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Romanss 14:1


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Heavenly Father,


Ok Lord...I am bound and determined to not leave this chair until I finish this prayer, this particular Romans study, and this much needed time with You Father, and also this time in Your Word.


I feel like I'm about to die from spiritual starvation. I have a little bit of an attitude towards all these distractions this morning. I feel inside like I dare anything to try to steal this time away from me today. So I'm filling up my lamp Father because it hurts my heart to feel so dry. I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't catch sooner, the fact that all this crazyness that is going on in my life has done nothing but steal time from You that I desperately need and can't live without. I feel like I'm about to snap (well, it's not that dramatic or bad, but You know me...I just need to convey how intense my heart feels about You) and somewhere along the day yesterday, I got sick and tired of feeling spiritually weary. Although I have still been praying throughout the day, it's not enough. It's simply not enough. I need more of You...I need You to fill me once again to overflowing because I miss the beauty found only in that intimate place with my Heavenly Father. You truly are my everything...the things in this world just drain me, and I just can't seem to face it, to see it, to deal with it, on my strength alone. I have no answers Father, i have no special abilities to do much myself, and there is something incredibly moving and touching when I'm hand in hand with You...Your daughter looking up at her Heavenly Father with much awe and love, never quite understanding why You chose me, but so incredibly grateful You did. You're so important to me and as the adreneline begins to subside inside from my mission to sit here and write this right now, tears come to my eyes because I need You, I want You, and I once again am in that place where I know I have You.


So, this morning, I want to crawl up into Your holy lap and feel Your arms around me. There are things going on that fill me with fear...there are things going on that want to fill me with despair and hopelessness. There are things that are confusing, things I don't know what to do about, things that want to overwhelm me and I am just one little person. But I am also the daughter of the Most High God so I'm handing You the reins once again Father God because my heart fills with love for You as I contemplate that.


Take my life, the whole kit and kaboodle. While it may seem a bit much for some, it makes me smile as the thought crosses my mind that it's no where too much for You.


It feels good to be Home here with You in this prayer, in this manner. I don't know why that's so, but it makes me want to cry because I'm so grateful to be here right now.


Your response is to flood my heart with Your peace.


You amaze me. Although I struggle to find the right words that will truly convey all that You are in my mind and my heart, there really aren't any...You are just too big for that but I will say one thing...


I love You. I truly, truly do.


I guess that says it all for me, Father God.


In Jesus Name I pray,



1. But him that is weak in faith, receive ye, yet not for decision of [his] scruples [for him].


Or, as the Amplified Bible states (sometimes the older english is difficult for me to absorb):


1. As for the man who is a weak believer, welcome him [into your fellowship], but not to criticize his opinions or pass judgment on his scruples or perplex him with discussions.


Watchman Nee states at the beginning of verse 1: "This chapter can be considered a supplement to the constitution of the church life. In setting forth every article, the author's heart was tolerant, his attitude was broad, and his view was noble. In order to practice the church life that he instituted in ch. 12, we must strictly observe the supplement set forth in this chapter. Many saints who love the Lord and seek to live the church life have failed because they were either negligent or mistaken in this matter."


As to the word "receive" ("welcome him") Nee writes: "To practice the Body life revealed in ch. 12, we must learn the practical lessons of receiving the believers, as revealed particularly in 14:1--15:13, that the church life may be all-inclusive, able to include all kinds of genuine Christians. Such receiving requires the transformation mentioned in ch. 12; if we remain natural, we will be unable to receive those whose views are different from ours in doctrine or in practice."


Finally, Nee comments on the word "scruples" and states, "I.e., doctrinal considerations. Except in the matters of idol worship (1 John 5:21; 1 Cor. 8:4-7), fornication, rapaciousness, reviling, and other such gross sins (1 Cor. 5:9-11; 6:9-10), division (16:17; Titus 3:10), and the denial of the incarnation of Christ (2 John 7-11), we must learn not to pass judgments on the doctrinal views of others. As long as one is a genuine Christian and has the fundamental faith of the New Testament, we should not exclude him, even though he may differ from us with respect to doctrine; rather, we should receive him in the same one Lord."


The rvbv writes, "Paul, in this Fourteenth Chapter, and the following one, directs his instruction chiefly "to the 'strong,' who can bear it, while indirectly showing the state of the 'weak'"! Those weak in faith, like babes, are not able to take much nourishment at once; while those who are strong are often not willing to receive what seems to reflect upon their vigor. To have faith before God, secretely, hiding it from the weaker brother, for his sake, until he becomes stronger, is not easy: it requires walking in love, which is always costly to the one loving!


