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As many of you know, I've been going through a rough patch with dh's cancer diagnosis and our financial situation. I've really been disappointed at how many holes I discovered in my preps, as I thought I was pretty well prepared. Well on another board I belong to, a poster stated, most of us live our lives close to the edge. It takes a lot more bad luck to knock someone who is well prepared over the edge. I have to admit, things haven't been rosy, but I haven't fallen over the edge due to my prepping. If this were the old unprepared me, I would have fallen to my death by now. Prepping has honestly saved our financial hides.

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"Prep so you don't so easily get knocked over the EDGE...... "



Hmmmm, yeah that's right. It takes a bigger wave to swamp a person who has knowledge, experience, and the tools for any given situation. In prepping, we store for a time when the USUAL ammenities of life are temporarily or permanently missing. That's why it's such a big subject to cover. We all rely on a vast array of 'ammenities of life'.



Sorry you are going through so much Staceyy. :grouphug:



MtRider [...peering at an EDGE financially too, with arthritis forcing DH to work part-time and no other job in sight yet...]

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Staceyy, you are not alone.


We got hit with a string of huge bills this year. I paid the utilities and was extremely grateful that we didn't have a larger electric or gas bill so we *could* pay the bill.


I've found myself rationalizing ways to squeeze one more jar of something into my pantry and one more package of something into the freezer.


This summer will see me clean and organize MORE than ever before in preparation for a busy year. Without planning ahead, I must say that we would be dead in the water and unable to help out my parents...


Clark Howard says that most of America is only a paycheck away from being homeless....that's a pretty scary thought that ONE paycheck could cause a snowball effect that could trigger lots of :smiley_shitfan: for people.


Good for you for planning ahead. :)


Hang in there, dear. You *will* get through this.



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God Bless You for being so strong during these hard times. God gave you the inspiration to prep and He always provides! What a blessing it is to have this knowlege and resource to have been able to put food by for leaner times. He is truly carrying you through this right now.



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One thing that all unexpected crisis' have in common is, well, is that they are unexpected. This is what make pepping such a challenging 'art' of Hearth and Home. Done properly, we will have our insurance (so to speak) and eat it too.


Stacy, I'm saying a prayer for you and your family this morning. Thanks for taking the time to share how prepping has been such a wise decision in your life. Hopefully others will be encouraged to do the same. :hug3:

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Prepping has saved the day for me many times. The latest is that I suddenly can no longer drive. I don't have to scramble for a ride to the grocery though. Even several months has not put a dent in the preps either. I did get a chance to run to the salvage store with a friend so I stocked up on a few items. (Even though I still had plenty.)

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We were in the same boat this past fall. My husband had an aggressive testicular cancer and was out of work and undergoing treatment from Sept. to Feb of this year. Thank God for our preps.


ETA: I'm proud to say that we were able to eat healthy enough to get him through his radiation and chemo, during PSEUDOSWINE Flu season without so much as a cold. (:

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