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Red flags for an arrived crisis - Part 17

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It's sad and scary to read about the grocery incidents and people "losing it". I read the posts aloud to DH.


Yesterday, before reading this thread, DH and I were discussing the way things have changed regarding safety. He's a LEO. He's been predicting for over a year now that these tough times are going to make people

do drastic things. We live in a small town that has a big problem with Meth. When meth users are "tweaked out" they are very unpredictable. More and more people are unemployed and depressed. They decide to use the drug because it makes their worries go away and they feel better or decide to make and sell it for a living. If they are users they steal to support their habit. Thefts in this county continue to rise. sad-smiley-012.gif


DH also stresses the need to be constantly aware of your surroundings. It must come second nature to me now. A car followed me home from work Friday evening and had me concerned. I have to make numerous turns to get home. We live at the last driveway on a dead end road in a subdivision. It was still daylight and It is very obvious that the road ends when setting at the stop sign. The car turned around in a neighbors driveway but it felt "weird" to me. I was glad DH was home waiting for me. happy0203.gif


There's a big probability that DH will be changing jobs within the next couple of months. The hours he works will be different (depending on the shift, of course). I might be home alone a lot. My dern bulldog is a big baby and not much of a watch dog even tho he is in the house! laughkick.gif


Anyhoo, I am concerned. The daylight is getting shorter and it will be dark-thirty before I get to leave work. Should I attempt to make any stops for errands at night before coming home? These things, among others, are floating around in my head........


A few years ago one of our dealership's customers was accosted and kidnapped while putting her groceries in the trunk of her car at Kroger. She was rescued unharmed and the bad guy was caught. Thank Goodness.



If you can do your shopping on weekend, mornigs before work or your lunch hour go for it. Shopping at night, even in a small town is dangerous. I had a man follow me home and I have never shopped at night since.

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Ditto...I never shop at night without Mountain Man with me. If I ever got the feeling I was being followed though, I'd cell phone the police station or fire station (program them into your phone!) and drive straight into their parking lot! Better to look like a scardey cat than harmed!


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I just try to avoid going outside after dark. Those snakes can see in the dark, but I can't.


I used to work 11-7 so I had to drive to work in the dark each night. Still, it was better than 3-11 because night shift could park in the doctor's lot but evening shift had to park in the stadium. I was always afraid to walk to my vehicle in the dark. Some nurses would go out on break and move their vehicle to the doctor's lot but my unit was always too busy for me to get away and do that. I rarely worked evenings though. (I didn't trust the security guards too much either, but one would walk the nurses to their vehicles if you could wait till he was available.) Did have a man in a pickup drive slowly behind me one time, he was leaning out the window calling "don't be afraid, lady, I won't hurt you." Scared me plumb spitless, he did.

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Canned Nerd, have you thought about moving ? That sounds awful !

Oh, I think about it all the time, but it's impractical and almost impossible to sell my home and its contents and then there's the decision of where to move to out of state. No relatives or friends elsewhere. Nope, too old and crotchety now so I'm just dealing with the hand I was given.

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What part of Southern CA are you in Canned Nerd? I have relatives in Temple City, Arcadia, Santa Monica, Twenty Nine Palms, Joshua, Walnut, Hacienda Heights, Rosemead, LaPuente, Azusa, Whittier and LaMirada. They must live in quieter neighborhoods because they don't talk about drive by shootings. Oh yeah, they hear it on the news but not in their neighborhoods.



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I live in Cerritos, one of the so-called "quiet" neighborhoods too, which is nice if you don't travel the highways or freeways to get to anywhere. I also now report the graffiti every time it shows up on the walls, signs and other objects. Never had these kind of problems before, but times have changed and I don't think any city is immune. The local Sheriff has increased their patrols and trying to reinstate the local "neighborhood watch" programs.


I'm the only one on the block displaying the American Flag, which has been torn down twice in the past year and tossed over my patio wall so I know it wasn't just the wind. It gives one a comfortable feeling that there are people out there capable of doing such a thing.


At least once a week now there is a sheriff helicopter overhead responding to some sort of criminal activity. In many areas in the Los Angeles County area there are sensors that can detect and pinpoint the location of gunshots almost instantly because they are so frequent.


