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Facebook Is My New Prep Item!

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I have been resisting the Facebook fad for a long time. Most of the people that I know are on it and I have always sworn that it would only waste time that I really didn't have to spare. I've had a Facebook account for many months but I just haven't used it.


In responding to the Worst Case Scenario topic the other day, I realized that if my family ever had to bug out to my parents' farm, we would need to have a better understanding/relationship with the folks in that area. Most of these people, I have had no interaction with for the past 22 years or so.


I thought of one family in particular that lived within walking distance and kept goats, horses and even llamas. Thier daughter was a good friend while I was in public school. In a SHTF scenario, I would want to contact them as soon as possible to arrange to buy/barter for a couple of goats. This is only one example, but you get the idea.


On New Year's Eve, I received a friend request from my old friend. I knew that her mom still lived nearby and she also lives in a nearby suburb. The timeliness of her friend request made me realize that I had a long history of cutting people off and moving away from relationships, rather than actually investing in them and building upon them.


Today is January 3rd and I have already contacted or been contacted by several old friends that I believe may have some prepper-leanings. I have gone from having none in my immediate circle to having many with various skillsets. One is a nurse, a military vet, and engineer, etc...


For me, Facebook has become a new prep item. I won't be posting links to Mrs. S on my Facebook because I don't want everyone to know all of my beliefs, but I may strategically invite a few folks to join us as they reveal themselves to being open to the prepping mindset.


What about you? Do you see Facebook as a way to stay in contact with a prepper network?

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Yes and there is a group that is set up there that stemmed from here I believe. It's great...I just haven't been on much and for the life of me I can not remember who here mentioned it (forgive me). If you send me a friend request I'd be glad to send you an invite.

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I have two people from here on my facebook. Never met them, probably never will, but we talk about the same things. :grouphug:


Mostly its for family and friends I dont get to see much, but its a good tool, just gotta use it right.



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My Facebook account is mostly for classmates and some family. And I specifically put in my Facebook profile that I prefer my online websites and my "real life" ~NOT~ to collide. Very, very few people from here are on my Facebook friend list.


For one thing, I don't care to have my legal name advertised *here* for everyone to know. (You go to my Facebook account, you see it.)


For another, I have enough problems with shyness and emotional distress at times, and I don't want the added stress of having classmates asking me what in the HECK am I doing on a survival website? :Blushing:


But I'm not very active on Facebook, anyway. I see the pictures and family stuff and keep tabs on my old classmates. When you grow up in a small town where half your classmates you've known since age 5, they all feel like siblings. :)


Just a FYI on how I use it.



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I too resisted the Facebook Fad for many years, dismissing it as a waste of time. I'm also a little parnoid of "big brother" being able to peek into my personal life whenever he choses to point and click. But I have a very good friend that is a Facebook fanatic and she stayed on me and stayed on me about setting up a page so we could stay in closer contact. She finally wore me down and I set up a page so we could share photo albums.


I can see the benefit of using FB as a communication tool for emergency planning and talking to like minded people. I have lurked on this site for many years and have only recently began to post. I've been prepping for many years, but I personally don't know anyone else who does. I don't discuss it with others. This site is my only outlet for discussion and I admit that sometimes I wish I had "prep friends" to talk to. I REALLY wanted to come to the gathering at Darlene's but I felt like I hadn't "earned the priviledge" because of my lack of posting. And because no one really knows me here I wasn't sure if anyone would even give me the address. I know how guarded everyone is of their personal information (and rightfully so). But now that I have a page, if anyone wants to "friend" me I would welcome the request. I'd love to have folks I count as friends to be able to talk about the prepping lifestyle with.


If anyone is interested in doing this, please PM me and we'll share the needed info. Thanks!

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one or two years ago, my hometown suffered a wild fire in the vicinity. many people were worried. facebook was used to alert friends and neighbors to the event and where and how close the fire was to certain neighborhoods. facebook can be helpful in that event. there are many survival groups on fb as well.



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When I was 12 years old my parents divorced and I was moved to a new town over the summer. I had no chance to let my school friends know what was happening. Thirty odd years later - they found me on Facebook although I had changed first and last names. My best friend from those years? She a prepper too! I am so thankful for Facebook!

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Like Cat, as much as I love everyone here at Mrs. S., I am not sure that I want to have my two worlds collide. I have spent most of my life feeling "different" in some way or other (hence the TheMartianChick posting id). While the folks that I have reconnected with are people that I've known in the past, I don't know them to be preppers. They are just folks that have a great body of skills and/or animals that would be useful in an emergency. In my mind, I can picture all of us working together to get things done. In reality, I'm sure that certain things may have changed for them. Maybe some have become too prissy to shovel manure or are too squeamish or disabled to take on other unpleasant tasks, but I just figure that (in general) if you've done it before, then you can go back to it rather easily.


