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one of those portable black solar shower bags for heating water. uses less energy than a campstove. You might be in a situation where you have to preserve fuel and can not have a fire.

steel wool for scrubbing pots, including using to "clean" your dishes and pots when you don't have much water.

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"Black solar shower bag" is on my 'where-DID-I-put-that?" list. :busted:



They work well, esp here in CO. Heats up to scalding hot, by the way, so be careful.



I've wondered about the plastic used in them. I rather doubt that it's a 'food safe' plastic so I probably would not make tea with the hot water. But I've used it to wash dishes, and hands. Especially handy if it can be hung above the washing stand....or even propped up on something.



MtRider [....gotta check DH's BOB.....might be I put it in there.... :rolleyes: ]

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