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Prayer needed for DH

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Please pray for us. DH just got notice of another job surplus (layoff) hitting his work group. He is junior and is one of two people likely to lose their position. Please pray for God's provision for us in this time of uncertainty. These surpluses put a lot of extra stress on DH and it is hard on him. I know God will provide whatever is in His plans for us, but that doesn't mean I am not afraid. We are better off financially than we were even a year ago, and we have some options, but still it just hurts.

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God, you know how fragile we humans are....we like to have a bird in the hand AND two in the bush. yet you know exactly what we need and remarkably, Your timing is so much better than ours...tho we argue that point sometimes. :) Help us all as we struggle. These are not easy times and we ask for You to cover Vic and her family with Your protection, peace and provision.



MtRider :pray:

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DH is down at the Useless Hall, oops, I meant Union Hall, this afternoon for a meeting on the surpluses. No word yet from him on whether he is learning any useful info about the situation or not. After all, this union hasn't even bothered to get the rank and file a copy of the contract, that they signed back in October 2009...!


Can't Win Anything.

Cheapest Workers Around.

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