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Cheap diapers


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OK. I know a lot of people use cloth diapers but I think it would be good to also have disposable stash if SHTF.

If you order diapers with Amazon's "Subscribe & Save", you will get 30% off the top with free 2 day shipping.


I think you can even use the codes on cloth, not sure though.


In the Parenting and Parents magazines August and September issues there are orange postcards with codes to save 20% off diapers. The kicker is that you can stack the codes that begin with different letters. So if you are able to find all 4 of the magazines you could pay next to nothing OOP.


Today I found the codes I needed and I was able to get:


"Pampers Baby Dry Overnight Extra Protection Diapers, Size 5, 23-Count (Case of 4)"


Shipping Preference: I want my items faster. Ship them as they become available.

Subtotal of Items: $35.54

Shipping & Handling: $18.60

Promotion Applied: -$10.66

Free Shipping: -$18.60

Promotion Applied: -$7.11

Promotion Applied: -$7.11

Promotion Applied: -$7.11

Your Coupon Savings: -$1.50

Your Coupon Savings: -$1.50


Total for this Order: $0.55

Delivery estimate: August 31, 2010



The extra 2 $1.50 coupon savings is coupons on Amazon's site for Pampers.


I have 3 codes available (2 different) from the September magazines. If you know someone who has an August issue of either you could potentially get 90% off diapers. PM me or ask here and I will send you the codes.


Clear as mud?

The August issue numbers will expire the 31st.

Just wanted to help someone. I know there are Mom's and Grandparents.

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