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Romans 13:14


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Heavenly Father,


Things have been very intense here spiritually with my son. There is such a battle over his life and yet through it all, I have not felt panic in my heart from worry because Your peace has sustained me. As usual, I don't have any answers...I don't know Your detailed plans or exactly how You will ultimately accomplish things, but I have a deep seeded peace and conviction that You alone are God and You are over all things...that You are my, and our, only hope and that there is just no way You will allow one of mine to slip through the cracks.


"You are the daughter of the Most High God", Your Spirit has whispered to my heart. That thought causes me to initially think, "oh wow", because that is such a holy gift You have given, and one that I know I don't deserve, yet still possess so it immediately humbles my heart and surprises me a little because I know in my heart it's true and yet it's still hard to absorb sometimes.


And then Father God, the most amazing thing happens. Your righteous anger at the thought of the enemy trying to rob, steal and destroy in my family begins to well up in my heart, and I find myself standing on the Rock and declaring with deep conviction, "not MY son...you will not have my son". Even that righteous anger is interesting Father because it is also filled with Your peace and calm...filled with emotion and void of emotion at the same time, if that makes sense. It is not something that stems from the flesh, but is something much more holy and I believe that it mirrors the Word You have spoken from the heavens. It is not something I'm trying to hang on to, it's not something I'm bound and determined to believe. It's just a fact You have birthed in my heart, and while I don't know how or when, I do know that Your faithfulness will unfold in Christopher's life.


He's let me pray with him Father, which is major ground taken back. He's listened while I've shared about Jesus. And he's been willing to humble himself before You and state with his mouth that Jesus is Lord and is willing to believe in his heart that You alone raised Him from the dead. So Father, my prayer this morning is that You will birth that reality deep within his heart. I ask that Your Holy Spirit will begin to move deep inside him and begin the work that You know needs to be done. I pray that You would bless this exceptionally gifted child and set him free like he's never known before. Be his everything Father, just as You have become to me. May all that You have done in my heart and life be passed forward to him, in double portion Father because You have created such a beautiful person in him.


And Father? Dispatch Your warring guardian angels to continue to surround him, fighting that battle that we cannot see, wrestling with the powers that seek to destroy, taking it to the victory that has already been secured in Christ. You know the passion with which I continue to interceed in prayer on his behalf, and while I can't escape feeling inadequate at times, I truly believe that Your grace is sufficient and that You not only hear, but are answering those prayers.


During this whole situation Father I haven't been able to escape how powerfully those that have stood by my side, interceeding in prayer on his behalf, have moved my heart. I don't think that I have ever had a need this critical, nor have I ever been surrounded by Your children to this extent, obedient to the burden You've laid on their heart on my behalf, interceeding in prayer for my son, as well as me. I have no words Father...I sit here and keep trying to put the depth that this causes my heart to feel into the written word, but there are no words. Thankfully, You know my heart and how I am feeling so Father God bless them...bless them beyond their expectations. I am so grateful for their love and support and that makes me want to give in return but I can't think of anything to give back that would equal what they've given to me. But You Father God, You can give in equal measure, and even in surpassing measure, all their obedience to You has given to me. So, I'm asking that You would please do that. If my heart is this touched...how much is Yours?


May the power of Your Spirit that is promised in Your Word, flow in greater abundance over this earth...bringing Home all that You have predestined. Protect those Father, who are weak, and may Your mercy flow over those who think one foot in this world and one prayer raised before You is enough.


Bless the study in Romans today Father God, because it is Your Word and it truly is a 2 edged sword. May it cut and seperate with Your holy precision, accomplishing all that You will in our lives for today.


I love You. I've missed writing out these prayers where I can state publically that I love You.



In Jesus Name I pray,



14. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and as for the flesh, - do not make provision to fulfil its lusts!


Watchman Nee comments on the words "put ye on" and states: "Although we have been baptized into Christ and are already in Christ (6:3; Gal. 3:27), we must still put Him on. To put on Christ is to live by Christ (Gal. 2:20) and to live out Christ (Phil. 1:21), thus magnifying Christ (Phil. 1:20). Putting on Christ is the same as putting on the weapons of light (v. 12), indicating that Christ is the weapons of light for the warfare between the Spirit and the lusts. The warfare here is the same as the conflict between the Spirit and the lusts of the flesh (Gal. 5:17). However, it is different from our wrestling against the devil and his evil forces (Eph. 6:12) and from the warfare between the law of sin and the law of good in us (7:23)."


He also comments on the word "provision" and writes, "Or, arrangement. This word has the same root as the Greek word for take forethought in 12:17. To take forethought includes the meaning to provide. To make no provision for the flesh is to not take any forethought for the flesh or provide the flesh with anything that will support it and make it convenient for it to fulfill its lusts."


