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Last lug nut came off at 60 mph.....

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....well, we assume that's what DH felt when he began saying, "Something's wrong with the wheel! I'm going to stop at church [just up the hill] and check it."


So he slowed down and when we pulled into our church parking lot, he checked the front wheels... We'd just spent a lot of money on in the past few weeks for new shocks, tie rods, and tires on all four wheels. Then we'd had to replaced a couple posts cuz the threads were stripped and the tire place couldn't get a couple lugs back on. [one place for the repairs, another place for the tires...... :shrug: somebody didn't put the lugs back on tight enough! ]


Anyway, the front wheels looked fine and DH, being a brilliant but narrow-focused mind, didn't check the rear cuz it felt like the front.... :rolleyes: . We pulled out of the parking lot and *just* got four tires onto the highway when the left rear WHEEL FELL OFF! :o WHAM! The whole wheel had been running with NO lug nuts. There were none around that site nor in the church parking lot.


Not only did we realize that God had allowed us to reach the church safely, but DH had traveled some distance over the weekend for a seminar. He'd been moving at 75 mph just the day before. Now, while going less than 10 mph, HE revealed what had been hidden!


We are not sure how the lug nuts came to be so loose that we lost them. But we didn't return to the previous repair person. Instead , the nice lady at the gas station across the highway mentioned an auto repair just 2 miles down the road. We'd thot the nearest 20 miles away --and I belatedly remembered hearing a good report about this place.


DH was able to borrow lug nuts from other wheels - some of which were also loose! He was only able to force two onto the sheared threads on the posts but we crept along the short distance. And guess what? The repair guys were standing there with nothing to do because they were waiting for parts. So they immediately took a look, gave us an estimate on time and price. And of course we used their phone to call my parents for a ride home.


God provided us with the loan a car thru a kind friend, until we get our truck back tomorrow. This means I don't have to walk down to the barnyard [steep hill!] to bring the ducks in tonite....and as this day moves on, I am getting more stiffened and feeling the affects of that WHAM more&more. Due to the MS, likely too. However, I even had a handy chiropractor to work on me this morning when I was surprised to be sore from that sudden drop of our left side.



Y'know..... once I began, I couldn't seem to stop counting the ways in which God covered us with his Provision and Protection. DH too, kept saying yesterday - "Hey, we're still alive! It's a good day!"


Praise HIM with us! :amen:


MtRider [....did I mention that I DIDN'T die of heat+MS either? Whoa, it was broiling!]

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ack...it was all messed up....
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There's definitely a hand on your shoulder Mt. We're all grateful for that.

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I had this happen to me with the loose lug nuts last year. It is definitely scary. You actually LOST a tire. I didn't. So glad you are safe.

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I was picturing a much different ending when I read the title. All I can say is your Guardian Angel's wings must be a little crumpled today. PTL that you and hubby are alright. And PTL for the many blessings He brought your way though this.

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Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services.


Before operation

after operation



6 month

1 year.


It is a mandatory thing on military vehicles. For some reason it is rarely done on the civilian side. How many know what their tire pressure is supposed to be let alone what it is. How many even know where the oil dipstick is?


What do you do while filling your tank? Stand around and wait? Now of course, some can't be done while the engine is hot, but what a great time to do checks that you can.


I am amazed and discouraged by the number of drivers who are ignorant of the most basic vehicle maintenance concepts. Or who don't even know how to change a tire. Guess there's no reason to if you can just call AAA. But there may come a time that you can't, and discovering you don't even have a working jack, your spare tire is flat, and your lug wrench doesn't fit your lug nuts, can be an unpleasant revelation. Or to find you have the right lug nut, jack and spare, but lack the strength to unscrew it because the guy at Discount tire used and impact driver instead of a torque wrench (been there, done that, got the t-shirt)


I was pulling a trailer with a backhoe on it at midnight. Blew a tire. I had a spare. But my lug nut wrench was not deep enough to remove the spare from its mount - the lug nuts on the regular tire were taller. Fortunately, I was able to call for help, but it was my wake-up call. Having a few "extra" tools in the truck, and being meticulous on PMCS to reduce the chance I'll need them.


Glad you're okay. Maybe this is a wake-up call. lug nuts come loose all the time and should be checked periodically.

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{MtR rolls eyes at Gunplumber who turns a praise to God into a tutorial on lugnuts and vehicle maintenance}




But as long as you started it....let me add to your list of WHEN to go over your vehicle with a fine-toothed comb:






or any time a stranger has serviced your vehicle and you didn't get to stand directly over them watching...... :shrug:



Incompetence happens.....a lot! What's really the rub is that we're supposed to be living in a society that is more and more specialized. And yet, we have to learn enough about everything so that we can know if we're being ripped off or when someone is doing something wrong that will harm us.



Which brings us back to my original point.......THANK YOU, GOD!!! [since we trusted the place where we've been getting tires for the past decade]



MtRider [.....psssst, I'm finally back with my computer modem repaired.... :cele: ]

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