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Ordinary stocking-up preps

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Anyone have some favorite things that they stock-up on....from regular stores like grocery or hardware or the feed store? Mebbe some things used in a different way than we'd normally think of???



Our Safeway [grocery] has 25# bags of carrots waaaay down at the end of the produce section. No where near the small bags of carrots. It's less than $7 for the bag. Now, they might or might not be standard size. I don't get them if they have a lot of forked carrots in there. But sometimes, they're great. Use some fresh; dehydrate the rest.


Another store has large boxes of ramen packets for next-to-nothing. Not the best food in the world but it can be the start of a good soup. Those noodles cook quick and wouldn't need more than hot water in a thermos to cook them. Easy on an upset digestion too.



I stock up on nylon running pants [Goodwill] so that I keep my jeans clean when I'm outside doing whatever with animals. I can shed that layer when I come in. Keeps house sanitary and less laundry for jeans.



I've been picking up silicone pans [those new heat impervious wobbly things] I've gotten them from Goodwill also for almost nothing. Loaf pans and round cake pans. I have used them in BOB's for goat/dog water dishes that can squish small.



Matches, cocoa, needles, thread, yeast, ......... routinely pick these up now and then.



Anyone else?



MtRider [ :bounce: bouncing ideas... ]

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All of those sound great. I'm trying to pick up a more varied assortment of sewing supplies, crochet and knitting implements and yarn. Mind you, I can't sew, crochet or knit - yet! :o


But I want to learn. Also pick up a box of ammo whenever I can. I want to sit down and make a list of things to have on hand and identify what items need to be stored in quantity (like sewing needles and such).

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White vinegar, baking soda, salt, cheap toilet bowl cleaner, plastic wrap, al foil, zip lock bags, disposable dishes and flatware, dish soap, tp, paper towels.


Oooh yeah! Thanks for reminding me; I'm doing my weekly grocery list now.


We shop with Melaleuca, which has a fabulous organic botanical based disinfectant ("Sol-U-Guard") for stuff like the toilet bowl, so I will use our Oct order to stock up on their cleaning and first-aid supplies, including toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwash. Their mouthwash is a concentrate, so a few bottles will go along way. I don't know how long it could be stored and maintain its effectiveness. Gotta find that out.


DH and I are getting over a nasty cold and need to swap out toothbrushes. Ideally, they should be replaced every 3 months and after (during?) an illness (like colds, flu, etc). So one person would need 4 per year + 2 or so for sickness. So I just figured 10 per year per person.


Need to find food grade hydrogen peroxide, stock up on Arnica gel, and investigate dog food storage and home made dog food recipes.

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My standard shopping list always includes a pack of fishing hooks, sewing needles, thread and a box of matches.

About once a month, I will pick up an extra box of ammo and other fishing items and things like rope, show strings


a couple times a year i get me and hubby several bags of undies and socks--we open and use one of each and put the others back--i have quite a stash of them--but i keep doing it--i don't want to have to wear homemade undies and socks if shtf



I love the idea of using the silicone dishes for animals--i have several that i never use--so i think i will stick them in the bob later4 today.


If i run across them at garage sales or goodwill i pick up bread pans, cake pans, flannel, rags and towels. I also pick up sweat pants in various sizes for the family (seems to be what we seem to wear when around the house)

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Yanno.....I still need to 'test drive' a silicone watering container with my hooligan goats. Need to see if they will CHEW that material. Cuz in their case, it might not be such a bright idea as I thot. The dog uses her 'cake pan' all the time tho.


MtRider [....another TO DO :unsure: ]

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MacKinnon--What is food grade hydrogen peroxide used for?



DH has read where that classification is good as a treatment for a variety of things and can be taken internally. So, I'm in the process of reading what he read and seeing what other information I can find to address this issue. I know HP is wonderful for a lot of things as is baking soda. Apparently it has uses as a sort of homeopathic remedy. I'll post more when I find it.


Anyone else have experience with this?


Here is a link to one article: http://www.educate-yourself.org/cancer/ben...de17jul03.shtml


Here's something else with some warnings about the 35% food grade HP (H202)... http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide.html


Found one more site with additional links: http://purehealthsystems.com/hydrogen-peroxide.html


So this looks promising but not perfect and certainly not a panacea.