I gave up doing Garage/Yard/Estate Sales when it became too dangerous driving down some streets, many with dead ends. The potential for entering gang territory even in the day is very real and dangerous. And the highways are a territory all their own and 'road rage' and short tempers is the norm.

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I went to Rosemead High School and graduated in 64. There were always knife fights, even back then, between rival Mexican gangs when Rosemead played El Monte or Arroyo but otherwise things were pretty normal. Sounds like things have only gotten worse through the years.


Back when I left CA in 1968 all my family and friends were unbelieving that I would actually leave California, the golden state where everyone moved to not away from, for a farm in Iowa.


The only reason I ever considered moving back was because of my parents but they have been gone for years now. There is no way, at this point anyway, that I would ever want all those people again. I love my boring country life where I can go days if I wish and not see anyone, even my children and grandchildren across the blacktop if we're all busy.


Maybe you could talk some friends or relatives into moving some place else too. Don't just blindly accept the hand you were dealt. You know how it works.....throw away a few cards and draw a few more. It's what I did and drew a much better hand. We've had a lot less money for the luxuries but such a good life we've had. Good luck canned nerd!

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No, I'm not blindly accepting the hand I was dealt. I'm openly accepting the hand I dealt to myself and just not asking for a new hand just because I may be dealt a better hand elsewhere. Greener pastures aren't always on the other side. I've been fortunate in having had a diverse life up until my parents passed, living in foreign countries, attending High School in Taiwan (graduated in '62), college in Indiana, multiple states throughout the country as I grew up, 2-1/2 tours of duty in Vietnam (and rejected by most people back then because of it) and finally depositing myself back in California to enjoy the warmer climate.


There's a lot more weirdness in my life, which I won't bore people with, but for now I'm content with the canning, and trying hard to keep others from poisoning themselves, and doing deep research to find the answers about 'us' (mankind) and our history and perhaps future that I now find is not related to what we all were taught in school or learn from the media. I'm a Nerd so such curiosity is a part of me, though hopefully I'm not as bad as Sheldon (Big Bang Theory).

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Hao. We are all related at some point in the past, but probably not in this lifetime. Goes to show how small this planet is though. I lived in the south end of Taiwan in Kaohsiung in '59 and moved to the big city, Taipei, in '61. Went to Indianapolis, Indiana, in '67 and left in '70 after the Kent State Shooting in Ohio. I was a Vietnam veteran at that point and people like me were very unlikable by the general student population with all the anti-war demonstrations etc., so I left school and came to California before they got a clue about my background. Interesting times while I was there.....first experiment with co-ed dorms and burning the bras. Never saw so many male injuries from walking into doors, falling down stairs, etc., due to major distractions.


I loved Indiana. Like stepping back in time, but very advanced compared to Taiwan at the time.

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For everyone else, aren't you loving this conversation?


lol Actually yes, I have enjoyed it. You've been with us over 4 years and we're just now learning a little about you lol. Like Jeep said, I'm very grateful for your service and we honor your veteran status.


The future generations continue. My youngest son just moved to Taiwan to teach English. He's about an hour/hour and a half sw of the big city. I've never seen him so happy.

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Hey if you've accepted the hand you were dealt that's great. I thought you were unhappy about where you are.


One thing I agree with about SO CA is you can't find a much better climate. And where you live you're close to mountains, desert and beach....what more could you ask for! I asked for less people and open spaces and I couldn't have lived where you are or where I was and have that.


I grew up on Temple City Blvd and it was an access street from the Santa Anita Racetrack to the San Bernadino Freeway, don't know the number. We spent weeks with having to be home before 3 or not coming home or leave home until after 7 because our street was a parking lot of cars waiting to get on the freeway. My Dad always said if I'd grown up on a street on either side of the one we lived on I would not have this aversion to crowds. Could be he's right!



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Also, thank you, Canned Nerd. That was a bad time to be military. My DH was spit on in the Seattle airport after coming home from Vietnam although DFW and Abilene airport was different. They were greeted with cheers and flag waving. I admire you for your service. Thank you for the help you have given me when I had a question about canning.

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CannedNerd, another Thank You for your service

That was a bad time to be military. My DH was spit on in the Seattle airport after coming home from Vietnam


I am so sorry that happened to your husband :hug3: He, and others, deserved (and continue to deserve) far, far better. A sincere thank you to him as well.

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