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Whats your favorite music on a lazy day or any day


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Alot of my listening depends on where I'm at and if I'm alone or not.

In the Country: John Denver or Willie & Waylon

Rainy Days: Moody Blues, Enya, Loreena McKennitt or Michael Crawford.

Quiet Nights with the Wife: Paul McCartney,

Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin and Johnny Mathis.

Sorry about the long list.

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My very favorites are Louie Armstrong and Willie Nelson. Strange combo but i love them both. Also Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. I got the sound track to "O Brother Where art thou" and i think thats great, so was the movie!

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Just love instrumentals, no hard rock. Enjoy Josh Groban, Juice Newton, George Straight, and most southern gospels. Enjoy bluegrass if it's good stuff. Beach Boys were my early music enjoys :-) Dion & the Belmonts etc. Just no "head banging" stuff for me and I absolutely do NOT like loud, ear piercing, wall thumping stuff of any kind.

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All kinds of music. My latest greatest find is a guy named Joe Bonamassa---wow can he play guitar. I like hime so much that I bought concert tickets to see him in Seattle in April. --Yeah !!!

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Music oh geezzzz I have eclectic taste in music thanks to my boys. When they were younger the rule was if they would play it in front of me without embarrassing me then they could listen to it. So I will have to say they are the reason for my eclectic taste. I am not a big tech-no fan but will listen to pretty much anything ONCE. On my mp3 player you are going to find anything from celtic to bluegrass, from chamber music (georgian chants) to southern gospel. I have country (old and today's), classic rock, movie sound tracks, jazz, blues and contemporary gossip to soundscapes. You will even find some Godsmack, Greenday, 9 Inch Nails. But I would have to say when I need chill music to unwind with it has to be my Indian spiritual flute cd that I go to every time.

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Symphonic classics with an emphasis on the romantics - Brahms is nice, Schubert, and Wagner. (I have to specify ever since I told a youngster I like classical music and he asked "you mean the Beatles and the like?")

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