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Wagons Hoooooooooo- one year later!

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Do you remember when MyRider posted this on Sept. 8th last year?

Alright all you loyal MrsS folks. Here is an opportunity to gather together and start a new life in the wilderness. [OK...sometimes I am REALLY into escapism... :shrug: ] Who wants to join me?


Then begin packing your Conestoga wagon. Since we will be a community when we arrive, some things won't have to be duplicated unless you want to. Mother just left on a short jaunt but will be invaluable for data on what those pioneers were likely to find necessary as they traveled into the new wilderness. We might try a few modern conveniences BUT........


Well we all made it and had some fun and LEARNED A LOT!


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Wow, it has been a year. I still think of this thread quite regularly. ... What would we be doing? ... How would things be going? ... etc.




After the last arrivals, most of the valley got busy stocking, storing and preparing for winter. Everyone worked hand in hand to make the best of what was available. Trading their excess for someone else's excess. It was wonderful to see how needs were met.


The Lodge had a huge communal garden that everyone helped create, maintain and harvest. The goal was to provide for anyone who needed additional assistance during the winter.


Winter came and snowed like crazy. Most folks were snowed in, but the messenger system kept a trail going. The big lake froze over by December and many teams were seen ice fishing for the Lodge's 'Storehouse of Assistance'.


By mid February, the snow melt was creating torrents of water rushing down from the mountain tops filling all the rivers and creeks beyond their banks, and had completely washed out the road we came in on..................



Happy Anniversary


Dang.... I need to get a life....... :24:

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Wow, it has been a year. I still think of this thread quite regularly. ... What would we be doing? ... How would things be going? ... etc.




Happy Anniversary


Dang.... I need to get a life....... :24:


Thanks for posting.


That was what I was hoping that others were going to do. Post an update.

But I guess I was the only one who was missing the trip?






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I've not been a part of this, but have read a post or two.


For my 2 cents, someone should write a book. Put all the posts together as one long narative, edit it and fill in the blank spots and make a good story that could be used to teach also.


Anyone up for it?



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Oh Wow.....I didn't know it's been a year already. What fun to have an anniversary party.


And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Michael!! :balloons::cakeslice:



Yanno... if anyone does want to post an update or begin a journal of their homestead.....the offer is still open to go on down to Fireside and start your own thread about your Big Valley homestead.


It could be done up here in Pioneer Living, but just understand that the 'corporate writing thang' isn't possible.



I'm very absorbed into another [EMP] story I began last winter. It's been on hold for the gardening season but I've got the itch to work on it again. Mebbe I'll even have a chance while I'm sorta laid up right now????



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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I do have plans to post a update on our 'winter' in the valley.

But so we all are on the same page I think we need to deside on a few things?

Like how much snow did we get?

did that river flood again?

how cold did it get?

you know things like that.

This way when we post it will not be like cold in the east part and warm and sunny in the west. Yes we had to deal with the flooded rive but then you didn't?

It snowed so hard we could get to town for a month.................

only to find out they all made it in for the mid winter meltdown? WHAT we missed THAT!


so coming on in a few of you and lets set things up

anybody want to make a chart?


*By the way I have a GREAT recycling story to post about what I found on our property last winter just before the snows came. Or did they? See!


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