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What are you canning today? Part 8

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I did 16 pints of chicken yesterday and 20 pounds of potatoes on the dehydrator. They all look good, now to do it again today!!!

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Deerslayer, I just bought a 9 tray Excalibur, and have done some frozen vegetables. I really want to do my potatoes. Questions: Do you follow the directions from the website Dehydrate to Store? Can I do my new potatoes from the garden, or will they be too starchy?

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I am sooo wanting an Excalibur. Hope Santa knows!!! I do follow dehydrate 2store. I love her!!!! I don't know about startchiness, that would be a good question for violet!! She knows everything!!!!

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Canned 12 pints of homemade chili con carne, 12 pints of spiced cucumber chunks, and have an old rooster simmering in crock pot to make into chicken soup this evening to can up tomorrow.

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I just finished 53 quarter pints of cherry pie filling.


A friend offered some of her frozen cherries so I took them. I could have probably done a dozen more but my feet, legs and back are killing me.


I'll probably use them in oatmeal or sprinkled with a 'crisp' or put a little pie crust on them and bake them.


I'm suspect of one of the jars though. When I took it out of the canner I noticed cherry juice run out from under the rim. The lid is sealed though. :shrug:


I can't stand the thought of eating cherries right now.

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Today I am canning, along with 2 helpers, 60 half pints of pickled carrots at the food bank. Half sweet pickled and half dill. They are to be used as doorprizes or something for a fundraising dinner. More funds at the food bank, means more classes for me to teach there.


Last week we made 20 lb. of the carrots and put in the fridge to be used as appetizers for the dinner. No canning of them.



Just got word I am to get donated boxes of apples. Some for me, I think, and some to teach low income classes with. Hear it is six boxes of apples.


I also want to say that I still have some lids and rings left from your generous donations last year, so I can use these for the classes there. I think we will have enough so as not to have to buy any. I also have lots of quart jars stored so we will just have to can the apple things in quarts. The food bank did buy us some pint jars and we will put jam in them. Plan on apple pie jam !

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This is a Violet question or anyone else who knows the answer. A friend of mine has an old Chow Chow recipe. She makes it every other year. She uses water bath to seal them. She used to just heat the lids and seals and put them on the hot jars of Chow Chow, but started water bathing them after we told her she needed to process them. The recipe is as followed. My questions are about the flour being in it (I didn't think you could use flour in anything canned), is it acidic enough with the apple cider vinegar, and do you water bath or pressure cook them? For how long? Would you use this recipe?


It sure does taste good with red beans or black eye peas or as a dip by it itself.


Chow Chow


5 large bell peppers

3 Tbs. black pepper

1 qt. onions

1 Tbs. drymustard

1 qt. green tomatoes

1 Tbs. turmeric

1 qt. cabbage

1 Tbs. flour

1 qt. apple cider vinegar

5 C sugar

2 Tbs. salt

2 qts. sour pickles

Hot peppers - as many as you want.




Grind all ingredients then measure except peppers and

pickles. Let tomatoes drain. Grind peppers and pickles,

add all ingredients together in a large pan. Cook slowly

1 hour. Seal in hot jars.

Makes approximately 12 pints.





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Pending Violet's input, I'm not seeing anything wrong with the recipe and I notice you had enough faith in it to eat some before getting an answer here. :lol:


The small amount of flour is obviously added to thicken the mixture, but I don't think it has much impact overall. Flour or any thickener is not really recommended and flour could change composition under the high heat which is why its not recommended. I would just cook the mixture longer to reduce it down from the liquid in the veggies.

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I'm finally finished with peaches. The market is all out and won't get any more this year. I'm thankful they were bountiful and lasted so long but to be honest...I can't look another one in the face!


I finished up 14 half pints today. I think that makes 44. I still have some pears to do. I think I need 16 more to make 45 half pints then I'm done with them.


I still want to do some grapefruit. I like grapefruit but you can't have very much of it if you take cholesterol meds. I also want to do some chunky applesauce. I'm not going to have to can fruit for 3+ years.


I did 9 half pints of pickles tonight too. I've never had much luck with pickles. This time I bought some Mrs. Wages Kosher Dill mix. It makes about 10 cups (after you add water and vinegar). By canning in half pints, one pack is probably all I'm going to need. I sliced the cukes in quarters, lengthwise, and crammed 7 quarters in each jar. The cukes were short but I still had to cut a little extra off both ends. I ate most of those. I also added pickle crisp. Hopefully they will taste good and not be soft. They smell good.

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I bought 40 lbs of leg quarters on sale for .39 a lb. It turned out 6 qts of bone in chicken, 9 pints of boneless chicken, and 2 qts and 7 pints of broth! Not bad for $16.:hapydancsmil:



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