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Need a treadle sewing machine

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Those things are heavy, heavy, heavy and shipping is going to cost an arm and a leg.


If you are ever over here, there is a second hand/antique furniture store in Thorndale and they nearly always have treadles. If you called first, he'd be sure to line one or two up for you if he doesn't have any in stock at the moment. I bought a nice one from him.

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The Goodwill selling site has treadle machines every now and then, and they go cheaply most of the time. If they say "pick up only", if you ask them *before bidding*, they will usually help if you arrange a company to pack and send it to you. There are companies that do that.


Use their search function, but I'd use "sewing" as the key word instead of "treadle". Many of the people listing things don't spell well, and you can miss a great deal if you don't wade through them. On the plus side, if they misspell it, fewer other people may see it!!! :happy0203:







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Happy to report I found a pristine machine on Craigslist. The only thing it didn't have was the belt...until we started exploring the drawers and the belt was caught in the drawer. Not only are the machineand cabinet in beautiful condition, it also has all the accessories including the original owners manual.


DH had it oiled and running like a champ in no time. I have been practicing with it to get the whole treadle motion down. What a blast. Be moving soon from practice pieces to a project.


The only thing I am looking for online right now is needles. Also, if anyone can explain the different needles they sell (what the letters or numbers mean) I would appreciate the help. I figured it has to do with the needle gauge but I am finding out this may not be the case.

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you could check out the "treadle on" web site, lots of info on treadles & links to parts, repairs, etc

best ive seen...they USE their machines, don't just collect them. They can help you a lot

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Shame you already found one. Got one here for you to pick up :grinning-smiley-044:

The nrs on the needles are the thickness. Each fabric needs it´s own thickness of needle.

The rare triangular needles are for leather.

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