The rvbv writes, "The full title of our Lord Jesus Christ awakes, almost startles us, here: Jesus is His personal name (Matt. 1:21); ad Christ, the annointed One, He does His saving work; as Lord, He is over all things. The full title was announced by Peter at Pentecost: "God hath made Him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom ye crucified." All true believers have put on Christ (Gal. 3:27) for He is their life; and the Corinthians were told that Jesus Christ was in them (II Cor. 13:5). It is striking that the first use of our Lord's full title is by Peter in Acts 11:17, in connection with the gift of the Holy Spirit in the upper room: "The gift God gave us, when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ." They had before believed on Jesus, as the Jewish Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God: but evidently when He had ascended into glory, God led them to a surrendering of earthly hopes, and an appropriating of their Lord, in His now exalted and glorified character, as the Lord Jesus Christ, in a phase of faith never known before. It is this Christ Paul commands us to put on - the Lord Jesus Christ! Not as our righteousness are we to "put Him on": for He is Himself the righteousness of all believers. But it is as to our walk and warfare that we put Him on. We are to be panoplied with Christ!


There is an instructive passage in Colossians Three, giving light on this command to "put on." In verse 3 there, the Holy Spirit says through Paul, "Ye died." (It is an aorist tense, asserting a fact.) The believer now shares Christ's risen life, and is told (as we have repeatedly seen) that he is "alive from the dead," a new creation. In the ninth verse of the same chapter, we have the words, "Ye have put off the old man"; and in verse 10, "Ye have put on the new man"! Then, in verses 5 and 8, "put to death," "put away," your "members which are in the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion; anger, wrath, malice," and all such things. It is in and by the fact that we died with Christ that we have "put off the old man": as it said in Colossians 2:11, also concerning our participation in "the circumcision of Christ" (His cutting off in death), we put off "the body of the flesh." (The circumcision with hands, of our Lord, when He was a babe eight days old (Luke 2:21) is here distinguished from His death, as cut off from natural life, - a "circumcision made without hands," and in which we have such part that we are now called "the circumcision" (Phil. 3:3). Jewish circumcision was a striking token of that death to the flesh which was executed at the cross.)


Then, (and not until our realization by faith of this federal death with Christ), are we ready in confidence to "put away" all those things that belong to our former manner of life, the old things, and to "put on, as God's elect, holy and beloved (of Him), a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, meekness" (Col. 3:12, ff).


"Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ" is, therefore, our path, not only prescribed, but gloriously attainable. For we are in Him! and that federal "new man which hath been created in righteousness and holiness of truth" (Eph. 4:24) belongs now to us. Even as "the old man" belonged by natural birth to us in the First Adam, so does the "new man" belong to us who are in Christ, the Last Adam!


Make not provision for the flesh - The word "provision" here is literally "forethought." It denotes the attitude of mind we used to have toward the flesh, as secretly expecting to gratify it, if not immediately, yet at some time. It is the opposite of the spirit of Galations 5:24; it is Saul sparing Agag.


To fulfil its desires - The flesh has endless lusts and desires, - all clamoring for indulgence. Besides the lower lusts, and our natural self-sparing slothfulness, there are all the forms of self-pleasing: self-esteem, "sensitiveness," love of praise, man-fearing, fleshly amiability, flattery of others for selfish ends, pride, "dignity," impatience of non-recognition by others, sheer empty conceit, and a thousand other "desires of the flesh," for which no provision is to be made. Often we can, if we will, see beforehand and shun circumstances that would give the flesh an advantage to indulge itself. But it is only by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ as the positive attitude of the soul, that we shall find ourselves able and willing to refuse any provision for the flesh. (Bishop Moule beautifully says: "Put on, clothe, and arm yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, the living Sum and true Meaning of all that can arm the soul. It is by living our life in the flesh by faith in the Son of God (Gal. 2:20), that is, to say, in effect, by personally making use of the crucified and living Savior, Lord, Deliverer, our Peace and Power, amidst all the dark hosts of evil can do against us. Full in the face of the realities of sin - of Roman sin, in Nero's day - St. Paul has written down across them all, this spell, this Name: 'Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.' Take first a steady look, he seems to say, at your sore need, in the light of God: but then at once look off, look here. Take your iniquities at the worst; this can subdue them. Take your surroundings at the worst, - this can emancipate you from their power. It is the 'Lord Jesus Christ' and the 'putting on' of Him. We can 'put Him on' as Lord, surrendering ourselves to His absolute, while most benignant, sovereignty and will, - deep secret of repose. We can put Him on as 'Jesus,' clasping the truth that He, our human Brother, yet Divine, saves His people from their sins. We can put Him on as 'Christ,' our Head, annointed without measure by the eternal Spirit, and still sending of that same Spirit into His happy members, - so that we are indeed one with Him, and receive into our whole being the resources of His life.")



Heavenly Father,


Your timing with things at times just blows me away.


I don't really even want to talk much at the moment. My heart hurts and I just need to be quiet.


I do love You and need You though...that's a constant in my life.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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