Last night, I discovered that the husband of one of my Facebook friends owns a game butchering operation and that his family has owned it since I was a little girl. That may prove to be a useful connection for buying some venison next year.


PoohBear, ANewmMe( and anyone else for that matter!)If you'd like to chat about survival or other stuff, you can always send me a pm. I am generally near a computer at all times and usually pop in here several times per day. It sometimes gets lonely when you feel that you are unable to share a big part of your life with others. The most that I am comfortable saying to the regular folks that I know is that I like to coupon and that I try to stock up on things when the price is low. They probably believe that I have two extra bottles of ketchup and an extra can of coffee when I mention stocking up the pantry. No one outside of my household has ever seen my pantry and I intend to keep it that way!

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i love fb!!! i have a lot of people from here over there and find it wonderful!! we all have so much in common--plus it is so great to see people in another way--very interesting!!! anyone who wants can pm me and we will find each other!!!

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I see Facebook as a great way to get my computer hacked, my personal info stolen and generally cause me grief. I don't do Facebook and I won't do Facebook.

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I have a separate account for private things. Real name for family and some friends, other name for religious and personal life. I'm 46 but there are still things mom doesn't need to know. It's nothing xrated or wild it's just private and having family privy to those things would make me uncomfortable.

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I still haven't really posted anything on it yet. We've mostly just emailed eachother through the messaging function. I did "LIKE" someone else's post and I finally commented on something that someone else wrote. I don't have any really personal information up there. I do write agricultural articles, so it is difficult for me to be completely anonymous.

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funny thing is, i am friends with a lot of people from here--but i can't remember who they are :sHa_sarcasticlol: iwhat5 i mean is, that i can't remember what their mrs s name is, i know that this is where i know them from, i just can't remember what their mrs s name is :cheeky-smiley-067:

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FB allows me to keep tabs on my extended family. We are scattered globally and it is nice to see what they are doing occasionally. I have no time to play games, waaay to much RL to deal with.

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As I was reading through this thread I thought to myself, should I admit I'm friends with people from here but can't remember who they are because of the different names? Then here you come deerslayer and say just what I was thinking, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Of course, with my name being Dee here and FB it's not hard for others to put me here and there but all of you with different names sometime throw me for a loop. :bouquet:


As to the games, I don't play any any longer but my daughter works for Zynga as one of the supervisors for the team running Cafe World.


It would be great to find a prepping site on FB.

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Lol!! I never would have been the first to admit that I was having the same problems with mixing FB friends and Mrs S friends! Thought it was just me being slow. Now I don't feel so bad about not being able to keep everyone straight.. I would love to be able to meet you all one day, but I discovered that the friendships we build at Mrs S don't require a photo. We seem to just ' KNOW' each other. I have several FB friends from Mrs S, and if you line up their pictures, I couldn't tell you their Mrs S names either! For some strange reason I just can't mix the two!! Oh well...now I'm not sure that saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is true for me! I'll have to think about that one. ( I do enjoy keeping up with family on FB though.)

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i am so glad i am not the only one--:sHa_sarcasticlol: i was just sure i was the only one that got confused!!! :behindsofa::laughkick:

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As of today, NEW PRIVACY setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Enable." :busted:


Go to Account>Privacy Settings>Applications and Websites>Instant Personalization>at bottom of page Edit Settings, and un-check "Enable".


BTW if your friends don't do this, they will be sharing information about you. PLEASE COPY & REPOST

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I love facebook. I have found long lost friends from highschool, been able to stay in touch with distant family, find out info on my kids friends (yes, I snoop), and most of all find out when someone is in need. When there is an illness, accident, or loss the prayers and people trying to help with those needs is almost instant. I am terrible with names and who is related to who and how and Facebook has really helped me with that. I too have been sucked into the games and even tho I limited it to only one I am now trying to stop because I have so many others things to get done.


I only have one Mrs. S. friend on Facebook and don't recall how I ran across her. I have been a little leary of having Mrs. S and Facebook cross but have really enjoyed her posts and just the sharing of a small part of our daily lives. As a matter of fact I put a recipe in the crockpot today that she posted yesterday...I needed a simple meal as I have TORE my kitchen up trying to clean out all of the cabinets, drawers, and pantry all at one time...lol.


You have to be very careful with some of the apps as they are viruses, and the minute I see them show up on a friends page I try to get in touch with them ASAP just in case they have been hacked.There are alot of security settings and I highly recommend using them and make sure your kids use them. We try to watch what we post and sometimes go back and delete if it seems like too much info. I also go back and delete alot of my old stuff as the combination of it all can be too revealing.


It's great if you have a business or service. People I know prefer it over a regular website. They get alot more exposure and it's easy to set up.


If you Facebook, enjoy.... but be cautious.




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