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Merry Christmas Wagoneers


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I have been giving some thoughts to the Valley and to the Homesteaders that would have been living through this winter there. I was wondering how each of you would have been celebrating Christmas there. If we'd stayed, we would have most likely have had LOTS of snow by now. We probably would have been able to get together with the rest of the family from the other side of the river so I'm sure it would have been a merry and even perhaps hilarious celebration.


I believe we would have had roast goose or game, lots of hearty vegetables, several deserts made from fruit and whole grain, Maybe the greenhouse would be giving us fresh salad fixings, and of course, fresh, hot, whole grain rolls. Yummmm!


The gifts would have been mostly home made except for those we thought to bring along ahead of time. If anyone had ventured a look towards our homestead cave they would have seen brightly shining Christmas lights because of the 12-volt ones I brought along. (I actually have those IRL) We would have a big Christmas Tree, decorated by all the ornaments the family has made and topped with the special star I brought along.


We would be singing carols and playing games and perhaps, if the snow was not tooooo deep, we would be making plans to take the sleighs to the Lodge on Sunday.


What would YOU be doing if you were spending Christmas in the Valley?


I sincerely hope that each of you, writers and readers alike, are having a wonderful IRL Holiday Season.


Merry Christmas My Dear Friends


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On the mountain we probably would be sitting around the fire place singing songs and teaching the little ones Christmas stories. Cracking nuts and stringing dried fruits. Maybe even working on quilts.


The gifts would have have been home made like wooden cars and wagons. Maybe even bows for the boys. How about cornhusk dolls for the girls.



There would be have been homemade clothes.


The tree would have been decorated with popcorn, and homemade ornaments. It would be topped with the Angel that we have had since we were first married.


The meal would be roast venison, and vegetables that we grew over the summer.


There would have been sled rides, snowball fights and snowmen built.


And lots of cider and hot chocolate.

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Yes, Merry Christmas to all our 'Valley' friends.

Fun as we were just thinking about this the other day (after our 2 + feet of snow) when we had to 'dig out' and even had to make paths from the house out to the shed, birdfeeders and wash house so we could get back and forth. Talked about maybe putting up a rope so we could get back in case of a storm (LOL). Now THAT we would have done in the valley just in case of bad weather so we could still get to the bard and the animals.


But for the most part we would have done just about what we did here at the Homestead.................

We made up fruit baskets (boxes really) and took them to friends’ homes , some like the Amish Friends we had to park the van up by the road and hike in with the gifts (love that). Then back home to an old time Christmas with homemade food, cookies, snacks and treat. Listening to Christmas stories on radio, going for 'snow walks', and just having a great time. Stockings were filled with small gifts and even a few handmade gifts so that part was true to the valley as well.




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Our little group gathered at Big D's. A small tree with paper ornaments and a crocheted angel on top, brightened the corner next to the wood hopper. The aroma of turkey and oatmeal cookies wafted through the house as the men sat around the fireplace and the women busied ourselves in the kitchen cooking, all of us reminiscing about the past year.


IRL, we had a quiet humble Christmas, the best gift of all was our health, safety and a nice meal.

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