!!!! Dry was getting skerrry here in the forest! But Brrrrrrrr, was/is it cold! We frosted last nite but since my garden is so late --- no worries! ]

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Well, God just UPPED THE ANTE. :faint3:


I'd ask for y'all to pray for me cuz now I'm REALLY struggling to 'see things God's way'. I DO trust Him to know what He's doing....God, help me with my unbelief!


Got a call yesterday...."This is D from "ON TIME pumbing/contracting". Property Management Lady asked me to go look at something wrong with the toilet?"


:motz_6::ph34r: :duck 1: :tapfoot::shakinghead: :frying pan:



Cuz you see, in all the decade I've been hosting repair people in this house.......THAT MAN is the one I'd LEAST LIKE TO SEE AGAIN! :motz_6: He ....and his motley crew, did a bathroom remodel about 4 yrs ago. Except they never finished...kept saying they'd come back, etc. He was rude and distaining to me...just the renter, when I asked questions [pertinent to the renter] about the new flooring and paper-thin shower walls. I needed to know what products I could clean with that would not damage the fragile, cheap stuff. He ignored me. :o [i'm not acoustomed to being ignored....I mean, WHY? Behavior like that is so...unnecessary! ] His crew was NOT 'ON TIME' and I often removed everything from the bathroom so they could work, only to have my energy wasted by them not showing up. :tapfoot: The final people I saw [after a 6 months hiatus....I had mono during part of that so wasn't in the mood to track down why they never showed up again to finish] were the painters. They kept saying, "We don't know what D wants to do with that so he'll come to see what he wants." They left off all the finishing work but since the basics function, I quit trying. I'm the renter and have only so much clout. D never came to check it the first time...and whined like crazy that it wasn't his fault his workers lied to him and said it was done when he was brought back. Of course he never came back the second time either. [my brother is a contractor...and honorable one so I know the difference!]


I'm not sure but from what I saw, I believe whatever the owners paid for the job, they likely didn't get what they paid for ....and they surely did not want to pay for much on their rental. But sloppy paint, glue, etc. all over and not cleaned up .....shower wall cover crooked....floor covering cut in crooked slashes.....all that is inexcusable.


Do I REAAAAALLLLLLY HAVE TO SEE D again? And I want THAT ....THAT.....[MtRider keeps typing adjectives...not cuss words but descriptive...and have to keep deleting them.....{sigh} ] ....THAT MAN to come in and diagnose the off-again/on-again overflowing toilet? I can *just* hear him say....."Well, it looks like its working just fine!"



Oh sisters....ya gotta pray with me on this cuz if he says anything like that....... :frying pan:



OK, I have to confess that after his opening line I let silence stretch out. [it's a discomforting technique] Then asked in deadpan voice, "When are you coming?"


D...in cheery salesman voice: Well I could come this afternoon!

Me...deadpan: I'm busy.

D: Well I'm slammed for Thursday. How about Friday?

Me: {audible sigh} OK

D: what time will work for you?

Me: {I couldn't stop myself....it was a PERFECT LINE.... :happy0203: } ....in a gritted teeth voice: Are you going to be on time? :curtsey:

D...in cheery saleman voice: That's the name of my company!!!!!!

Me {too easy....shooting fish in a barrel} : Yeah, well I've had experience with your company. That's why I'm asking.



D...on the recovery: Well I've gotten rid of all my crews so it's basically just me.


{so I'm translating THAT....any problems were not D's fault...the crew was to blame....D is wonderful.... :blink: Yep, that's D! }


Me: 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock

D: We'll shoot for 11 o'clock.

{what? No -- "yessirreeee, I'll be there at 11am for sure and for certain cuz that's my company's name"????




Oh boy....do I have an ATTITUDE problem on the boiler! This isn't funny! God really DOES expect my behavior to reflect Himself and I wanna rip dude's head off! Verbally, I'm quite capable of doing so. [course I wouldn't get my toilet fixed but...I've serious doubts about that anyway...... :whistling: } That's not the point. I have no idea why D is now working solo. Hard Times hitting his business? He's a pain to work for and they quit? :shrug: I'm SUPPOSED to be open to view D through the perspective God gives me and all I see is that sloppy work in the bathroom and arrogant attitude towards the Mere Renter. :motz_6:



I am trying to be willing to 'give over' on this.....but I cannot even get far. HIS grace will have to be sufficient. I confess I'm NOT where I need to be and HE'll have to take it over........ So far....HE has not taken it over...... ;)



MtRider [......are we having fun on this vengeance topic yet????? :rolleyes: ]

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(((((Mt Rider)))))


I read this yesterday but have been swamped with all this construction so I haven't been able to reply till now...


The thing that keeps laying on my heart is that you're not just a lowly renter. You are the one that the owners choose to oversee that home and land. They have trusted you and your husband to respect their belongings by letting you live there all these years. Just because other people don't see something for what it really is, doesn't mean that the facts don't remain true. You and your husband have not been given a handout...you have paid faithfully all those years and I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar that if something was wrong in that place and you didn't see that it was corrected, then the owners would be very disappointed in y'all. You are their eyes and ears, and right now, their mouth, protecting something that they obviously find value in (that property) because they still continue to own it and not sell. There may be a property management company as the middleman, but bottom line is that the expectations fall on you and your husband to alert when there's a problem.


Your Father looks at you and sees a princess...a daughter of the Most High King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Put on your crown and make Him proud.

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