Verse 1: But him that is weak in faith receive ye, yet not for decision of [his] scruples [for him] - As to receiving and welcoming into our fellowship believers less instructed or with weaker faith then ourselves, let us note what our attitude should be, 1. toward those less instructed or of weaker faith than ourselves; and 2. toward those with greater knowledge, and liberty of conscience, than ourselves.


There are those who are "weak" in faith. They have true faith, they have Christ; but, because of traditional or legal teaching; or perhaps through Satan's accusations on account of former sins; or through not grasping the fact of their death with Christ and their present and eternal union with Him; or possibly because of habits of introspection and self-accusation, or even through unsubdued sin, - for some or all of these reasons, they are "weak".


Such weak ones are to be received. Of course, in these days, when that sweet powerful fellowship of the early Christian assemblies, that consciousness of the presence in the assembly of the Holy Spirit, and so of the Risen Christ, is rare, there is difficulty in making clear the meaning of the word "receive." Ecclesiastical procedure has so usurped the place and prerogatives of the saints' acting by the conscious will of the Holy Spirit, as largely to obliterate the meaning of these words, "receive ye." People say, Was not so and so received into the church by the pastor and officers? "Official action" has supplanted the saints' blessed ministry of receiving, as described here.


Nevertheless, we must go directly to Scripture in this serious, practical matter. By "receiving" the weak brother, is not meant allowing him to "join the church"; but acknowledging him, by the discernment of the Spirit, to be a man of faith (even though his name be Mr. Ready-to-halt). Thus he and we are members one of another, being in Christ. And there is the same welcome in the assembly to this feebler member as to the most gifted teacher of the Word among us. It is not that he has been "officially recognized," but that he has been discerned generally and welcomed, in the Spirit.


He is to be received, - but not to decide for him his conscientious scruples. No one's conscience but his own can direct him. He may be taught the Word, however, and God will bring him along. He must not be forced. If he have faith, though it be but weak faith, he is among us not by our action, but by Christ's.


What a terrible contrast to the teaching of this Scripture is presented by the "close communion" people, and the "exclusivists," of all sorts. Unless a man pronounces "shibboleth" their way, there is not the thought of receiving him. This is the Pharisaism of the last days. And sad to say it is most found among those most enlightened in the truth, for "knowledge puffeth up, but love buildeth up." We are profoundly convinced that if those who now "exclude" so readily those differing from them were filled with love, filled with the Holy Ghost, not only would there be deliverance from the awful wickedness of "exclusiveness," but there would be hundreds, even thousands, of hungry believers flocking into fellowship, where they would be lovingly greeted just as they are! Further teaching for them can wait: but receive them!


Where faith in Christ in the least degree is found, we should be thankfully delighted, and should welcome such believers. All believers have not the same knowledge, nor the same freedom from tradition, nor the same strength of appropriating faith. We have no right to say to believers, "Sit back, until we are satisfied about you." This puts your will between believers and fellowship with God's saints."



Heavenly Father,


I love Your Word. As I typed out this study, I could not escape the annointing that is over the Scriptures, nor the Truth that cuts through so cleanly. To literally be in Your presence through Your Word is an honor. That's not just a fancy word (honor) being said because it looks good there...it's how it strikes me right now because I feel Your power Father, Your peace, Your oil of gladness because I am meant, and destined to be with You.


"Now to Him Who is able to keep you without stumbling or slipping or falling, and to present [you] unblemished (blameless and faultless) before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation [with unspeakable, ecstatic delight]--


To the one only God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory (splendor), majesty, might and dominion, and power and authority, before all time and now and forever (unto all the ages of eternity). Amen"


Keep me Father God, from stumbling, slipping or falling because I in myself, cannot accomplish that. But Your Word states that You and You alone can, so that is my prayer for myself, and all who desire, today.


May my life cause Christ's heart to leap with joy because all that He suffered and gave on my, and all our behalf, is not only received but cherished deeply in the center of my being. He truly does deserve the rewards of His suffering on our behalf...that reward is obviously the fact that it was that important to Him that we be able to have our relationship with You Father God.


I don't know how to put it into words, but I just have this arrow of Truth piercing my heart that there's something very deep and critically important about this relationship. It's not a head knowledge, it's a living and powerful heart connection between us and You.




I can't explain it right but You know my heart and that is enough for me.


In Jesus Name I pray,


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