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Help ,he's still sick


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Son is still sick. Nothing is working. 1 week of vomiting and diarrhea. Meds are not working. Diet is not working I'm worried the doctor might put him in the hospital.

He is keeping some things down part of the time but the diarrhea is bad.

I got tommrow off and am trying to get the rest of the week off to keep a closer eye on him.

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Are you giving him the drinks that replace the electrolytes, etc.? I somehow think yogurt wouldn't help at this point. :(





**Praying for you both**



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Took him to the hospital today for tests. He had a x-ray and some other test . He is starting to dehydrate.

Yes, Cat I have drinks with electrolytes and some drinkable yogurt. He has droped 10 pounds so far. She said for now just make sure he is getting liquids with lots of calories.

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The doctor called today with the test reults and said that it is a common bactoria that went crazy. He is back in school but not feeling the best. With treatment he should be better by the end of the week.


Thanks for the prayers.

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Oh dear, hope he is on the mend soon.


Anyone suggestions how postfall you'd treat a bacteria gone crazy? I mean, without modern medicine?

I heard of a fluid enema's given to hydrate a person, fluids brought into the body that way if the stomach can't hold anything. Charcoal, weak tea.

Suggestions anyone?

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He is doing better.

I arranged the paper work for a FMLA and am so happy I did not need to use it.

Most people shake this illlness in a few days without treatment . He was sick for 13 days before we found out what it was. When the antibiitic to kicked in it was 3 more days before he was feeling better.


I was told this is a common bacteria. Google said it's #1 cause of food poisoning.

Under cooked meat , unpasteurzied milk and working with cattle and sheep are the most common ways to get it. Sick puppies and kittens can give it to you.

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