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I titled this after the movie because of the end of it. Going right off the edge of a cliff.


On Tuesday I laid down with a headache and slept for a few hours. I awoke with my head spinning and severe nausea. Ended up in an ambulance and the local ER. The stabalized me and transferred me to the larger hospital in Bangor.


My glucose meter read over 500 and after insulin treatment I stabalized. The thing I have been avoiding for 4 years is now a reality. I had two dyalisis treatments and am scheduled 3 days a week.


I spent 3 days in the hospital and am now home. Feeling much better.


The crash was that sudden. Just like driving off a cliff.


The Old Bear is finally slowed down

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My friend, I worry for you! So I understand correctly, we are talking diabetes AND kidney failure? Bear, it is one thing to slow down, but another thing entirely, to assume room temperature! It's too darned cold in Maine for that! Don't you dare slow down that much, ok?!!



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Finally home and feeling well. Dyalisis isn't as bad as I thought. Although I wondered if they were driving the big needles to the vein and artery or if they were looking for Chilean miners.


So now I have to have regular dyalisis every Monday - Wednesday and Friday forever. Also unfortunately this means I have to live in Bangor near the Dyalisis center for 5 days a week and only come home weekends. That's the rough part, being away from my Sweetie, Mrs. Bear. Her job allows a lot of free time though so I foresee many long trips.


Thanks to all for kind words and thoughts. Much appreciated.



Vic - 10-4 loud and clear :-)




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