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In a thread yesterday someone mentioned activated charcoal for stomach virus. I would like to know more about it. Like what is it, where do you buy it, and how much do you take. I've never even heard of this. Could someone please help! Thanks.

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I purchased activated charcoal after reading something here. My husband has a very sour stomach in the morning due to sinus drainage. He said the capsules worked for him better than Maalox.

At our local health food/vitamin shop I bought the Solaray brand since they are pretty well known. The price was under $8.00 for 90 capsules. They are available at drugstore.com too. The owner of the store said to make sure you get capsules or a coated type because the regular cheap pills taste awful.

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I was probably the one recommending it. I get it bulk. 1 teaspoon in a small amount of water or juice for stomach virus, food poisoning (e coli, salmonella, botulism, etc) , dysentery or cholera. Repeat every time you start having symptoms again. These diseases cause symptoms because of the toxins the bacteria and viruses produce. The charcoal adsorbs those toxins so they are flushed out without causing damage to the digestive tract. This gives the body a chance to fight off the infection without being overwhelmed by the symptoms.

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Charcoal is rated Category 1, "safe and effective" by the US FDA for acute toxic poisoning. It is also listed in the US homeopathic pharmacopoeia as having "marked absorptive power of gases". In the US, you can be relatively sure of its high quality if it has the USP grade rating. Activated charcaol is more "adsorbant" meaning it doesn't absorb into itself but it adsorbs onto itself. It can be bought as tablets, in capsules or as powder. I prefer the powder because it can also be used as poultice as well as internally.


Charcoal's effectiveness is well documented in many medical journals including JAMA, Lancet, Clinical Toxicology, British Medical Journal and others. Charcoal is used by the medical profession to eliminate toxic products that cause anemia in cancer patients, to disinfect and deoderize wounds, to filter toxins form the blood in liver and kidney diseases, to purify blood in transfsions, to treat poisonings and overdoses, to treat dysentery, diarrhea, colic, poisonous snake, spider, and insect bites.


Some precautions: charcoal will adsorb drugs so if you take a perscription drug, a safe rule of thumb is to take the charcoal two hours before or after taking your medicine. Used on an open would, the charcaol may leave a tattoo. To avoid this, just put the charcoal in a poultice instead of in or on the open wound. Charcoal will slow bowel movements in peole who do not drink enough water. If you take the powder in a glass of water (we do this all the time), just be sure you drink a full glass of water. It has no taste. If the black water bothers you, drink it in purple grape juice.


Charcoal is good for so many thing and there is no reason to be afraid of it. There is a wealth of information at www.charcoalremedies.com. I just bought a book from them. I have used charcoal for my family for nearly 40 years.

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