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Lost my Grandson yesterday

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My 3 year old grandson died yesterday. While mom was outside hanging clothes, he found some pills that fell out when she was filling the medicine containers for the week. She was always so careful. All medicines were kept in a locked box in her locked room. The younger one got his brother's pocket knife and got cut with it. It wouldn't stop bleeding and in the confusion of dealing with him, she forgot to lock the room. We fixed him up and then she drove me to work. When she got back,she had forgotten about the spilt pills.


I was stuck at work. I don't have a car right now. I couldn't leave until we found me a relief and a ride. I am having trouble taking it all in right now. Our hole family needs your prayers right now. So much has been happening and now this. I know God doesn't give us more than He will help us handle, but it seems like this is too much.





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I am SO SORRY for your loss... It hard to lose a loved one, but it's even harder when it's a child. May God wrap His loving arms around you and your family and bring you blessed comfort for your broken hearts.


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Oh Deb, there are no words to describe the sadness and pain. You and your family are now experiencing the worst anyone can even have happen to them.

My heartfelt condolences.

I am so sorry.

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((((Deb and family))))) God, sometimes we cannot nearly comprehend the WHY of some events. And the loss of this child after all the carerful precautions that are taken by mom.....well, it ranks right up there with the biggest WHY's. O God, only Your mercy, love, and the peace that goes WAY beyond our human understanding can comfort them now. Be especially with the mom, now and in the days/years to come. Free her from guilt over that moment of distraction that was so costly. We are not perfect beings and we all know mistakes happen. Help her and all of them to face the Why's and the If Only's. Most of all, Lord, help them to lay down everything before You....not holding onto finite human-based thoughts. They must cling to You; trusting in You even through floods of tears and grief. Give them all the strength to walk...or crawl if they must, to You each day in faith that You are a Loving Heavenly Father and YET will they trust You. Where else have they to go? That precious little one that they will miss so much is safe in Your arms. O God....this one is SO hard!



MtRider :pray:



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I am shell shocked with sadness in your loss of your grandson. I cannot imagine the grief you must feel but it can happen to anyone. So very sorry over your terrible loss. My friend lost her little boy when he was 4 yrs. old when he ran into a car playing ball with his siblings while she was making supper. It was over 20 yrs. ago now and she still feels responsible for his death but she was just doing what any mom would do.-make supper while the kids played. Even if she had been right there, she still wouldn't have been able to stop him and the outcome likely would've been the same or very injured. What a terrible time for your family.

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May God tenderly wrap His loving arms around all of you. There are not words enough to comfort right now, but may it help to know that we love you and are praying for all of you.







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