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EMP attack

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There has been a few threads here on this forum and others about EMP attacks. Books like "Lights Out", One Seconed After" and even movie deals. One seconed after is in talks for a movie, and another independant film the remnants spark our imagination of what an EMP could do. (Note: the remnats movie is about the earth getting hit by a gamma ray burst from space, but the results are the same. )


This is nothing new to those of us who follow this forum on survival and maybe other simmilar forums. What I've been seeing in the news and on the wires lately is alot more "chatter" about EMP's.


The key is the word "chatter". When we here about a possable terrorist attack, its usualy because Intel opperations have been hereing lot of "chatter" from the bad guys. So now, with a simple google search on Electromagnetic pulse, we get over 2 million results! Even if you count out the bogus ones like world of warcraft and some rock band, there will still be more results than we could read befor the end of the year.


It even seems that the governement is slowly getting in on the act by forming a commision and doing some studies. They may be trying to keep this lo key so as not to produce some kinda paranoid panic in the sheeple, but if you know how to use google, you'll start to see how much is happening in a short time.


Is there a cause for worry? A need to be alarmed? or are we jumping at shaddows?

Check out some of the links for yourselves and let us know what you think. I'll post this again on some other forums I visit, but I want to hear from this forum first. We tend to be more level headed and not as rash as other forums.












For your thoughts.




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Thanks for posting these links, Robie...I just added an EMP section to my preparedness binder last night and am grateful for more information to put in there (I'm going to need a new binder...and soon! I've already filled up my three-inch monster binder!). I'll have to check out these links.

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My daughter was out shopping last Friday for a gift for my sister's boyfriend. She hadn't a clue as to what to get for him. However, I know that he is interested in preparedness and we've had a couple of discussions about Lehmans. So... I suggested that she buy him the book, One Second After. She went into Borders and found that the book was sold out! I found that to be pretty interesting, especially since the bookstore is in the mall frequented by folks who dwell in LaLa Land.


The first time that I'd ever heard the term electro-magnetic pulse was in the first episode of the SciFi series Battlestar Galactica. However , it didn't stick in my mind and I didn't understand what it was. After the Jericho tv series started, I had a better understanding of EMP's and went looking for more information. I had never been into apocalyptic fiction, though I tended to prefer the kind of sci-fi stories that involve a natural disaster.


I think that the word is getting out and that the government is pushing folks to be a bit more prepared for the everyday type of disasters like blizzards, tornados, flooding, etc...

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If we prep for any "grid down" scenario, we should be pretty well covered. Remember that if the grid is down, gas stations won't be pumping gas, whether or not there are deliveries. So travel will be restricted. Some people say that vehicles won't run if there is an EMP and other experts say that it will not affect vehicles. Frankly, if most vehicles are not running, whether damaged or out of gas, it would be dangerous to be traveling. Somebody else is going to want your vehicle badly enough to do what they need to do to get it. So I'm not planning to go to a lot of expense to keep a vehicle going at this point.


Day to day living is my main focus. Lights, shelter, water, heat/cooking, cooling, food storage and prep as well as finding out what is going on outside of my immediate area are important.

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TurtleMama with as many links that google gave me, you could fill a book case. Some or alot of the infro will be redundant I fear...

I myself am looking to start a binder for EMP's so I've been doing alot of looking.

What I find interesting, I'm sure to post so others can learn too.


CrabGrassAcers, I dont think anyone is ready for a grid down reality like what is possable with an EMP burst. From what I've read, most agree that vehicles will not be running other than very old ones or possably some deasels. (sp)

When the burst happens, cars will just stop right where they are, causing the worlds worst traffic jam... even worse than the LA freeways! Then add the fact that airplaines will become million doller lawn darts, loaded with people....


One scene comes to mind, from the movie "War of the Worlds", the new one, with Tom Cruse, driving a minivan down a freeway. Nothing else is running but there just happens to be enough room for him to drive safely....


Themartianchick, I do think the word is getting out, but its filtered so as not to spook the sheeple all at once. Indavidualy, as preppers and survivalist we can come to terms of what might be going on and be as ready as we can, but group dynamics of mass paranoia... a whole new can of worms.


This may be totaly unrelated, but I keep thinking that the START treaty they are talking about in DC... might not be all its made out to be. A full out nuke war with a nation state is not near as likely as it used to be. A rouge nation or terror cell launching a "scud in a can" is what most of thies EMP stories are focused on. Why would some nation like Russia or even China want to get into a slugging match when they could send in thier usefull idiots to do the dirty work?

Again, the START treaty is more for the warm fuzzies we get by thinking that we (the goverment) is acctually doing something about it. Just my opinion.



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All the EMP scenarios I've read have "the bomb" going off high over the center of the country. I think it is more likely that multiple warheads will go off above each coast, launched from ships in international waters.


Frankly, I am tending towards the probability that vehicles will not be affected since they are not connected to long antennae. Nobody really knows for sure.

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The way I heard it, was in 2012 there will be the highest recorded sunspots ever, giving rise to heavy EMP bursts similar to what caused the brown-out over the Eastern US a couple of years ago but much bigger and over a prolonged period. Electronic relays in the power grid were the culprits of that brown out. Imagine that on a bigger scale. Unprotected Computer systems wiped out could bring half the world to a standstill. No electricity means no gas, no water and no petrol. Follow that train of thought to its logical conclusion.


The UK government has allocated a lot of money into protecting our electronics infrastructure, one part of which is the countrys communications system which is being rapidly replaced with fibre optic to combat this. It's a well publicised race to have it completed before the London Olympics in 2012.


Modern cars run on computers and electronic ignitions and will be affected by the EMP put out by the sun. Older vehicles that use coil & points will be easily fixable though.


NOTE: For years I have kept my fully charged Amateur radio and public radios EMP proofed. That is wrapped in two layers of metalic bags such as those used in the computer industry to prevent static damage to components, wrapped in foiled and sealed in a tin indide a metal safe. By rights it should be properly earthed as well, but I settled for a wire from the safe to the copper CH pipes which are themselves earthed.

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I've been reading that the old tube type and transistor radios are EMP resistant. So I'm getting a few of the battery operated ones. Also looking at getting an old tube type sw am/fm radio that uses 110v ac to run off solar and an inverter. However the inverters are sensitive and will need to be protected.


When the EMP nuclear tests were carried out, they killed 1/3 of the low earth orbit satellites, including telstar. Does anybody know if the satellites now are resistant at all?

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Where would you find those old vacume tube radieo and such thies days? Antique shopes?


I'm not sure about transistors. Something to look up. No matter what you get, they will need shealding. From what Ive been reading, keeping them in a metal box like a military ammo can, might work.


I'll have to do some looking up about the sattalites too, but from what I've been hearing about solar flairs, the sattalights might not be that well proctectid, so hopefully they are high enough to be out of the blast effects.



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