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Canning lids have BPA ?!?! .....

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Well ... the title says it ... while researching and planning to get started canning I found this out.

I'm rather dismayed, and not sure now what to think about it all.


Anyone have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions on this?


And of course do any of you use the reuseable plastic (not thrilled about plastic at high heat either) ones made by Tattler?




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Agree with Crabgrass. Minimal contact with the food, if any. Minimal threat, and MUCH less threat then all the additives and preservatives in commercial canned food.

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I've been using some Tattler lids and I really like them. I've reused some of them 3-4 times now and they're still working like a charm. They are BPA free.


I've only been using them for about 4 months but on the Tattler website there's at least one person who says they've been using the same lids and rings since the 70's.

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Yeh, his mom ! I still do not think they are a good investment, personally. We tell people to never reuse canning jar lids. Reusing those sealing rubber/plastic rings off those Tattler lids seems as though they could harbor bacteria. That and how will you be sure that the last time you used them they will seal and/or stay sealed if they are reused ?

Just my personal opinions. Of course, you can use whatever you want to use.

I also tried to emailed them to see if they would send me a sample to try, considering my line of work. I never got a reply. Now, if anyone has the opportunity to tell others of a great canning product, I would say that I do.

How much could it cost him to send me a few to try out ? If they are so wonderful, then why would he be unwilling to even reply to me ? I could bring him a lot of business if he would send me some and they proved to work.


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as for the tattlers i have used them from any thing from meat to jam and reused them and so has Jackie clay from www.backwoodshome.com it is the,, back woods home,,, magazine and she has a web site and will answer alot of questions.....take care and keep the faith

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