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Some of you may already know, but I thought it was time to announce this on the main board. I'm excited to announce that I am expecting my 5th baby in May! This was a big surprise but we are now very happy about it. My next oldest child will be 9 1/2 so it is going to be quite the gap. Lots of big helpers though :) My kids are really happy about the baby! :cloud9: I am still going to finish nursing school and start working soon after the baby is born and I graduate so this year is going to be a big adventure all around!

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Congratulations on all of it! Wow; you'll be very busy with so many irons in the fire at once. My youngest child was 9-10 yrs.old when baby no.3 came along so we had the same age gap. A few years later, baby no.4 came along too when that one was 13. It was like having a 2nd family all over again with the span between the two oldest and the two youngest.

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