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calling the school.


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Last school year from February to May my son was sick 6 times. Most of the time it was strep throat.

He was fine all summer. He worked hard milking cows and making hay with a farmer friend of ours.

Friday was the 1st day of school. Today is Wednesday and he has a fever and he was in the bathroom most of last night.

I'm going to talk to the doctor and see what she can do .



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Call the County Health Department, too, and tell them that the ductwork at the school needs to be checked for molds and other allergens. The air quality is probably toxic and unhealthy. Remind them that we've had a wet and rainy summer most of the time, and then heat.


Hmmm, would the EPA care enough about something like this to investigate? :unsure:



If all else fails, contact the media. They LOVE a good investigative story!



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I was going to ask if they had cleaned the school at all this summer. DS can't be the only child having problems, it's not possible. Is he in one part of the school more than the rest (a hallway, wing, or pod {yes, I just exhibited my age with the term pod for school} :laughkick: )?


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The schools can clean all they want, but the ductwork for the ventilation system is rarely cleaned. That can lead to respiratory problems and is unsafe for adult workers and children alike. But most people don't associate an increase in illnesses with poor air quality, and last year's flu scare would have masked the *real* problem.


Our middle school had to have their ventilation system steam cleaned because they had enough mold growing in there that it WAS becoming obvious. Luckily that was when none of my kids were there, but it was a serious problem. And that's the only reason *I* suspect it's there.



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Ths school principal said that they cleaned the ductwork and put in airfilters in all the classrooms this summer. She said the money was from a grant.

She did say that they had a lot people sick in April and May. More people were sick then healthy.


The school nurse said I should talk to the doctor about a supressed immune system.

The doctor was thinking about his tonsils and was documenting his illnesses.

The principal and nurse want me to keep them infromed about what is going on with him.


Will keep digging.



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My youngest DD got strep about every 6 months for the last 2 years. Each time, it would turn into pneumonia. She got her tonsils out in June. No problems so far.... guess we'll see if it helped here pretty soon. The doctor felt she was harboring strep in the tonsils/adenoids and when she got immunosurpressed, it would fire up into an infection.

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I talked to the Highschool nurse at church today . She is a close presonal friend of mine. She said that she has 35 to 40 kids see her each day. Something is going thru the schools already.

He went to school Thrusday and Friday and got sick again yesterday,so he is not over it yet.


He is not better today. He woke me up at 4:00 am and said he had been in the bathroom 11 times and could I get something for him to take. I am trying to get him to drink alot. I ran out of ice and he is not happy about that.

I will get him to the doctor tommrow and see what she has to say. My doctor is working shortened hours and with school physicals I could not get him in yet.


DD2 had a fever yesterday and they are both in middle school this year so I hope I don't have to deal with 2 of them sick all the time.

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