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What are you canning today? Part 8

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I was reading through the UGA canning instructions again as a review and to copy them off the site to my new computer and was glad to see the fruits and veggies canning because I really need to expand that part of my preps..... some of it was so simple and basic and would take care of the amount of fresh fruit I would love to buy and have last me instead of go bad cause I cannot eat it fast enough any way. Its been bad for my health to NOT buy fruits and as long as I do portion conscious eating, I can handle canned up fruits. Seems like it will suit me just fine for every day and for stocking more. ( also figured out why my jam for plum awhile back was syrupy, as I read the information. )


I need a meat thermometer and candy thermometer still for canning and some other stuff to do with preserving meats.


I also am seeing the town grocery store is having a five for 24.99 meat sale , most of the time. Alot of that meat is sold for more than 7.99lb here, so getting it like that is like bulk buys. I can can that meat up and its not ground meats.


After the pink slime concerns being so public, I don't trust their hamburger. It is not filling or satisfying anyhow to me so I was rarely buying it but one gets real tired of beans and soy tvp and chicken. The chicken in more naturally raised but I don't know the facts on the beef they get and will be asking questions, but meat sliced up or cut up and not ground is going to be my choice and I know I ran across a meat grinder that was manual that also does spaghetti noodles, so that would be nice for me to have. So I could grind my own when I do want a burger, once I get that grinder. I could also make my own sausage and freeze it. :)


So, getting the brain more in gear and trying to do the right thing for me when it comes to a snug budget. canning seems to be the answer for my needs, partly. :)


I worked with chores and kneading some bread dough today and using my shoulder and upper arm , left side as much as I could today, hopefully in a few more days I will know if I can lift the canner on the stove and such things again. Shoulder and upper arm on the left are often excruciating with pain and am not able to lift it very high but if I can manage some simple canning, it would go a long ways in generally caring for myself. I can't afford a freezer for now. I need to save for a car and do medical stuff and that all takes money.

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35 quarts green beans, 15 jars dewberry jelly, and 21 pints blueberries. I put 15 quarts of sweeet corn and 3 gallons of blueberries in the freezer. I want to try blueberry pie filling with the 2 gallons of berries I have left. Boy, I'm tired and canning season has just started!



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I am canning pineapples. They were $2 each, so I got 10 of them. Waiting for the canner to boil. Once you eat this, you really notice store canned in the cans taste metallic.


We don't really have much here yet. Just asparagus and the strawberries will be next.


Is there a safe, tested recipe for chocolate banana ? I am not familiar with that one.

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Canning milk. I had no kid crop to speak of this yr. Only 2 does were bred and I got 3 bucklings and 1 doeling. THEN 4 more does volunteered to produce milk without kidding so I'm awash in milk. So I'm canning excess. (Don't have a cow anybody, I'm hoping to get a pig or calf after I move so saving the milk for them.)

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7 pints of blueberry pie filling.... I was kinda nervous about attempting the blueberry pie filling because I have read so many posts saying it didn't turn out good. I made a double recipe from the BB so I would have a canner full of pints (And a little left over). I cut the clear jell down to 1 cup instead of 1 1/3, but it was still too thick, so I thinned it down some and it turned out very good! I think I'll try about 2/3 cup on the next double batch.

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DH did 8 quarts of pickles with cukes from our garden while I was away loving on our new granddaughter!!! yay!!

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7 quarts and 1 pint of Violet's Sweet Chunks, and 7 quarts red potatoes. My first attempt with potatoes, and they turned out great! I'm a happy canner! :eclipsee_Victoria:

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Okay, just finished up the salsa for the year. WOOOHOOOO! 60 pints sitting on my counter ready to be sharpied and put away in the cupboard!


Sewandsew - stewed squash? How does that can up? I grew up on canned zucchini and coudn't stand the mush that would come out of the jars. *shudder* Do you have a recipe that keeps it firm? I've tried pickling it too, but again, it just mushes on me. I would love to find a decent way to preserve zucchini.

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