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Could you please pray?

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Few of you here know me, and those of you who do, know I don't ask for prayer lightly.


My DH has been waiting for an opening for a thyroidectomy now for over 6 months (Canada's medical system is vastly different to that in the States), complicated by the fact he will need 10 days in ICU after the surgery due to their extreme size - his clenched fist on either side of his now badly deviated trachea. They grew unnoticed because they have lodged under his collar bones and have grown uncontolledly. Due to some sort of hocus-pocus-doctor-magic they don't want to biopsy to find out if they are malignant - get the feeling I am a bit bitter towards the medical profession???? So here we sit, six months later.


Then, on Tuesday morning past he said to me, "I think I don't feel well". Right. OK. Like prying information out a a 3 year old I find out he has symptoms of appendicitis. So off to a clinic. Yup, it's appendix. Off to emergency, the clinic telling them we are on our way. It is 10:30am. He is finally seen by a doctor at 4:30pm, who sends him off for a CT scan, and discovered the appendix had ruptured. It's now 5:00pm.


He lays on a stretcher until 12:30AM Wednesday morning before they do surgery. In the meantime peritinoitis has set in, they have a hip to hip OPEN (as un unstiched) gash across his belly saying the bacteria are anaerobic and air kills them, and that if they sew him up he will die for sure. The paper bandages do little to keep his guts in place. He's living on morphine/dilaudid/atavan injections and is so far past agony he is delerious. He's hovering in and out of consciousness, and the hospital keeps calling me through the night to come up because he only calms down when he can hear my voice. I have Parkinson's Disease, and sitting still for any length of time is highly painful as it leads to dystonia - minor compared to his trails, but very energy draining.


I am past exhausted, have no family nearby who can help, the closest can't be here for 7 days. I don't care about my exhaustion, but knowing I had prayers being said for him would help immensely. Those of you who know me, know this man is my everything, my reason for drawing breath. There's a good chance I'm going to lose him. I'm resiliant, I'm a fighter and I have enduring Faith.... but a little prayer power can work miracles.


Thank you.

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May God bless you, sustain you, and give your husband relief from his suffering. May the doctors respond in the proper ways and quickly. So sorry for these trials, may they make you both stronger. It is a blessing to us to be asked to pray and to see your obvious love.

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**Remembering the Canadian-born-and-raised lady at my church who insists the Canadian health care system is the "best in the world", while she lives HERE. <_< **



I'm praying with the others. I know you're dealing with other worries, too, but I know that like me, having *him* helps you hang on through the rest.


May God work in ways secret and perfect to restore your husband to health and bring him safely through this. May the nurses, the doctors, and the technicians be blessed with extraordinary skill and insight. May God bless you and bless DH with strength and the ability to persevere throughout this difficult trial.


And most of all, may you and your DH feel very personally the love and the care of God.



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I can't even imagine what it must be like for you both.


Dear Heavenly Father


I lift up this couple to you. Thank you Lord for your work already in thier life. I thank you that you are and always will be the strength they need to both heal and persevere. I pray for wisdom and compassion in the Doctors and staff, but most of all Lord I do pray for a miracle in the lives of these people. I pray for healing right now in the name of Jesus. A healing so wonderful and amazing it becomes a witness to others of your power, love and grace. Send people to this wonderful lady to comfort her and support her body, mind and soul. Thank you in advance for all you do. In Jesus name....AMEN

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(((((sygnet and your precious DH))))) Adding my prayers to the others. Amen Amen

Would it be possible for the hospital staff to put the telephone next to his ear so you could talk to him over the phone and not have to go in during the night? I know it would still mean you would not be getting much sleep but maybe it wouldn't take such a toll on your body.

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Thank you so much everyone, you have given me some hope and strength.


MomM, *you* have come up with a stellar idea! The nurses will go for that for sure as during the night the portable phone isn't used. It would sure save a scary drive to a less than 'good' part of town during the night!


Today he has had a few moments of lucidity, and during one asked me if he was going to die. I responded "Only when you get home and I smack you to death for scaring me so badly!" He gave me his quirky little grin and drifted off into la-la land again. A bit later he squeezed my hand in a little code we have in public ... saying 'it's ok'.


I saw the surgery site today during dressing change, and he has stitches, staples and this horrific open gash... but so far, Praise God, not a single suggestion of infection!


I know in darkest corner, that prayers said from the heart are heard, and I know what a wonderful group you all here make, and I'm humbled, and honoured you are on our side. Again, thank you.

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Heavenly Father,


There's something about this prayer request that really touches my heart. I can't help but think of the Scripture where it says, "And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God."


John Darby wrote in his commentary on this verse: "We have here a striking proof of the way in which the Spirit and the life in us are identified in practice: God searches the hearts-ours; He finds the affection of the Spirit, for He, the Spirit, intercedes. So that it is my heart-it is a spiritual affection, but it is the Spirit Himself who intercedes. United to the creature by the body, to heaven by the Spirit, the sense which I have of the affliction is not the selfishness of the flesh, but the sympathy of the Spirit, who feels it according to God. What a sweet and strengthening thought, that when God searches the heart, even if we are burdened with a sense of the misery in the midst of which the heart is working. He finds there, not the flesh, but the affection of the Spirit; and that the Spirit Himself is occupied in us, in grace, with all our infirmities: What an attentive ear must God lend to such groans!"


I can't get that thought out of my head and heart Father...that when You search and look into our hearts, You see Your Spirit and the affection He has for us...and in the Spirit's affection He interceeds before You, laying out our petitions, our needs, our fears, our worries, our cries...but He does it in a manner that is far more Holy. It really moves my heart that when I feel inadequate there is One who is working on my behalf, communicating those things that I can't always say right. But most of all, what moves my soul is the thought that Your Spirit Who lives in my heart exudes an affection for me that has such meaning to You.


So Father, this is the scripture and the thoughts that have been on my heart as I have been praying for sygnet and her husband...knowing that Your Spirit is in her heart...is in his heart, and when You examine their hearts You find Your Spirit moving in their hearts, loving them, comforting them, guiding them, strengthening them.


And You Father God, are moved and well pleased at what You see in them.


May Your Spirit who lives in each of our hearts that are covering her and her husband in prayer, interceed for us before You, on their behalf. May He communicate far better than we ever could, our heartfelt concerns that express the fact that we know You alone are God...we know that You are our ever present help...we know that You will supply all our needs...we know that there is no hope outside of You, so move in their lives Father. Speak that healing word from Your throne...that protective word, that will stay any attempts of the enemy to hurt her and her husband. Open the doors Father that no human can open, so that her husband will get his needs met...You promise us that our needs will be met so I trust that You will do far more than they have been able to do. Vindicate this injustice that has been done to her husband...send a "good Samaritan" into his life that will do what Jesus described: "But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him." Send who You have picked Father, to fulfill this need in her husband's life, nursing him, caring for him and bringing him back to full health. Surround him with Your warring guardian angels to stand guard over him in the meantime and may Your Spirit pour out Your peace into their hearts, causing them to feel enveloped into the safety of Your loving arms. Let them remember through this experience that they serve the Most High God and no hand that comes against them shall prosper because You and You alone shall be their holy Vindicator, their Protector, their Healer, their Heavenly Father.


Jesus is the reason Father that I can even write out this prayer and I acknowledge that Truth, that undeserving gift that You have given us because You have loved us from eternity.


In His Name, and His name alone...Jesus...I offer this prayer,

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