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Heat Stroke


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Just a reminder that during this time of extremely high temps it's important to stay hydrated and cool when you're outside. I think my DH was just a few minutes away from having a heat stroke yesterday. He had to work his factory job and when he got home he tried to finish up some weed eating from the day before. After about an hour my oldest happen to look out the window and saw him down on all fours in the yard. We ran out to help him and he had been sick to his stomach. His whole head was dark red and even though his clothes were wet from sweat he had stopped sweating. His legs were weak and his hands were trembling. He also said he was having trouble seeing. We got him to the porch (shade) and I wet him down with the water hose. DD brought him a quart bottle of Gatorade and he guzzled the whole thing. I almost called 911, but he insisted he only needed to cool down. After a few minutes he started sweating again and said he was starting to feel better. He came in, took a long cool shower then fell asleep on the couch (all under my watchful eye). I was still scared something might happen.


I told him, the heck with the weeds! It's not worth it! I don't care how high they get, don't worry about them! He scared me to death! :faint3:

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Watch him... if that's what he had -and it sure sounds like it! - he will be more susceptible to them from now on.


Lots of water and don't forget the salt... sweating takes the salt out and it really does help to put some back in.



I had a heat stroke episode when I carried mail. When the body stops sweating is the first good sign from now on, or just feeling not-quite-right in the heat. I really have to watch myself sometimes.







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Put some potassium in him too. Banana, avocado, beans of any kind, cantaloupe or honeydew, or potatoes. Or a pinch of Lite Salt in with the regular salt in something you're cooking.

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He will really have to be careful from now on. May not be able to be out in the heat much at all, if he feels a head ache coming on he needs to get inside right away.


I had a heat stroke many years ago and I am not able to be out much at all in the summer because of it. :(


Lots of water and A/C are the best thing now.




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