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I use the cheap toilet bowl cleaner to remove milk stone and other deposits from stainless steel. It is nothing but hydrochloric acid, with no perfume or detergent


Ahhhhh, good tip, CGA! As opposed to paying for bags of it from a specialty dairy goat company, huh?



MtRider [....I love this group! Saves me money. Prolly saves my neck one day! :grouphug: ]

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The plain 3% peroxide you can use 50/50 peroxide and water in spray bottle for your bathroom cleaning. You can pour a little peroxide on a cloth and clean your counters. You can rinse your wooden cutting boards (or other kinds) to get rid of any bacteria or salmonella. You can spray 50/50 on your feet (especially yours toes) every night and let dry if you have any kind of foot fungus. You can use of cup of peroxide instead of bleach in your laundry. You can clean mirrors with it and no streaks. You can put your toothbrushes in a cup of peroxide. This all supposedly came from a medical doctor's wife. She said if you will notice you never smell bleach when you go into a doctors office or a hospital. She says this is what is used. I have a friend who sprays all of her vegetables and fruit from the store before she eats it-I don't know if it is 50/50 or weaker.

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Ok, I don't know if you would really call this ordinary stock up preps. I have a seven month old little boy and I wanted to have a months supply of formula and food on hand just in case shtf. I have signed up for every free sample of formula there is out there. I also signed my mom and my mil up and so far have over two weeks worth just from samples. The formula companies send me checks ranging anywhere from $1-9 off there products, these can be combined with store and product coupons. Similac ready made in the bottle is normally 5.50-5.57 a bottle and they send me checks for 5.00 off regularly as well as mom and mil. I have over two weeks worth of them. Baby food I have started to make some myself and freeze, but hit the sales for shelf stable food to have on hand for shtf situations.


Otherwise for normal everyday preps I hit the sales really hard for things like ketchup and other condiments. I hit the sales for produce to can. I have a Sam's Club business membership (thank you dmil) and buy tp, paper towels and my oils there.


Love the idea of using the silicone pans for dog watering bowls. I have found the travel water bowls for dogs at the dollar store before and bought a few. If I could just keep myself from losing them that would be great. I hit the after Halloween sales about three years ago and got great deals on candles and the oil filled jack-o-lantern candles. I figured they would come in handy and when they are over 75% off why not.

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Kroger often has store brand peanut butter and Wolf's chili on sale 10 for 10. Even the no bean chili. I usually grab 5 or so of each kind. That's usually more than we'll use until the next sale rolls around, so I have a growing stock pile of those.


I also haunt the blemished fruit and veggie racks and bargain bins. I can or dehydrate the fruits/veggies and I've gotten a lot of staples from the bargain bins, King Aurthur flour, Red Mill corn meal and the other day I got a bag of brown sugar for .50 and before that 25 lbs of AP flour (store brand) for 1/2 price.

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I just recently read about all the things vinegar can be used for, so I am adding that to my preps list. Whenever we have a bit of extra money to spend on preps, I hit the sales for nails, rope, duct tape, lamp oil, candles, things that can be used all over the place. Of course I also hit the canned food isles and work on spam, tuna, canned roast beef, condiments, etc.


I'm wanting to find some canned butter, but so far it's too expensive, so haven't gotten it. I also want to add baggies and foil to my list...get those stocked up. There's just so much to get and put away. Space is our biggest issue right now. I'm buying big rubber tubs and putting stuff in those and stacking them in our spare bedrooms.


Bleach is another prep that can't be forgotten...oh so much to list!! :)

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Thanks..I would put another one up there, but it's even worse! LOL

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Shoelaces. My husband breaks at least on shoelace a month. So I am stocking shoelaces.
Try using nylon shoelaces. Also, thread a piece of dental floss and weave it through the lace with a neadle along the length of the lace. It takes a tractor to break that stuff! I sew buttons on coats and denim items with it.
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Saw this thread and had to bump it. It's easy to get overwhelmed with prepping, especially if you're just starting. Inexpensive ideas of preps to stock up on are a good way to start.


Ordinary stocking up preps:




spices-I recently organized our spices. Gave me a chance to see what we really do have and what we need. I now have certain spices on the grocery lists for the next few weeks. This can be cheap, too!


dish liquid


batteries-'cause when there's a power outage here and a few days before deer season, the shelves are empty at the stores


Toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss



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