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Cat asked me to give an update, since I dropped off the face of the earth. ;)


We moved again. Yes again, lol. Husband lost his job, was unemployed for a year. We moved to Idaho, and he found a job within two months. We've been here over a year. Just found a nice place in the country to rent on 20 acres. We're pretty restricted on what we can do, as the landlord is very picky, but we have some chickens. Love to get a cow or goat, but there's not much open area, and the landlord would never approve. It was the only house that would take a family of 8.


My kids are getting older, the oldest is 8, and they are helping feed the chickens and care for the little ones (finally! I never thought that day would arrive). :cheer:


We're going through some really rough financial times right now. But then, who isn't? I had some food that we bought in bulk before the move last year, but we ate a lot of that, and mostly have beans and wheat left. And a bunch of goji berries, but I'm not sure if they're any good any more. Anyway, it's been pretty rough this week, and it made me realize what an idiot I've been (again) forgetting about storing food. Here it is, pretty much a week of crisis for our family, and we are more poorly prepared than we've ever been. :banghead: Long story, but it's not pretty.


Anyway, I'm not going through this again. I am the poster child for why you should prep. So I'm back here to get in the mindset for getting prepared. Hopefully our problems will resolve themselves, and I can start slowly stocking up, so I can make sure we are NEVER in this boat again. I'm so glad there is a great resource like this for women who want to be prepared. I'm going to mention it on my podcast.


The site is really different since the last time I visited. It looks great!

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