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Inspire me please ~~~

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You know those little individual containers of orange juice that hold 4 oz. a piece? I have 20 of those in my freezer. So, 80 oz. of frozen orange juice. (Our community gives away a free breakfast and lunch to any child who shows up at the park at designated times during the summer. Ds doesn't like orange juice but I won't let him throw it out.) Also, 2 lbs. of frozen peaches in syrup.


What would you do with these? If anyone can inspire me to do something good with these, I know you ladies can. ~~~~

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The peaches would be great if you thickened them with Clear jel or cornstarch and made a crumble topping for peach crisp.


I know your ds doesn't like orange juice but I would love it thickened and sweetened and put over pancakes !

That or use it for orange julius in the blender.

How about orange crumb cake ? http://southernfood.about.com/od/orangerec.../r/bl51211a.htm

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one of my families favorites...




Candied pecans


1/4 cup orange juice

1 cup sugar

2 cups pecan halves


combine orange juice and sugar in glass baking dish--mix well. stir in pecans--microwave on medium for 6 min, stir and continue cooking on medium for 8 min until syrup crystalizes. spread onto buttered cookie sheet in a single layer--let cool and break apart

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OK I am the recycler so AFTER you make all that good stuff it will be Party Time and THAT is where I come in.


Get some Christmas lights, white or colored it doesn't matter. Take all those empty juice bottles and using a knife (careful now) cut a 'x' in the bottom of each one. Now 'push' each bottle over one of the lights and when lit they look like those 'COSLY' lanterns you can buy. COOL!

If you have more lights then bottles just put them on every other light?



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Thank you! These are all such wonderful ideas and I've been enjoying reading them as they've been posted. I'll print this thread out. When I woke up this morning and went outside to let the dogs out, someone had left a sack full of pears on my front porch. Woohoo! So I'm going to make pear butter today and some of the orange juice will go in that. House is gonna smell goooood!!!!!

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