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What are you canning today? Part 8

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I have 30 lbs. of chicken hindquarters cooked. I'm taking a break letting them cool enough to handle before canning them up. I'm anxious to see how many pints I end up.


Do tell! They are on sale this week here too! I didn't want to fill the freezer with them.

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I have 30 lbs. of chicken hindquarters cooked. I'm taking a break letting them cool enough to handle before canning them up. I'm anxious to see how many pints I end up.


Do tell! They are on sale this week here too! I didn't want to fill the freezer with them.


They are on sale here, too. I figured I'd run out and pick up several pounds to can in a few weeks.

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One Fareway store had them for $.59 lb, in another town they were $.69. Of course, I played bridge in the $.69 lb. town today so I got them there instead of driving an additional 20 miles to get the cheaper ones. :)


So, for $20 and 9 hours time I got 16 pints of chicken and 4 pints of broth canned. Then another 4 bags with 2 quarts broth in each bag to the freezer.


I guess it's actually about 9 1/2 hours as I'm waiting for the pressure to go down.


It's so worth it ladies if you have the time to do it. It's not hard, just takes lots of time.


BTW, I want to do beef and pork too so I asked the butcher today about beef going on sale. He said in the next couple of weeks there should be some pretty good sales that will last 2-4 weeks before the prices go UP. He also said the amount of cattle out there is the lowest it's been since 1958 and beef producers are still liquidating some what.


Guess we never got around to when/if porks going on sale.

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today i canned up some three bean salad and canned coleslaw (pickled cabbage). Im in a deli kind of mood....

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Ya'll inspired me to can chicken! 5 quarts last night, 8 pints broth this morning, and 5 quarts in the canner now. And, I thought I hated my pressure canner! Last night was only the third time I used it. I finally don't feel so nervous using it!


Thinking about picking the grapes and making jelly. I don't think it's "the thought that counts" Not going to be able to get to it for several days if I don't do it today, but I'm wiped out! There are still some green ones....maybe they'll wait a few days.

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Dear foster daughter called yesterday asking if I'd help her can chicken again. I, of course, said yes so she bought 30 lbs. of chicken breasts and was over by 9:30 this morning. We got 19 pints of chicken and 13 quarts of broth.


I taught her last year but she wanted one more lesson to make sure she had it down pat and then was going to teach her sisters and a nephew how to do it.


She laughed about how she's going to teach the others using my canner, my kettles, etc. but who cares. I am just sooooooooo exicted some of these younger women are learning how to can.

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25 quarts of meat :faint3: chicken, hamburger, pork loin. I'm wiped out! Last batch venting now. Should be able to go to sleep in about 2 hours.


Yesterday I did 18 pints of carrots. Aldi's had a sale 49 cents for a pound of baby carrots. 7 pints of turnips from my garden. Also made 10 pints of grape jam from mine own vines! :cele:


Bought 6 dozen pint jars and 2 dozen quarts. This is why I'll never loan out my jars again. :pout:

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@ TurtleMama: One of my Tattler Lids had a little nick @ the edge, and it did not seal. The other 2 did not "ping" of course, but the lid was suctioned into a concave shape that was very obvious and were sealed beautifully. I wanted to have just a few with the Tattler lids so that I can actually reuse them. I will be buying more for certain! They are also able to be used with the suction tubing gizmo on my Foodsaver!

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I don't like the Tattler lids. They don't pop when they seal, they also can have a false seal on them. I had one that looked sealed, but when taking off, it just came off so easily. It could not have been sealed. It was jam, so it was OK, and not like something that could have had botulism.


Plus, I don't want to have to store all those plastic lids and rubber rings. When I take off a lid I want to just toss it and not have to wash them. I could not afford enough for all the jars of food I can.


I got 2,500 lids in bulk and use them instead. Got from Lehmans online.

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24 pints of salsa. I pulled the first batch out as I was running out of the last jar.


I have more tomatoes to use so I might try a different salsa recipe or make Italian seasoned tomatoes since we are out and I use them for soup.

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I'm doing salsa with a splash of lime juice instead of lemon juice.


They make tortilla chips with lime so I figured it'd be good. Someone here mentioned it and if I could remember who, I'd give her the credit! I searched but ----------> :wacko:

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