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Can anyone school me on Workman's Comp??


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Two weeks ago this Monday I was at work trying to teach one of our precious 3 yr olds how to skip. Well when I came down my left hip went out. I tried to walk it out because I was extremely embarrassed. (Thank God I didn't actually fall) It was too much to hide. I had to call my husband to come get me, but by the time he got there the pain was too bad to get me in vehicle and they had to call an ambulance.


I know NOTHING about Workman's Comp except they will be paying my Dr bills and I guess I will be getting some kind of salary compensation.


I had hoped to be back this week but my MRI came back highly abnormal and the Dr. said he'd never seen one like mine. He was at a loss so he is sending me to a Specialist. No idea how long it will take to get in to see him...could be weeks. I have no idea what to do about work. I'm no longer on crutches but after getting up and moving around for a while I hurt. It is still catching and freezing up at any given time as well. I fear going back to work and it happening again. I work with developmentally delayed 3 yr olds so the work is very physical.


Because I don't know how Workman's Comp works I don't knwo what I should do. I don't know if I should try to wait until after I see the Specialist before going back. If I do go back to work before seeing the Specialist will Workman's Comp still pay??? I don't want to do anything to mess anything up and of course I can't help but worry about my job.


If anyone has any experience with this I would love some advice.

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Do not go back to work on that hip. See the specialist first. You may jepordize your case by returning to work. The Workman's Comp should be assigning you a case manager who is usually a nurse to help you with your medical appointments and arranging any therapy. Youmay be eligible for up to 7 years of salary compensation while out of work.


In my case I drew the entire 7 years and worked with my nurse case manager. He was extremely helpful and even though he was employed by the carrier his first duty was to me the patient. May not be as nice depending on the carrier.



Your state should have a Workman's Compensation Board. If you run into any poroblems call them. They love getting in the face of WC Insurance Carriers. In extreme cases you may have to hire a lawyer to protect you and your health.




Take Care of your health first. Don't endanger it by going back and reinjuring that hip again.


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Going with OMB on this, do not return to work. You will need to contact your employer to let them know what is going on. If you received an Employee Handbook, it should have info on your Workman's Comp Policy. If you don't have one, you'll need to get your hands on the company policy.


Take care of yourself

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You will not be allowed to return to work (or set foot on your employers property) until you are cleared by the doctor. If you are being sent to a specialist, it could be that there is nerve damage.


As someone who seriously hurt her back at the age of 24 while working with disabled adults, I caution you to take your time and allow yourself to heal. All of your medical expenses will be paid and they may even issue you a special pharmacy card to charge related prescriptions to. Workers Comp Insurance will usually pay the majority of your salary. If you have an injury policy (like Geico or similar), then you will probably bring home more money than you are currently earning.


Please take care of yourself. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

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OMB is right, do not go back to work unless you are 100% OK.


I've been out of the loop for a while, so check into what your employers benefit package says. They may or may not give you any info. Some don't, due to wanting to protect their assets.


Don't listen to them when they try to advise you to return to work or you will loose your job.


If you return within a week or two, you may not be eligible for any compensation. (The time frame may have changed it may be a month now.)


All medical bills and perscriptions should be paid by WC, they may even cover the milage to get to the Dr. depending on the distance.


Like everyone else has said, don't push yourself. Take your time to get the medical attention you need and to heal. You only get one body and I am sure you don't wanna hurt the rest of your life.



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omb is right (as usual) I don't know about where you are--but when I got hurt I worked for the state of texas--i got my pay--milage to dr apts, all dr apts, raises, promotions, the whole deal--then when it was time to go back to work--i got a settlement to NOT come back--don't be in a rush to go back to work--i know you really want to--take the time you need to heal love ya

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One thing to remember about Workman's Comp is that although you may seem like you are making less than you did before at your current salary, Workman's Comp is not taxed. The downside is that if you live paycheck to paycheck there will be some issue since Workman's Comp pays once a month.


I know that with the agency I work for, once you get an industrial injury you cannot return to work until okayed by the City Physician and Workman's comp. I agree with everybody else. See a sepcialist. We aren't just talking about the quality of your working life but the quality of your home life. I never want any injury a receive at work to jeopadize the things I love to do outside of work...which, in fact, is my real life, not work.



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How do I found out about this case manager person?


The impression I have gotten is I have to be careful of what I say....to anyone...does that make sense? I have nothing to hide. I'm not trying to play the system. Im hurt, want to be fixed and want to do things right.


When I asked my Dr if I should wait until I see the specialist before going back he told me it could be 3 weeks before getting in to see them. I did receive some paperwork from my school saying I had been approved for 12 weeks under the Family and Emerg Leave Act. I'm assuming this means Im guaranteed that without getting fired.


When I called the Dr. back on Fri and told him I had changed my mind about going back they told me to come up today and they would rewrite my excuse to keep me out another week or whatever. I guess I should just request to either have it written to say that I'll be off until I see the Specialist or maybe do it on a week by week basis?

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